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CM Punjab reveals UAE to Fund 5-Star Complex worth $1 billion near Gaddafi Stadium

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Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Chaudhary Parvez Elahi has revealed the plan to construct a five-star complex close to Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore with the support of the UAE.

The project is expected to boost the PCB – Pakistan Cricket Board to host top-ranking international units near the stadium. It will help the board with the security arrangements of the visiting team and sidestep any traffic woes for the commuters during matches.

The 25-storey complex will cost about USD 1 billion, and the UAE government will primarily finance it. Punjab CM Elahi revealed that the UAE would cover 70% of the project price, and the provincial government would cover the rest of 30%.

He emphasised that the stated complex would contain a 5-star hotel and a high-performance camp for the players. Moreover, the project goals include a tunnel directly to the stadium to deliver foolproof protection to the visiting teams. The project’s location hasn’t been decided yet. However, it is indicated that it will be somewhere near Nishtar Park Sports Complex, near Gaddafi Stadium.

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