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CM KP Launches Development Projects Worth Billions in Swat

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan inaugurates development projects worth billions of rupees in the district of Swat. The projects contain educational institutions, staff housing schemes, and the solarization of mosques and schools.

According to the details, CM launched the following projects during his one-day visit:

  1. PKR 4 billion Staff Colony for Kalam-Gabral Hydropower Project’s employees.
  2.  PKR 2.8 billion Shahi Cricket Stadium in Kalam
  3. Engineering University Kalam Campus.
  4. Solarization of mosques and schools
  5. Government High Schools in Qandil, Gornai
  6. Seven RCC bridges

Additionally to the ongoing initiatives, he declared a PKR 1 billion project for Kalam in addition to the allotment of PKR 36 billion for a power plant. According to CM KP, the government would subsidize more money for tourism development in the region, which is essential for local job creation. He said that the administration will consult with citizens before beginning any new project in the region.

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