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Biometric Verification System to Develop for CDA by NADRA

Biometric verification system to develop for CDA by NADRA

NADRA signed an agreement with CDA to develop BVS- Biometric Verification System for safer property transfers in Islamabad.

The signing ceremony between Capital Development Authority’s Chairman Amir Ali Ahmed and NADRA chairman Tariq Malik was held at NADRA headquarters. The system of BVS will be developed and deployed as a solution for property sales, purchases, and transfers.

The system aims to reduce scams, forgery and eliminate any fraud regarding property transfers in Islamabad. Speaking on the agreement signing, it was told that around twenty thousand property transactions, sales, and purchases occur annually in Islamabad.

NADRA Chairman Mr. Tariq Malik spoke on occasion and said that; BVS is an ultimate digital solution for property transfers, and it is meant to transform public service delivery by reducing the risk of forgery.

Furthermore, while enlightening on the importance of a digital biometric verification system, he said that system would indicate any unlawful act of property transfer by confirming the true identity of the seller and buyer. The system will bring transparency to the Capital Development Authority system and help comply with KYC- Know your customer in real estate transactions.

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