CDA to Build First Ever Plastic Road in Pakistan

First Ever Plastic Road in Pakistan

Islamabad: Pakistan’s first-ever plastic material road was inaugurated in Islamabad in December with the collaboration of three organizations. They used recycled plastic waste in constructing the first-ever plastic material road in Pakistan. The CDA – Capital Development Authority of Pakistan is assisting those who like to bring innovation. About 10 tons of plastic waste was recycled to re-carpet a one-kilometer-long patch of Ataturk Avenue in Islamabad – the capital of Pakistan. The project will be executed with funding of Rs. 21 million in collaboration with Coca-Cola, TeamUp, and Capital Development Authority.

Pakistan has the highest ratio of mishandled plastic. About 55 billion plastic bags are produced every year, most of them use for garbage dumps, landfill areas, or municipal sewers. Around 30 million tons of concrete waste is made each year, out of which 9% are plastics. The result is growing plastic pollution in the country, which has harmful effects on human health because they are upsetting food chains and causing air, water, and land pollution. It will be the first-ever plastic road to be built in Pakistan. The initiative of building this road is aimed at decreasing the consequence of environmental pollution caused by plastic waste.

The Interior Minister of Pakistan (Sheikh Rashid Ahmed) stated the concept will not only be used in Islamabad but would also be implemented in other cities of the country. He appreciated Capital Development Authority (CDA) for forming a plastic road project in the federal capital.

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