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CDA Developed 50 Parks During 2021

CDA Developed 50 Parks During 2021

Over the previous year, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has constructed about 50 new parks in the capital of Pakistan. The parks are built in zones where people live, but elements such as a healthy atmosphere were lacking before the construction of these parks, thanks to respective directives from the CDA administration for taking such initiative.

Parks have been built in Sectors I-14, I-16, D-12, I-11, G-11, I-10, F-11, F-10, I-9, I-8, Park Enclave, Diplomatic Enclave, G-7, H-8, F-6, Rawal Town, Shahzad Town, Bani Gala, Mulpur, G-14, E-11, Shakrial, Shakar Parian, Khana Pull, and other areas of the city.

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