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Bhara Kahu flyover project prioritized to be completed soon

Bhara Kahu Flyover project-03

Capital Development Authority has decided to prioritize the Bhara Kahu Flyover project so it can be completed promptly.

The decision to speed up the work on the flyover project was taken to resolve the issue of traffic congestion on Murree Road. The civic agency official said that under the proposal for the Bhara Kahu flyover, they would have to construct a 4 Km road along the flyover, which is cost-effective compared to Bhara Kahu’s 8Km long Bypass project, which has two bridges in its design. Therefore, the flyover project is a feasible option.

Kayani Road, linked with Quaid-e-Azam University road, will be used as a bypass road during the construction of the flyover.

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