Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home for Eid


The holy month of Ramadan is near its end, and we have entered the last Ashra. Eid is expected to be celebrated in Pakistan on the 21st or 22nd of April. Therefore, everyone has already begun preparations for the upcoming festive to make it more enjoyable and memorable.

In Pakistan, the preparation of the auspicious festival usually starts weeks before Ramadan, and it does not end until “Chand Rat.” Buying new clothes, and stocking grocery and food essentials to make “Eid Dawats” memorable, are all part of Eid preparations. One of the crucial parts of Eid preparation is putting the house in order and decorating accordingly. Checkout the style of Different Types of Balconies for Your Home.

People usually decorate their homes in various ways to make them comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, choosing what to choose for your home décor can be overwhelming.

If you are looking for ways to make your home more beautiful and comfortable and need help knowing where to start, you are on the right blog. has got you covered and put together an incredible list of home décor ideas!

Let’s get started!

Creative Eid Decor Ideas for Your Home:

Here we will list down the best Eid home décor ideas and discuss them precisely. These Amazing eid décor ideas for your home will boost the appearance of your home and make it more comfortable and aesthetic. Worry not; every idea is budget friendly and easy to follow.

So here we begin !

  1. Cleanliness is a Key
  2. Change the look with curtains
  3. Enhance the beauty with new bed sheets and covers
  4. Light up the festival – Install Festive lights
  5. Decorate the dining table with fine cutlery

1. Cleanliness is key

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The first thing is to clean your house thoroughly, as deep cleaning alone can transform the appearance of your home. Get rid of the grime & dust around your house by involving yourself in different cleaning activities.

Start from your kitchen, then move to the bedroom, washrooms and other house parts. Ensure you are cleaning the unattended functional areas of the home, such as the storeroom, basement, garage, car porch or laundry areas. While cleaning your house, ensure you clean appliances such as ceiling fans. Also read our blog Best Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Decor.

Tip: No matter how often you have been engaged in deep cleaning the house, you might need to remember something this time. Therefore, make sure you create a to-do list and check them after finishing every task.

2. Change the Look with Curtains

home decoration for eid-realtorspk

Do you know curtains play an essential role in make-over the whole place? This Eid, work on your house’s color scheme and choose the curtains accordingly. Choose the color to bring the festivity to your home.

Curtains are an essential part of the house as they prevent dust from making its way to your home and keep your house sun-filled and beautiful. Therefore, a carefully picked curtain is all you need to make the place more attractive & elegant.

Blinds are pretty trendy these days, and many people pick them over curtains, especially when their house is more modern looking than others. Installing blinds seems a better option in a contemporary place than curtains. However, you can choose the blinds that can bring light and festivity inside your home. Also read our blog How To Decide Between Renovation And Rebuilding Your House

Tip: Ensure that the color of the curtains blends or contrasts with the color scheme of the house. Moreover, for festivals like Eid, you can match any dark/ bright color with the house’s color scheme.

3. New Bed Sheets and Covers

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Enhance the beauty of your house this Eid by putting on new bed sheets, pillow covers & cushion covers. The place looks livelier with new covers and sheets. Match or contrast with the color scheme of room and curtain colors and make your living space the center of attraction.

Tip: Make sure to choose colors that match the vibe of the festival and do not look odd with the color scheme of the house. It will offer a vibrant look to the home.

4. Light Up the Festival – Install Festive Lights

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Want to do something more & unusual than others? Try lighting up the festival day with fancy lighting in your home on Eid this year!

When trying to give your home an exciting look, installing festival lights in the house becomes a must. Install lantern-shaped and moon-shaped lights or Turkish lighting in your house to provide a festive theme with lights. Turkish lightings are famous these days, giving your home a luxurious festive feel.

Tip: You do not need to spend much money on lighting. On the contrary, DIY festive lighting can do the magic. You can watch YouTube tutorials or reels and lighten the house on a joyous day.

5. Decorate the Dining Table with Fine Cutlery

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Eid means festivity, festivity means grand family & friends’ gatherings, and gathering means yummy foods and parties. Hence, the dining room is also one of the attraction points in the house. Feasts & family meals are compulsory, and if you do not want to ruin the experience, get the dining area ready beforehand.

Every household has special cutlery sets stocked in the house & Eid is the time to take them out and decorate them on the dining table. Eid celebration is one of the best times when these stored beautiful cutlery sets can be used. Checkout our blog How to maintain house foundation.

Eid decorations are incomplete without decorating & setting the dining table & dining area. If you live in a small house & apartment and there are only limited things you can do, then setting and decorating a dining place is among the best décor ideas for the festival.

Tip: In big houses or homes with lawns, you can set the dining table in the outdoor areas of the house. The outdoor area can be lawn, backyard or terrace, whatever seems fine and comfortable.

Let’s wrap up

So that’s all for now! These are a few of the Eid décor ideas for your home. Try these ideas and make your Eid more magnificent, memorable, and magical with your loved ones.

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