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List of 7 Best Cafes in Peshawar

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Peshawar is known to be one of the historic and culturally rich places in Pakistan. The city was built centuries before and seen the Alexandra, Mughals, and many more invasions. Peshawar is known for many other good reasons; for instance, it is a centuries-old route for the Silk Road and is also known for scrumptious food, hospitality, and textiles.

With time the popularity of food has increased, and people from all over the country specially visit the city for tasty food in Namak Mandi. The time has changed, and with a blend of different cultures and modernism, the taste of food has also upgraded. There are many restaurants and cafes in Peshawar which are offering authentic flavors in other areas of the city.

So now you can enjoy the world-famous Peshawari Kehwa at one of the best cafes in Peshawar in different areas of the city or devour authentic sushi in Peshawar at top-notch Peshawar cafes.

You can also enjoy freshly fried chapli kabab or fried brain masala toasted with juicy tomatoes and green chili at renowned restaurants in Peshawar.

List of Best Cafes in Peshawar:

Exploring the best cafes in Peshawar is about more than finding great coffee; it’s about experiencing a city rich in history and culture. Peshawar, one of Pakistan’s oldest cities, has seen many rulers come and go, from Alexander the Great to the Mughals. It has been a crucial part of the Silk Road for centuries, influencing its culture, food, hospitality, and textiles.

Today, Peshawar combines its historical charm with a lively café culture, showing that opening a cafe is a great business idea in Pakistan. This mix of old and new makes searching for the top cafes in Peshawar a unique journey. Whether you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee or a quiet place to think, the city’s cafes have something special to offer.

Let’s take a closer look at Peshawar’s café culture, where every café has its own story, connecting the past with today’s tastes and trends.

Café Name Rating Location Contact
1. Café Crunch 4.1 45 Old Jamrud Road, University Town (091) 5701061
2. Glorea Jeans 4.3 Phase-2 Phase 1 Hayatabad, Peshawar (091) 5810050
3. Black Café Peshawar 4.6 1 Ishrat Cinema Rd, opposite HBL bank, Bani Gala, Gulbahar 0346 5426185
4. Peshawar Services Club 4.3 40 Sir Syed Rd, Peshawar Cantonment (091) 9212753
5. Chaye Khana Peshawar 4.4 Custom House، Ali Tower, First Floor, Opposite, University Rd, Tahkal 0312 5702482
6. Coffee Corner 4.3 2G4W+R32, Fort Rd, Peshawar Cantonment, Peshawar (091) 3095624
7. Books & Chai 4.4 Niaz Plaza, University Rd, near Police Public School, Shaheen Town, Peshawar. 0333 9787247

1. Cafe Crunch Peshawar:

Tripify - Cafe Crunch UT, Peshawar

Café Crunch in Peshawar stands out as one of the city’s top spots for a great meal. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional dishes or something more international, this café has you covered. What sets Café Crunch apart is not just its diverse menu but also its history as the first café in Peshawar opened by a woman, Ms. Sadia Bilour.

This café is renowned for its commitment to excellent customer service. Located at 45 Old Jamrud Road in University Town, it’s a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Known for its delicious flavors, fair prices, and top-notch service, Café Crunch quickly became one of the most visited cafes in Peshawar.

Despite facing stiff competition, Ms. Bilour and her team’s passion and dedication have made Café Crunch a notable name among the best cafes and restaurants in Peshawar. They adhere to all the local regulations to provide a safe and welcoming dining experience. The café’s cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect place to enjoy a range of teas and the best burgers in Peshawar. Any visit to the city is incomplete without stopping by Café Crunch. It’s an ideal spot for making memories with friends and family over unforgettable meals.

Special Menu of Cafe Crunch Peshawar

Cafe Crunch Peshawar is known for both traditional Pakistani dishes and continental offerings.

Pakistani Cuisine:

  • Chicken Handi
  • Chicken Masala
  • Chicken Karahi
  • Seekh Kabab Karahi
  • Naurangi BBQ Platter (includes mutton tikka, BBQ prawns, fish tikka, kalmi tikka, chicken boti, chicken malai boti, chicken seekh kabab, beef seekh kabab, chicken tikka leg or breast)


  • Combo Platter (includes fried buffalo wings, crispy chicken sticks, mozzarella sticks, and fried mushrooms)

2. Gloria Jeans – Peshawar:


Gloria Jeans is one of the popular places to visit in Peshawar. It is a famous coffee house chain in Pakistan known for its exquisite menu and sophisticated environment. The café has a perfect menu that can satisfy your cravings and leave nothing but the memory of a tasty meal and a nice evening. The café has grabbed lots of popularity in Islamabad as one of the top restaurant in Islamabad, and Peshawar is becoming another place of its fame for mouthwatering foods and drinks.

There are many reasons that make it pretty famous among the residents of the city; for instance, it is one of the best cafes near University Road Peshawar that offers a gourmet blend of versatile flavors and a hefty menu of pastries and tea. Cappuccino and Iced Latté are the signature drinks of the café, and grilled beef steaks are the signature eatery items.

It is one of the café / hotels in Peshawar where you can enjoy much more than Latte and Cappuccino, including lasagna, lemon butter fish, grilled chicken sandwich, and lotus cake. Read our guide on factors to consider before investing in real estate in Pakistan before making an investment.

Gloria Jean’s Most Popular Drinks or Food items:

The special and most popular drinks and food items offered by Gloria Jean’s in Peshawar includes:

Wide variety of coffees:

  • Hot Chocolate, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, Mocha Caramelatte, Chocolate Macadamia Latte.

Food options:

  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Chow Mein, Crispy Fried Fish (and more).
  • They also have a selection of pastries like muffins, cookies, and cakes.

3. Black Cafe Peshawar:

Gelato house black cafe - Cafe in Peshawar, Pakistan | Top-Rated.Online

Black Café Peshawar is a renowned café in the vicinity of Peshawar. The café proudly delivers unique, hygienic, and authentic food. The eatery aims to provide the best to its customers; therefore, the food served is tasty, fresh, clean, and healthy.

The visitors at Black Café Peshawar can enjoy the best burger in Peshawar, steak, pasta, pizza, and much more. The scrumptious menu includes much fast food and traditional dishes with a fusion of trendy continental tastes. Apart from its traditional cuisine, there are many historical places in Peshawar that attract visitors to explore the city’s cultural heritage.

The famous eatery is located at Gulbhar No 1, opposite Racines School, near Milad House, Peshawar. The area is quite dense, and due to its irresistible taste and variety of food, it is always crowded and receives positive reviews and feedback. The visitors can enjoy shopping in the area and then feast at one of the best cafes in the city.

Food Items Offered by Black Cafe Peshawar:

Here’s a breakdown of the menu categories offered by Black Cafe Peshawar

Main Courses:

  • Bar BQ Sizzlers (grilled meats)
  • Burgers
  • Pizzas (Pan, Special, Stuffed Crust)
  • Wraps & Rolls (including Paratha Rolls)
  • Pastas
  • Black Cafe Specials (unique dishes)


  • French Fries/Onion Rings
  • Fried Items (Samosas, Chicken Nuggets etc.)


  • Waffles & Sundae
  • Gelato Ice Cream


  • Milkshakes
  • Beverages (Tea, Coffee, Cold Drinks)

4. Peshawar Services Club:

peshawarservicesclub (@peshawarservic1) / Twitter

The Peshawar services club offers authentic café services, and it is known as a one-stop-shop for every entertainment and event for the club members. You can enjoy the scrumptious buffet in Peshawar at the services club at affordable prices.

The club often hosts hi-teas, Sunday Brunch, the best buffet in Peshawar, live music, and Qawwali nights. The hi-tea is held every weekend and offers a variety of foods from Chinese, Continental, and Pakistani dishes.

The visitors can enjoy the peaceful environment and spend quality time on lush green lawns with friends and family. Read in our blog about attractive real estate projects in Peshawar for ideal location to live and invest in city.

What’s Special on Peshawar Services Club Menu?

The menu highlights the dishes that make them unique are:

Main Courses:

  • BBQ: Platters and potentially other options like grilled meats.
  • Mutton Dishes: Mutton Boneless Karahi, Special Mutton Tikka (and potentially others).
  • Beef Dishes: Beef Seekh Kabab (and potentially others).
  • Chicken Dishes: A variety of chicken dishes including Shashlik and Chowmein (potentially including other options).
  • Fish: Chapal Kabab (and potentially other fish dishes).


  • Cakes (Pineapple, Black Forest, Lemon Tart, Chocolate Chip, Fudge).


  • Hot and cold beverages (potentially including tea, coffee, and soft drinks).


5. Chaye Khana Peshawar:

Perfect spot for your evening cuppa

Chaye Khana is an innovative idea for chai dhaba in Pakistan. It has revolutionized the desi dhaba into modern day tea-house. Tea is an essential part of every home in Pakistan, and the idea was an instant hit. You can go there and enjoy tempting coffee or tea along with scrumptious food or enjoy the Hi-tea full of varieties of items that include Pakistani, Chinese, and Continental dishes.

The Café has been a success in cities like Islamabad and Pakistan, and its popularity is increasing day by day in Peshawar too. To enjoy traditional tea in the modern atmosphere in Peshawar, you can visit Chaye Khana at Ali Tower, Peshawar. Near these cafes , there are many famous Parks in Peshawar where people go and enjoy with their families.

The café’s location is also ideal for students of universities in Peshawar, serving as a perfect spot for relaxing or studying. It’s more than a cafe; it’s a community space where people can relax, study, or catch up with friends, making it a beloved spot in the heart of the city.

Chaye Khana Most Popular Drinks or Food items:

The special and most popular drinks and food items offered by Chaye Khana in Peshawar includes:

Breakfast Options:

  • They offer a variety of breakfast options, including traditional Pakistani dishes like Halwa Puri and Lassi, alongside Western choices like Chicken Parmesan and Mushroom & Cheese Omelette.

Pakistani Specialties:

  • Pakistani specialties include Lahori Fried Fish, Grilled Chops, Moroccan Chicken, and Swiss Polo Chicken.
  • Western fare includes the classic Club Sandwich.

6. Coffee Corner:


Coffee Corner is one of the best coffee shops in Peshawar, located ideally at Peshawar Cantt. It is one of the cafes with modern and elegant interiors and classic ambiance. The café is also known as cafés in Peshawar for couples.

The café is located near a walking track and a small library. Therefore, you can enjoy refreshing coffee with scrumptious grilled sandwiches or crunchy burgers. Among many features that make Coffee Corner famous, few include their economical price, ideal location to chill with friends and family, elegant contemporary interiors, and a mouthwatering menu. Espresso and Latte are the signature items of the café. However, you can also enjoy ice-creams and shakes from their cold corner.

Food Items Offered by Coffee Corner Peshawar:

Here’s a breakdown of the menu categories offered by Coffee Corner Peshawar

Main Courses:

  • Sea Food
  • Pastas
  • Steak
  • Continental Dishes
  • Burgers


  • Hot drinks (Coffee and Tea)
  • Cold Drinks (Slushes and Milk Shakes)

7. Books & Chai:


Books & Chai is one of the best cafes on University Road, Peshawar, that is loved by book lovers. You can enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee while enjoying your favorite book from the collection of 5thousand books in the café.

The café aims to promote reading in the citizens while having a good time with friends. The interiors are pretty different from other coffee shops in the city. Here, you will find shelves with books on various subjects in the corner and beautifully furnished sitting arrangements in the center.

Moreover, you can also enjoy different leisure activities with your friends, such as Ludo, Carem Board, and chess, while savoring a cup of tea with tasty pastries or traditional sweets.

Food Items Offered by Books and Chai Peshawar:

Here’s a breakdown of the menu;

Main Courses:

  • Fish
  • Pastas
  • Steak
  • Continental Dishes
  • Desi Food
  • Burgers

Deserts & Drinks:

  • Brownies and Cakes
  • Hot drinks (Coffee and Tea)
  • Cold Drinks (Slushes, Twisters and Milk Shakes)

Let’s wrap up:

So that’s all for now! We hope the information will be helpful for those who have never been to the Peshawar eatery places or are looking for authentic taste in the city of Flowers. Stay tuned to for exciting information on real estate and famous historical places to visit in Pakistan.

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