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Top 10 Best Construction Companies in Pakistan

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The construction industry in Pakistan, which is closely linked to the successful real estate sector, has seen significant growth and development. Leading construction companies in the country are renowned for providing outstanding construction planning and services at competitive prices. These services are crucial for real estate development, ensuring high-quality assets. The construction cost of houses and other buildings in Pakistan varies based on location and the specific structure of the building. To assist those interested in this sector, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Pakistan’s top construction companies, focusing on their ability to manage the construction cost of houses effectively.

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List of top 10 Construction Companies in Pakistan:

Company Name Location Phone Number Website
1. National Highway Authority – NHA 28 Mauve Area, Sector G-9/1, Kashmir Highway،, Service Road South, G 9/1 G-9, Islamabad (051) 9032532
2. Jaffer Group of Companies 26-D, Kashmir Plaza, 3rd Floor, Block B, Jinnah Ave, G 6/3 Blue Area, Islamabad (051) 2276770
3. AH Group of Companies Office #11, 2nd floor, Umer Building, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad (+92)51111678678
4. Habib Construction Services Plot No. 299, Street 3, I-9/3 I 9/3 I-9, Islamabad, Islamabad (051) 8733378
5. Blue Group of Companies – BGC 5-Saint Mary Park, Gulberg-III, Lahore (+92) 42 111-234-222
6. Sardar Group of Companies Office No. 01, Basement Raja Haq Nawaz Plaza, G-11 Markaz Islamabad (+92) 318-8888-999 Sardar Group of Companies
7. Crescent Construction Corporation D-37/A, Miran M. Shah Road, KDA Scheme-1, Karachi (+92) 21 34140931-3 Crescent Construction Corporation
8. AMCORP Engineering & Construction (Private) Limited LS-30 Block 13 Federal “B” Area, Karachi (+92) 21- 36801689-91 AMCORP Engineering & Construction (Private) Limited
9. The Frontier Works Organization (FWO) 509, Kashmir Road, R. A. Bazar, Rawalpindi – Pakistan (+92) 42 -37182500-6 The Frontier Works Organization (FWO)
10. Pakistan Engineering Services(PES) Building # 7, Sector B, Street 12, DHA, Phase 5, Lahore (+92) 51-9271301-6 Pakistan Engineering Services(PES)

1. National Highway Authority – NHA

construction companies in pakistan - NHA -realtorspk

The National Highway Authority (NHA), established in 1991, stands at the forefront of Pakistan’s construction industry. Originating from the Government of Pakistan’s initiative in 1978 to oversee federal road networks, the NHA has since become essential in managing and enhancing the country’s transportation framework. Their headquarters, located at 28 Mauve Area, Sector G-9/1, Kashmir Highway, Service Road South, G -9/1, Islamabad, stands as a testament to their commitment to Pakistan’s infrastructural integrity.

Responsibilities of the NHA extend to planning, developing, operating, and maintaining a wide range of road types, including highways, expressways, motorways, and even more challenging terrains. Particularly, the NHA oversees 39 key routes, encompassing a vast network of 12,131 kilometers. These routes are crucial, handling about 75% of national traffic and thereby significantly impacting the daily lives of millions.

The role of NHA in ensuring safe, efficient, and cost-effective transport is undeniable. This goes beyond mere transportation; it’s a vital component in the macro and microeconomic development of Pakistan. By serving as the backbone of the transport system, the NHA plays an important role in numerous sectors and contributes to the country’s overall growth.

Acknowledged as one of Pakistan’s top construction entities, the NHA’s contributions have been instrumental in positioning construction as one of the best business ideas in Pakistan. The reasons are clear; by continuously developing and maintaining essential infrastructure, the NHA creates a stable environment for businesses to thrive.

2. Jaffer Group of Companies

Construction companies in Pakistan - realtorspk

The Jaffer Group, known for its diverse business portfolio in Pakistan, is second on the list. Primarily engaged in technology, agriculture, and fertilizers, their most prominent venture is in construction, that is aligned with the factors affecting the real estate market in Pakistan. Murshid Builders, a subsidiary of the Jaffer Group, is a well-known name in this sector. Since its inception in 1984, Murshid Builders has established itself as a leading private construction company in Pakistan.

Their success is highlighted by significant collaborations with international construction companies, leading to the completion of projects valued at billions of rupees. Among their notable works are the Kohat Tunnel and its access roads, enhancing regional connectivity, and the development of the Agriculture University campus, fostering educational growth. They’ve also contributed to water resource management with the construction of the Khanpur Dam water reservoirs.

Additionally, Murshid Builders has been instrumental in infrastructural advancements, evident in projects like the weather forecast radar station and the Government College of Technology. Industrial development is marked by the construction of the Honda car factory, and they’ve also focused on skill development through the Construction Machinery Training Institute. These projects collectively underline the Jaffer Group’s significant role in addressing the various factors influencing Pakistan’s real estate market, from infrastructure and education to healthcare and residential development.

3. AH Group of Companies

AH group of companies - Construction Companies in Pakistan - realtorspk

AH Group is recognized as the best real estate group in Pakistan, renowned for its extensive portfolio of building and mall constructions across the nation. Established in 2019, this dynamic company has rapidly emerged as a leader in the industry, bringing nearly five years of expertise to its projects. Despite being relatively new, AH Group is distinguished by its mature and experienced approach to real estate development.

Their presence extends to major Pakistani cities, including Hangu, Murree, Peshawar, Kohat, and Islamabad, with the headquarters located on the Office #11, 2nd floor, Umer Building, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad. In a remarkably short time, AH Group has launched four major projects in prime locations, highlighting their commitment to quality and innovation. Notable projects include 091 Mall and Florenza Mall and Residencia, 091 Mall, and AH Tower, considered the best real estate projects in Peshawar, Mall of Hangu, the first-ever mall in Hangu, and North Hills in Murree. Additionally, the group is preparing to announce several new ventures, further cementing its status as the best real estate group in Pakistan.

AH Group will soon become Pakistan’s leading construction company, blending modern and traditional architecture in all projects. As a top Real Estate Company in Peshawar, their innovative approach promises significant growth in the coming years.

4. Habib Construction Services

best construction company of pakistan- habib construction services - realtorspk

You must have heard the name Habib Construction services or HCS. It has set a mark in offering unique and quality construction services in the market. Most probably, they deliver extensive and complex infrastructure projects. It was founded in 2009. Over time, it has gained much popularity in the market and has become a reputed construction company in Pakistan. The company is mainly directed and specialized in constructing motorways, highways, buildings, flyovers, bridges, airports, dams, etc. The company is well-reputed and honored for completing large and complex projects on time without cost overrun. The best part is, they offer such elite class administration techniques and never compromise in security and quality standards. Checkout some of the Best Real Estate Projects in Peshawar.

5. Blue Group of Companies – BGC

popular construction company in pakistan- blue group of companies - realtorspk

Founded in 1998 in Lahore, Blue Group of Companies (BGC) has rapidly risen to prominence in the real estate sector. Initially recognized for its exceptional work, BGC expanded into construction under the subsidiary Blue Bricks. This venture quickly demonstrated its prowess in structural design and construction services, gaining significant market revenue. BGC stands out as a comprehensive solution provider in real estate, often described as a one-stop shop for diverse services in this field.

The company showcases a remarkable blend of innovation and expertise in its operations. At present, BGC is spearheading the development of Blue World City in Islamabad, a visionary housing project set to redefine real estate investment in Islamabad. This initiative strengthens BGC’s status as a premier house construction company in Pakistan, known for its cutting-edge developments in the real estate landscape.

6. Sardar Group of Companies

top construction company in pakistan - sardar group of companies - realtorspk

Sardar Group of Companies stands out as a prominent name in Pakistan’s construction sector, especially well-known for its role in developing housing societies in Islamabad. This esteemed group is renowned for designing and building upscale residential communities, offering luxurious living spaces in the capital city. Among their prestigious projects, The Centaurus Mall in Islamabad stands out as an example of their expertise in constructing high-end retail destinations right in the heart of the city. This exceptional mall also showcases the benefits of investing in shopping malls.

Among the company’s other notable initiatives are:

  • Pvt. Ltd. PakGulf Pvt. Ltd.
  • The Taj Residencia.
  • Apartments in Centaurus
  • Movenpick

7. Crescent Construction Corporation

construction companies in pakistan - crescent construction & contracting -realtorspk

Crescent Construction Company, known for its commitment to quality and efficiency, is a standout in the dynamic world of real estate investment in Pakistan. Located at D-37/A, Miran Muhammad Shah Road, KDA Scheme 1 in Karachi, this company has been pivotal since its beginning in 1995. Starting as a small venture, it has grown into Pakistan’s top general contracting business, particularly recognized for house construction. Its rapid expansion is clear, with an annual turnover now at one billion rupees.

What sets Crescent Construction apart is its dedication to four key principles: exceptional quality, consistent customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and strict safety standards. These values have solidified its reputation in both the private and public sectors, especially for projects needing quick completion. Furthermore, the company’s impressive growth reflects its potential to aim for the best cities to invest in real estate in Pakistan, highlighting its pivotal role in shaping the investment sector.

8. AMCORP Engineering & Construction (Private) Limited

best-construction-companies-in-pakistan- AMCORP - realtorspk

AMCORP Engineering & Construction (Private) Limited was founded in 1965 as Al-Mumtaz Corporation. With over five decades of extensive expertise in the construction industry, AMCORP, a private construction company, has undertaken a number of major contracts and development initiatives that have been solidified by our essential dedication to quality construction and timely completions in construction planning. It is located in LS-30 Block 13, Federal “B” Area, Karachi, Pakistan. The main services of AMCORP construction company include :

  • Builder input during design, ongoing budgeting, and value-engineering
  • Reduced change order potential
  • Collaborative rather than adversarial relationship between architect and builder

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9. The Frontier Works Organization

construction companies in pakistan - FWO - realtorspk

It is the second firm on the list of the best construction companies in Pakistan. The Frontier Works Organization (FWO), founded on October 31, 1966, is one of the most capable and passionate enterprises. The Karakoram Highway, which snakes its way through the valleys of one of the world’s highest mountains, is one of the world’s most magnificent and groundbreaking routes.

The government evaluated FWO’s huge expertise in completing civil engineering projects in one of the most challenging environments and chose not only to maintain FWO in the nation, but also to expand its wings throughout the country. 

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10. Pakistan Engineering Services(PES)

pakistan engineering services- construction companies in pakistan - realtorspk

PES, Pakistan Engineering Services, is one of the world’s most well-known design, engineering, and project management businesses. It is a team of talented designers and engineers committed to creating cutting-edge engineering solutions. 

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For a long period, the pool professionals designed and implemented significant design and engineering. PES is dedicated to offering knowledge with the help of its highly skilled experts, allowing them to put their abilities to use to enhance society while retaining the long-term integrity with which they operate.

PES is one of the world’s most well-known design, engineering, and project management businesses.

The following are the critical services provided:

  • Engineering and Design
  • Feasibility and Conceptual Studies
  • Bids Evaluation
  • Adjudication of Awards
  • Construction Drawings and Design
  • Construction supervision and management


In summary, this blog highlights the top 10 construction companies in Pakistan, each playing a significant role in the flourishing real estate sector and the national economy. Their contributions are undeniable in creating diverse investment opportunities in Pakistan. We trust this guide has been informative. Explore the above-explained companies to find the one that best meets your needs.

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