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Highest Growth in Real Estate Sector of Pakistan in 10 years

Highest Growth in Real Estate Sector of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s stock market is performing well, with aggregate earnings after tax of businesses in the KSE 100 Index reaching Rs.258 billion in the third quarter of 2021, the highest in the past ten years.

During the period of July 18 to December 21, enterprises in the real estate industry grew by 494 percent, followed by 194 percent in the IT sector and 136 percent in the tourist sector, compared to July 15 to June 18. During the same time period, incorporations in Gilgit-Baltistan increased by 318 percent.

The nationalization of assets has prompted increased interest in the REIT (real estate investment trust) sector, with ten new REIT schemes worth Rs146.250 billion and eight REIT management firms in the pipeline, compared to only one REIT scheme already in operation (amounting to Rs58 billion).

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