Directives Issued to Speed up the Construction Work in Sector I-12

Construction Work in Sector I-12

Islamabad: The CDA (Capital Development Authority) Chairman, Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Younis, has given orders to expedite development work in Sector I-12.

A CDA representative said that the CDA Land Directorate is reaching the affectees of Sector I-12 to settle their issues and resentments so they can begin the expansion work. He said the Land Directorate would meet with the affectees of Sectors I-12/1 and I-12/4 in the coming week to address their complaints.

According to the details, 18% of the development activity in Sectors I-12/2 and I-12/3 has finished. The CDA chairman wants early completion of the development work in these sectors to let the allottees begin constructing their homes.

Moreover, the CDA representative noted that it had fixed the problems associated with the allottees and would grant possession as soon as complete the development work.

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