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CDA considers making Srinagar Highway into a Signal-free corridor

Srinagar Highway a signal-free corridor

CDA sought ideas and proposals from the Engineering and Traffic Wing of the department to make Srinagar Highway a signal-free corridor permanently.

The meeting of the Capital Development Authority was presided over by Chairman CDA, Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Younis. He said that the respective wing would collect the data on traffic with the numbers of causalities. The Engineering and traffic planning will also be responsible for designing the futuristic elevated U-turns according to the growing population of Islamabad.

The chairman said that the concerned department needs to provide the findings after five days in the next meeting so the project can be moved for approval. Mr. Usman Younis also said Islamabad needs a climate-resistant and smooth traffic system, and no stone will be left unturned to accomplish the agenda.

It is pertinent to note here that Capital Development Authority has launched numerous road infrastructure projects in Islamabad to resolve the issue of traffic jams and congestion.

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