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CDA to Swap 327-acre Land with Islamabad Wildlife Management Board

CDA to swap 327-acre land with Islamabad Wildlife Management Board

Islamabad: CDA will swap 327 acres of land in the Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) with the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB). The place will be utilized for the development of the Margalla Hill Road as well as the C-14 and C-15 sectors.

The CDA board of directors chose to swap land on Wednesday in a merged meeting with the administrators of IWMB. The CDA has approved taking over the property in the MHNP to fix Islamabad’s 1960 master plan.

Also, it was stated, that the recommendation would also contain the realignment of the route, which could potentially hinder the construction work.

Under the deal, land located in the compartments, 31 and 33 of MHNP and a portion of land towards its south will be operated by the CDA, and this land would be de-notified from the MHNP. In the swap, CDA will allocate land of Margazhar Zoo and land towards the north of sector D-12 situated in Pind Sangrial and Pind Siri Saral, which would be included in the MHNP. As per the approved plan, in the next step, CDA will ask the federal government to de-notify land from IWMB and renotify it in CDA’s name to end the process.

Further, the CDA board authorized the usage of a government contractor to enlarge the Islamabad Expressway from PWD to G.T. Road under the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority’s (PPRA) 42(f) rule. Due to the susceptible nature of the project, only government commodities are allowed to participate in the tendering procedure. According to CDA sources, the project’s immediate contractors would be Frontier Work Organization (FWO) and National Logistic Cell (NLC).

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