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Online Converting Millions, Billions, and Trillions into Lakh, Crore and Arab – Number Converter

Online Converting Millions, Billions, and Trillions into Lakh, Crore and Arab - Number Converter

Converting millions into billions is pretty confusing, right? Calculating the billions, trillions, or millions has never been easy for many people. These zeroes often take too much from us and can be difficult to digest. While investing in real estate or constructing a house, it is vital to get accurate measurements and construction costs.

Do not worry; you are not alone; many people find it frustrating to convert trillion into binary or billions into lakhs or crores and vice versa. is here to guide you whether you are looking for ways to convert millions into crores, or wonder how to convert 1 million in Urdu or looking forward to convert currency values to the standard numbering system, or money-making tips. For convenience, we will address both in this blog. Also read our blog on plot size conversion in Pakistan.

Knowing how to convert 1 trillion into binary or millions, billions, and trillions into lacs, crore, and Arabs is essential. For instance, there are many business investment opportunities in electronic and print media, and prices are typically quoted in international units; here, the confusion starts. Many people do not know how to convert units into an Urdu numbering system.

So let’s get started with methods of converting numbers in the correct manner.

Methods to convert Million, Billion. And Trillions in Urdu numbering System:

Have you ever wondered how you can convert 1 billion in crore or any international unit into Urdu system? Or How much is 1 crore in numbers? There are two basic methods that help to convert the numbers in Urdu, i.e.,

  1. Convert the numeric manually or
  2. Convert the numbers using any third-party application and website.

By using these methods, you will also know conversion of digits into number for instance; how to convert 1 trillion in binary or 1 billion in rupees.

1. Ways to manually convert units:

Converting units manually is the easiest way to deal with digits. Some people might find it scary, but in reality, there is no rocket science in converting units manually. All you have to do is remember the zeroes, and you can move ahead. You can also know how much 1 billion is equal to or how much 1 trillion is equal to in numbers by converting digits manually. Let’s have a look:

Element/Unit of Urdu number system No. of Zeroes Numerical Format
Ten 1 zero 10
Hundred 2 zeroes 100
One Thousand 3 zeroes 1000
Ten Thousand 4 zeroes 10,000
One Lac 5 zeroes 100,000
Ten Lac 6 zeroes 10000,00
One Crore 7 zeroes 10,000,000
One Arab 9 zeroes 1000,000,000


2. Conversion Calculators and applications:

Don’t want to count zeroes manually? Worry not, because you can avail of different conversion calculators free online. Thanks to technology and science, calculations have become less difficult. All you need is an application or a website to convert your 1 crore in numbers or any other international units into Urdu. Mostly these calculators are free and easily available online so you can convert 1 trillion into binary or convert international units into local ones. Let’s have a look at a few of the popular apps easily available online for free:

a.  Application to convert in number system:

The applications help calculate decimal, octal, hexagonal and binary numbers within seconds. You can easily convert numbers up to one crore in numbers or crore to million by using these apps. Numeral Systems Converter is one of the most accessible apps even a newbie can use to convert numbers for instance you can convert 1 trillion into binary in couple of seconds.

b.  App to calculate million & billion:

The application is available, which makes the conversion of numbers pretty easy. Million billion calculator application is one of those which can come in handy to calculate the millions easily and easy know billion is equal to how many millions?

c.  Calculator app for conversion:

All-in-One Unit convertor app is one of the best conversion apps to convert units. It also provides services to consider Pakistani, Indian, and European conversions. You can easily convert 1 crore in digits.

d.  Billion to Rupees converter:

It is a pretty easy website to use to convert millions into crores for instance converting 1 crore in digits will become matter of seconds. All you have to do is add your values, and it will convert them into rupees.

e.  Eguruchela Online Convertor:

Eguruchela is also one of the most accessible websites to convert currencies. You can convert 1 billion into crore, million into crore or any number into Indian and Pakistani units for your convenience.

Comparison of units:

Many people are confused about the difference between international units and Urdu Units. To give you a proper idea of how these units are used in Urdu, we have come up with an easy comparison chart to remember these numbers. You will know how much is 1 billion to crore or turn million into crore or how many zeros in million. Likewise, it will help you know how much is billion in Urdu? Let’s have a look:

Units in Urdu Numbers International Units
Aik (ایک) 1 One
Das (دس) 10 Ten
Soo (سو) 100 Hundred
Hazar (ہزار) 1000 Thousand
Das Hazar (دس ہزار) 10,000 Ten Thousand
Ek Lakh (ایک لاکھ) 100,000 Hundred Thousand
Das Lakh  (دس لاکھ) 1000,000 Million
Aik Crore (ایک کروڑ) 10,000,000 Ten Million
Das Crore (دس کروڑ) 100,000,000 Hundred Million
Aik Arab (ایک ارب) 1000, 000, 000 One Billion
Das Arab  (دس ارب) 10,000,000,000 Ten Billion
Das Kharab (دس کھرب) 1,000,000,000,000 One Trillion

So now you can easily convert crore to millions or one lac in numbers. It will also helps to count how much 1 trillion equal to in Urdu terms. The application and manual methods help to convert billions in Urdu pretty fast.

Convert millions into billions:

Hold on, these are not the only ways to convert millions into billions. You can convert your millions into billions and check how much 1 trillion equal to by following these simple ways. Let’s have a look:

Consistent Investments:

Everyone wants to earn money and increase profits, but some people start investing in different plans with full enthusiasm and then forget about it. By doing this, they are only delaying or minimizing the financial gains and also letting go of many chances to generate money. Also read our blog on business ideas in Pakistan.

There are lots of investment opportunities in Pakistan that one should consider. If you are making consistent and well-informed decisions with your money, it will soon convert your millions into billions.

Debt is No Option:

Taking debts and loans might sound easy to deal with issues, but it is a big no when you are planning to increase your capital. Debt eats up your cash, and sometimes people forget about small debts and have a bad financial situation. It is better to avoid taking debts, even in any bad condition. If taking debt is the only option, try to pay it back as soon as possible.

Do not rely on one earning:

According to the research, millionaires and billionaires earn revenue from more than one source. Never put your eggs in one basket only as it increases the financial risk. Salary might provide you a consistent cash flow; however, investing in different things like stocks and real estate. Stocks are a great way to generate passive income, and investors do not need to put lots of effort daily to earn a profit on shares. Likewise, many real estate projects offer attractive opportunities to invest and generate revenue.

Start timely:

When you get your first pay cheque, it is time to make your first investment. Remember that there is no too soon when planning to make investments. If you are eager to multiply your hard-earned zeroes and turn thousands into millions, it is best to invest early and get maximum financial benefits. Fix a small amount every month and invest in different things.

Investing in stocks or digital currency is possible with as little as 10 dollars. Many people invest in bonds which is a pretty safe investment. The best thing about starting early investment is that you can retire early and enjoy your timely investment profits.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How many zeros in crore?
There are seven zeroes in one crore.

2.  How many zeros in lakh?
There are Five zeroes in one Lakh or in one hundred thousand.

3.  How many zeros in a billion?
There are 9 zeroes in one billion.

4.  How many billions in one trillion?
There are 1000 (one thousand) billions in one trillion according to the American numbering system.

5.  How many million in 1 billion?
There are one thousand million in one billion as one million is equal to 1000 million.

6.  How many lakhs in one million?
There are 10 lakhs in one million as one lakh is equal to 0.1 million.

7.  How many millions in one billion?
There are one thousand million into one billion according to international unit system.

Let’s wrap:

So that’s all for now! I hope you know how to convert one crore into numbers or how much 1 billion equals? Moreover, these tips will also help generate profit and help live a better life.

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