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Housing Ministry seeks authority to construct residential facilities for government employees

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The Housing & Works Ministry is seeking authority for relaxation in the restrictions on developing residential and hostel facilities for federal employees. According to the details, the federal cabinet has imposed a ban on new housing facilities for federal employees since 1995.

The ban leads to a shortage of accommodations for employees. The ban was imposed to monetize federal employees housing facilities; however, the strategy was not effectively implemented.

The Ministry of Housing and Works has made recommendations to the Secretaries Committee that include:

  1. Renovation of current residencies for government employees
  2. Elimination of monetization policy on the construction of new hostels and residences for federal employees
  3. Establish Urban Regeneration, Human Settlement & Social Housing Board under the Housing and Works Ministry by bringing “The Right to Shelter Act, 2022” before legislatures.
  4. The relevant ministry has made it clear that the renewal costs will be borne through different strategies of commercialization.

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