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List of 10 Best Housing Societies in Islamabad

Top Housing Societies in Islamabad

Many people aspire to live in Islamabad, intrigued by its status as Pakistan’s capital. The city offers impressive infrastructure and plenty of job opportunities, making it a popular choice for residents. Additionally, Islamabad is filled with well-known fast-food outlets and international brands, adding to the reasons why anyone would want to live in this city. A standout feature is its first eco-friendly plastic road in Pakistan. This project highlights Islamabad’s efforts toward environmental sustainability and innovation, contributing to its appeal as an attractive place to live.

Buying a house in some of Islamabad’s prime sectors might be out of reach for many due to high costs. However, it’s clear that Islamabad is among the top cities to invest in real estate in Pakistan. This fact alone explains why so many new housing societies in Islamabad are considered excellent investment opportunities.

Benefits of housing societies in Islamabad:

These societies offer many other benefits for example

  • Urban Life
  • All people are together 
  • Harbours harmony
  • Ideal living situation in every time of Life Passages from infants to older communities
  • Family Authority and Harmony
  • Low and affordable investment
  • Life lifetime opportunities
  • Social Interdependence
  • Pure and clean environment
  • Modern life style
  • Provision of every basic facility
  • Gated and secure communities

We have put together a list of CDA approved societies in Islamabad .The list below shows some of the legal and best housing societies in Islamabad that offer a great payment plan with all the facilities at one place.

List of 10 Best Housing Societies in Islamabad:

  1. DHA Islamabad
  2. Eighteen Islamabad
  3. Taj Residencia
  4. PWD Housing Society
  5. Park View City Islamabad
  6. Capital Smart City 
  7. Gulberg Residencia
  8. Top City Islamabad
  9. B-17 Multi Gardens G-Block Islamabad
  10. OPF Housing Society

1. DHA Islamabad:

DHA Islamabad

DHA Islamabad does not require an introduction because it is a well-known and renewable real estate title.

It has made a substantial and impressive presence in most of Pakistan’s cities, occupying a highly regarded position. It was created by a respected group of developers and is based on international standards and etiquette.

When you enter DHA society, you are immediately immersed in luxury and the most up-to-date living environment. Its contemporary infrastructure, first-rate amenities, and strategic location contributed to its success. Also, if you are looking for the best investment opportunities in Pakistan DHA Islamabad is the best option.

Beautiful Lake, Fully Equipped Hospital, International Standard School are some of the features of DHA.

  • Putting Green living ahead
  • Maintenance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Green belts and a large road network
  • Security is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in this gated community.
  • Commercial District and Shopping Center
  • Them Park
  • Fixtures and fittings from abroad
  • Outstanding Finishes
  • Bedrooms with attached baths are large and comfortable.
  • Mosques
  • Schools
  • Banks

2. Eighteen Islamabad:


Eighteen, a prestigious project by Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan Builders and Developers, renowned for their exceptional housing societies, presents one of Islamabad’s finest residential options. Now, owning a home at Eighteen is easier than ever, requiring just a 25% initial payment, with the remainder payable over a convenient 4-year installment plan. They offer villas from 10 Marla to 8 Kanal, catering to different needs. It showcases the skills of best construction companies in Pakistan, providing excellent living standards in Islamabad.

Eighteen is no doubt one of the top areas for buying a house in Islamabad. This housing complex in Pakistan’s capital, stands out as one of Islamabad’s finest upcoming societies. Boasting top-notch amenities, modern infrastructure, and an ideal location, it offers a premium living experience. Situated along the Kashmir Highway, it enjoys convenient access to key arteries like the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and the Islamabad New International Airport.

Plus, both the Kashmir Highway and GT Road are easily reachable from Eighteen. Its prime location, coupled with its proximity to significant developments like Taj Residencia, B-17 Multi Gardens, and Top City, has significantly boosted its real estate value in the past few years.

Salient Features of Eighteen society :

  • There are around 2000 housing units.
  • Housing society in Islamabad on installment
  • Grandiose golf course with cutting-edge design
  • A five-star luxury hotel
  • High-end retail establishments and an international shopping mall
  • A contemporary commercial district with cutting-edge office complexes.
  • Educational establishments
  • Well-equipped medical and health-care facilities
  • Parks and green places with a specific purpose
  • Parking spaces that are well-planned
  • Every civic amenity is provided.
  • A secure and safe environment

Apart from Islamabad there are many other societies in other cities e.g. Lahore , Karachi etc. If you have a plan to build a house in Lahore then checkout some of the top areas for buying houses in Lahore and then plan to invest.

3. Taj Residencia:


Taj Residencia stands out as a top-notch housing society located on Bhata Road, Rawalpindi, near Islamabad. It has the approval of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and is developed by the well-known Sardar Group of Companies. This group has a track record of successful urban projects, with The Centaurus Mall Islamabad being their most celebrated work.

For those interested in making an informed choice about their future home, understanding plot size conversions in Pakistan is crucial. Taj Residencia offers a variety of plot sizes, accommodating different needs and preferences, making it a prime choice for potential homeowners looking for quality living spaces in Islamabad.

This society is designed to offer comfort, elegance, and convenience, setting a high standard for residential living. For those looking beyond Islamabad, investing in commercial areas in Peshawar presents a promising opportunity. Some Commercial areas in Peshawar are gaining attention for their potential for high returns on investment, making them an attractive option for investors seeking profitable ventures.

Salient Features of Taj Residencia:

Numerous features make Taj Residencia a lucrative investment opportunity for investors in twin cities. Such as:

  • Safe & Secure Gated Community
  • 24/7 surveillance security,
  • Top-notch healthcare centers and educational institutes
  • Jogging & Walking Tracks
  • Commercial Areas
  • Modern Sewerage System
  • Aesthetic Parks & Recreational areas
  • Carpeted Roads
  • 24/7 electricity, gas and water supply
  • Eco-Friendly Community

4. PWD Housing Society:

PWD Housing Society

PWD Housing Society stands out as one of the oldest and most rapidly expanding housing areas in the twin cities. Since its establishment, this neighborhood has seen remarkable growth, making it an excellent choice for those looking to invest in residential and commercial properties. Notably, its development also sheds light on the aspect of property taxes in Pakistan, a crucial factor for potential investors and homeowners to consider when exploring options in Islamabad’s vibrant real estate market.

PWD Housing Society has become a hub for both local and international businesses, establishing itself as a key shopping destination in the twin cities. This community stands apart from other housing projects by offering homeowners the flexibility to design and build their homes according to personal preferences. This feature, combined with the area’s significance in the retail sector, further enhances its appeal to those considering property investment in Pakistan.

Salient Features :

Following is the list of amenities that you can get at PWD Housing Societies;

  • Health-care institutions and hospitals
  • In a civilized culture, houses may be created according to your desires.
  • Areas for recreation and recreation
  • Aspects of trade and business
  • Education center
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, resources are available.
  • The neighbourhood is secure and gated.

5. Park view City Islamabad:

Park view City Islamabad

Nestled in the serene limits of Bani Gala, Islamabad, this housing society stands as an example of peace and beauty. Surrounded by lush green hills and a pleasing landscape, it captures the essence of peaceful living. Recognized by the CDA, it ranks among the top approved housing societies in the capital. Offering a wide variety of plots ranging from 3.5 marlas to 2 kanals, it caters to diverse needs and preferences.

As existing evidence of its appeal, it’s also a great addition to the list of places to visit in Islamabad, thanks to its scenic beauty and modern infrastructure. The society is making rapid progress, with Blocks A and B fully developed and Block D nearing 80% completion. Plots are available for purchase on easy installment plans, making it an attractive option for both residents and investors.

Salient Features :

Following is the list of amenities that you can get at park view city, Islamabad ;

  • 5 marla to 2 kanal
  • Hospitals
  • Mosques
  • Imax Cinema
  • Commercial malls
  • Load shedding free zone
  • 24/7 electricity and gas
  • Botanical garden
  • House can be built according to your choice
  • Educational institutes 
  • Secure and gated community

6. Capital Smart City 

capital smart city

Capital Smart City Housing Scheme stands out as a prime choice for those in search of profitable property investment in Islamabad. Located conveniently near the new Islamabad Airport and nestled at the junction of the M1 and M2 motorways. This ideal location further makes its appeal undeniable. This development is not only about the land; it’s about the lifestyle.

This scheme offers a range of plot sizes – from 7 marla to 2 kanal – catering to various needs and budgets. Prices begin at 35 lacs for a 7-Marla plot, making luxury living accessible. For those interested in commercial ventures, 4 marla commercial plots are available starting from Rs. 1 crore. While many projects within the scheme are still underway, major attractions like luxury Farm Houses are set to be completed soon, promising even more value.

Capital Smart City offers a comprehensive range of amenities designed to cater to the modern lifestyle needs of its residents, making it a standout option for those looking for a blend of luxury and convenience in Islamabad. Here are the key amenities provided:

  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Advanced Security
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Educational Facilities
  • Healthcare Services
  • Commercial Areas
  • Recreational Spaces
  • Sports Complex
  • Golf Course
  • Community Center
  • Public Transport
  • Underground Electricity
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Waste Management System

7. Gulberg Residencia

housing societies in Islamabad

Gulberg Residencia stands out among Islamabad’s housing societies for its blend of luxury and affordability. Located conveniently along the Islamabad Expressway, it offers a unique opportunity for homeownership within its eight accessible blocks. Despite its upscale ambiance, property prices remain surprisingly affordable, making it an attractive option for those seeking value in Islamabad’s real estate market.

The area’s appeal is set to increase thanks to the rapid development in and around Gulberg Greens, its neighboring elite farmland community. This area is witnessing the construction of numerous large-scale and high-rise mixed-use buildings, signaling a promising future for Gulberg Residencia residents. When considering purchasing property here, it’s crucial to keep in mind the available blocks: C, E, F, G, I, J, L, and V. The price range for residential plots varies, with 7-Marla plots available between Rs 2,500,000 and Rs 4,100,000, 10-Marla plots priced from Rs 3,500,000 to Rs 5,500,000, and 12-Marla plots going for between Rs 4,000,000 and Rs 4,500,000.

For those thinking about investing in real estate, especially in a promising area like Gulberg Residencia, it’s essential to be on the lookout for various factors to consider before investing in real estate. The market’s nature demands careful consideration of location, development potential, and price trends. Keeping these factors in mind can help investors make informed choices in Islamabad’s competitive real estate landscape.

Unique Features of Gulberg Residencia in Islamabad:

Gulberg Residencia in Islamabad offers a wide variety of facilities that are listed below;

  • Round-the-clock security
  • Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Parks and Green Spaces
  • Community Centers
  • Mosques
  • Wide Roads and Infrastructure
  • Sports Facilities
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • High-speed Internet
  • Waste Management System
  • Public Transport Access.

8. Top City Islamabad

housing societies in Islamabad

Top City Islamabad stands out as one of the best housing societies in Islamabad, offering a blend of luxury and affordability since its inception in 2012. The development work has been consistent, marking it as a vibrant community that combines modern design with eco-friendly practices. It’s not just a place to live but an investment opportunity in one of the best areas for real estate investment in Islamabad.

Beyond residential spaces, Top City is expanding its commercial reach. Expect to see a luxurious commercial district filled with large retail malls, upscale arcades, hotels, resorts, and renowned international brands.

For those looking beyond residential investments, Islamabad’s growing shopping malls present a compelling case. Investing in shopping malls offers several benefits, such as stable rental yields, long-term capital growth, and diversification of investment portfolios. As Islamabad continues to grow, these commercial ventures are becoming increasingly attractive for both local and international investors.

The key amenities provided at Topcity are as following;

  • Modern retail malls
  • Upscale arcades
  • Hotels and resorts
  • International brand outlets
  • Swimming pools
  • Gymnasium
  • Mini Golf
  • Lake View Park

9. B-17 Multi Gardens G-Block Islamabad:

housing society islamabad-realtorspk

Multi Gardens is one of the new housing society in Islamabad compared to many others located near the downtown of the city. It is located in B-17 sector G-Block Islamabad. The Housing society is newer in the list of housing societies in Islamabad but has become quite popular among properties. Multi Gardens is surrounded by the best commercial areas to invest in Islamabad.

Multi Gardens is developed and managed by the famous construction company Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Schemes (MPCHS). The housing society is considered an attractive investment opportunity and is renowned among new housing societies in Islamabad 2022 for its ultra-modern features and amenities.

Investors can buy a property through a convenient and easy installment plan. The buyers can invest in 5,7,10, 14 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots. Some facilities include Jamia Masjid, underground electricity, boundary walls, a 24/7 security system, top-notch educational institutes, and much more.

Amenities in Multi Gardens B17 Islamabad include:

  • Gated community with 24/7 security
  • Wide roads and green belts
  • Underground electricity and gas supply
  • Water filtration plants
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Sports facilities including cricket and football grounds
  • Community centers and clubs
  • Mosques
  • Commercial zones with shopping centers
  • Public transport service access

10. OPF Housing Society:

opf housing scheme-realtorspk

OPF Housing Society stands out as a top choice among Islamabad’s housing societies, particularly for overseas Pakistanis seeking both luxury and affordability. Nestled in a prime location within Islamabad, this society is celebrated for its luxurious homes and exceptional living standards. It’s not just the high-end amenities that make it attractive but also its affordability, making it a sought-after destination for those living abroad. For overseas Pakistanis interested in investing here, understanding how to get a property valuation certificate in Pakistan is crucial. This certification plays a key role in the buying process, ensuring you make a well-informed investment in one of Islamabad’s finest housing societies.

Here are the key amenities available at OPF:

  • Security System
  • Parks and Green Spaces
  • Community Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Commercial Areas
  • Mosques
  • Sports Facilities
  • Utility Services
  • Roads and Infrastructure

If you are interested in housing schemes that will secure your lifetime savings and provide you with high living standards and a luxurious lifestyle. Some salient features of OPF Housing society are eco-friendly construction, sustainable and state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern sewerage and drainage system, water treatment plant, and 24/7 security system.

The housing society also features thoughtful housing planning, affordable installment plans for commercial and residential plots, Masjids, parks for children, underground electricity, and a sports complex.

Summing Up:

In conclusion, the growing demand for housing in Islamabad is met with rising prices, making the dream of owning a comfortable and well-equipped home challenging for many. However, the housing schemes mentioned in this blog, especially those recognized as the best in 2024, offer promising options for affordable living spaces.

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