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Top 7 Construction Companies in Peshawar

construction companies in Peshawar

A construction firm is a business or organization that specializes in building or providing construction-related services to customers. Property, amenities, housing societies, road infrastructure, business canters, and other types of construction are all possible. The art and science of constructing something are referred to as construction. In this blog we will discuss about construction companies in Peshawar. Also read our blog on Construction Companies in Pakistan.

Real estate assets must be of the highest quality while the building is underway. Several prominent construction firms in Pakistan are active, well-known, and recognized for providing excellent building design and construction services at such low prices for this reason. Instead of construction companies and real estate sector you can also visit famous restaurants in Peshawar, malls in Peshawar, and historical places in Peshawar We have produced a list of the best construction companies in Pakistan to assist you.

List of Top 7 Construction Companies in Peshawar :

Company Name Location Phone Number Website
1. Jaffer Group of Companies House No. 27, Street 13, Khyber Rd, Defence Officers Colony Peshawar Cantonment, Peshawar (091) 5278781
2.  National Highway Authority 2J9X+4F2, Abdul khel, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (+92) 0919225000
3.Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization Plot # 38, Sect، B-2, Phase 5 Hayatabad, Peshawar, (091) 9217329
4. AH Group of Companies University Rd, Tahkal, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Office #01, 5th floor, JB Tower, Main University Rd, Peshawar (091) 7244440
5. Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA) WAPDA House Peshawar, Shami Road, Bashirabad Peshawar (091) 9212028
6. Karcon Pvt Ltd Flat # E-02, 4th Floor, JK Shopping Mall, Arbab Road, University Town Peshawar +92-91-5513400
7. Black Brick Builders Achini Chowk Ring Road, Peshawar KPK (+92) 562 2886

1. Jaffer Group of Companies

jaffer group of companies-realtorspk

The Jaffer Group of Companies is a conglomerate with operations across the country in agriculture, technology, fertilizers, construction, and other fields.

In 1984, Jaffer Group launched Murshid Builders (Private) Limited, a construction company. Since then, the company has completed several projects and partnered with prominent international firms. It does all kinds of construction work. This company is also working on many big Real Estate Projects in Peshawar.

In addition to serving as the prime contractor, the business has worked as a subcontractor for multinational companies such as Northrop Grumman, Encorp (USA), Tobishima, Shimizu, and Taisei Corporation (Japan).

Jaffer group is considered as one of the best construction companies in Peshawar as well as in Pakistan.

Some of the famous projects taken and completed by the company include:

  • The campus of the Agriculture University Peshawar.
  • Housing Complex, Haripur.
  • Honda Car Factory, Lahore.
  • Construction Machinery Training Institute.
  • The Educational TV Station.

2.  National Highway Authority


The National Highway Authority is abbreviated as NHA. It was established in 1991 after supervising the construction and maintenance of federalized roadways – National Highways – built by the Pakistani government in 1978. The NHA’s construction services encompass the design, development, operation, repair, and maintenance of all government-managed roads, expressways, motorways and highways, and challenging roads.

Real estate market is continuously changing in Pakistan , so you need to some Things to Consider Before Investing in Real Estate.

The best part is that they are in charge of 39 highways, roads, and motorways totaling 12,131 kilometers. It is not an exaggeration to say that these routes handle 75% of all traffic in the country. They are known for providing the most secure, convenient, and cost-effective form of transportation. This has a tremendous impact on Pakistan’s development as well as its micro-and macroeconomics. It is the backbone of Pakistan’s transportation system. All of these things combine to make NHA one of the best. 

Some of the major projects of NHA in Peshawar include Peshawar Northern Bypass Package-3A and Peshawar Northern Bypass Package-2.

As mentioned earlier , real estate market is continuously changing in Pakistan and there are many factors affecting real estate market in Pakistan , so you need to consider those factors before investing in real estate.

3.  Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization


When SHYDO was turned into an independent body under the Act of 1993, it was called the “Sarhad Hydel Development Organization.” In 2013, the organization’s name was changed to “Pakhtunkhwa Hydel Development Organization.” (PHYDO). Following a change to the PEDO Act in 2014, PHYDO was renamed “Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization.” (PEDO).

PEDO wants to investigate all energy options, including renewables like hydro, solar, and wind. Because the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area has so much potential for hydropower development, it is being prioritized, and private sector investment is encouraged. Some of its greatest and most useful projects include the Rehabilitation of Water Supply Scheme and HYTEC which is registered with Skill Development Council (SDC) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

These construction companies have also developed many advanced malls , checkout some Shopping Malls in Islamabad and get proper info about them .

4.  AH Group of Companies

ah group-realtorspk

They are most recognized for erecting skyscrapers and shopping centers around the country. It was created in 2019 and has been in the real estate sector for about two years. When it comes to the greatest private construction companies in Pakistan, AH Group comes out on top since they are a young yet experienced and mature firm. They have offices in Hangu, Murree, Peshawar, Kohat, and Islamabad, among other places in Pakistan. These construction companies has many commercial projects , so you need to check commercial areas to Invest in Peshawar before investing in any commercial project.

The headquarters are located in the Umer Building, Office #11, 2nd floor, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad. They have started 04 distinct projects in perfect locations of major cities in such a short period. Its best-selling developments include Peshawar’s 091 Mall, Florenza Mall and Residencia, MOH’s Mall of Hangu, and Murree’s North Hills. Aside from that, several projects have yet to be disclosed. 

AH group is one of the renowned construction companies in Peshawar as well as one of the best Real Estate Companies in Peshawar .

They will manage your construction process right from the pre-construction to the post-construction phase. The group is offering professional advice on potential investment opportunities and advanced techniques on financing. AH Group has responsible and responsive architects. Each of our undertaking real estate projects is designed with a mindset where luxurious finishes come standard.

5.  Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)


In 1958, the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) was established by an Act of Parliament. It is a self-contained, legal entity that reports to the Federal Government for management. A Chairman and three members make up the authority (Water, Power, and Finance). WAPDA was dismantled in 2007 when the parts of its power wing were classed as Hydel Power Generation and Forces to be reckoned with Operation and Maintenance (O&M).

WAPDA wants to build five multi-dimensional water-storage dams over the next 3-12 years to satisfy the nation’s needs in both water and electricity, as well as an extreme item to put Pakistan on the path of growth and development.

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These dams’ structures will not only serve to address severe water scarcities but will also provide inexpensive and clean hydroelectricity.

WAPDA is working to exploit the nation’s water and hydropower resources following its mandate. Aside from meeting water requirements, the water storage dams will play a role in flood risk control. 

6. Karcon Pvt Ltd:


Karcon is one of the prestigious construction companies in Peshawar that was established in 1970. The business aims to improve the construction quality and delivery of the projects and to serve the current purpose. Since its beginning, the construction company has delivered quality projects within a given time frame.

The head office of Karcon Pvt Ltd is located in G.T Road Peshawar. Still, it has expanded, and there are two branch offices in Islamabad and Lahore. The construction companies of Peshawar, like Karcon, are famous for their work in constructing educational institutes like universities in Peshawar. The renowned construction company of Peshawar offers various services, including:

  • Construction of Buildings
  • Construction of Highways and Bridges
  • Construction of Industrial Projects
  • Electro-mechanical work
  • Infrastructure and Civil Works Projects

Karcon has established its name by delivering top-notch building projects with high-quality, proper construction planning and a cost control strategy while utilizing the developing resources at their best. The construction company has completed its projects in various North-West Frontier, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Islamabad and Punjab areas.

7. Black Brick Builders:

black builders-realtorspk

Black Brick Builders, commonly known as BB Builders, is also one of the leading construction companies in Peshawar. The construction company is comparatively new to our list, established in 2000 and registered with the prestigious Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) institute.

The top-notch construction company’s head office is located in Peshawar. However, there are branch offices in metro cities of Pakistan, including Lahore and Islamabad. The company’s growth in such a short time when there are construction companies speaks all about the success of BB Builders.

The company aims to deliver innovative techniques and strategic creation of plans, and smart use of resources. BB Builders delivers the best projects in various sectors, and the services offered are:

  • Building Construction that includes the construction of mega projects
  • Project Management that includes a consultation at every step of construction
  • Commercial Arbitration means the company is an expert in dealing with legal issues and resolving disputes related to construction & building, infrastructure development and real estate in Pakistan.

In just a couple of decades, the company has served its best to the clients and delivered proficient services that align with expectations and requirements. BBB has delivered various projects, including shopping malls in Peshawar.

Summing Up :

The list of construction companies in Peshawar is a great option to start your construction process with. Whether you want to get your house constructed or whether you want to there is a highway that needs to be built. These are the construction company that you need to look out for if you need to get a complete and well-built construction. Also read our blog on business ideas in Pakistan and get some good ideas.

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