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Chairman CDA approves the construction of an elevated flyover at Srinagar Highway

flyover at Srinagar Highway

CDA Chairman Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Younis approves the construction of an elevated flyover at the intersection of Faqir Aipee Road and Srinagar Highway.

According to the details, the flyover will be constructed on the main Srinagar Highway, while traffic from Faqir Apiee Road can be accessed through the roundabout. The flyover will be built on the intersection, also known as Police Line Chowk.

The Chairman instructed the relevant authorities to design the flyover by considering the congestion points on Srinagar Highway. It is pertinent to note here that protected U-turns were established to reduce traffic congestion; however, the accidents have increased since the Srinagar Highway was made signal-free.

The meetings were held to resolve the issue, and consultants have suggested making flyovers and elevated U-turns in front of NUST and the 10th Avenue Intersection. Therefore, the chairman of CDA has approved the flyover construction.

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