prepare home to welcome winter

The summer season has finally come to an end. The temperature drops every day, and the spring of shawls and fleece blankets can be seen everywhere. Northern areas show full autumn colors, and cool chilling air makes the weather lovelier. Autumn colors, chilling atmosphere, and dropping temperature call to prepare your home for winter before anyone gets sick.

Due to massive climate change, you can expect some smog and poor air quality in a few cities of Pakistan, but luckily winter gives a break from heat waves and oppressive sun. It also offers the perfect opportunity to those who want to experience the white snow covered mountains and enjoy the snow fall.

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However, before you start planning your vacations, it is important to prepare your home to welcome the majestic weather. It will give you peace of mind, and planning ahead will keep your family safe and healthy throughout the chilling months.

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Tips to prepare your home for winter:

Wondering where to take start? Worry not! Because is here with tips that will help to prepare for a cold season before it officially starts snowing. So let’s get started:

  1. Block drafts
  2. Repair heating system
  3. Change houseplant location
  4. Clean blankets and carpets
  5. Remove Pests and rodents

1. Block draft entrance in your home:

In summer, a little breeze feels like a blessing, but now a little chilly air in the house can upset the home temperature, leaving you cold. Therefore, it is important to inspect your house and seal all the cracks in doors and windows to stop cold drafts from entering your living place.

Start checking the surface and the frames for holes and cracks, then look for the gauze breakage. The small gaps can quickly fill with caulking guns available at hardware stores. However, the large holes and cracks may require cement for sealing. To do so;

Take a small quantity of white cement and mix it with equal water.

Take the paste and cover up all the openings that may allow cool air to enter your house. It will keep your home warm while not spoiling your house’s look.

2. Repair heating system:

Winters are knocking at the door, and it’s time to inspect your heating instruments and system. If you live in an area with harsh winters, you will definitely need a heater in your home. Make sure that you have checked them thoroughly before using them. Hire a professional for repairs, as a bit of damage in these heating instruments can be dangerous for all.

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After you have checked and repaired your heating devices, the next step is to check the electricity and gas supply to ensure everything is running smoothly. Make sure to keep your children away from heaters for their safety.

Furthermore, do not use gas heaters when the supply is low to avoid any unfortunate incidents. While using a heater, keep the window or door a little open to ensure complete safety. It is better to keep your family and yourself safe from chilling weather with sweaters and jackets rather than sitting all day long in front of heaters. It will save a lot of energy bills and a safer way to stay at bay from cold.

prepare home to welcome winter

3. Change houseplant location:

Potted plants inside the house give a pretty pleasing look. Plants need care and maintenance; therefore, you need to place them in better places for light and air. Many plants come from tropical regions and can grow in shady places and thrive under indirect sunlight. These plants usually need warm and humid temperatures, and in winter, you will notice the yellow leaves of your favorite potted plants.

To avoid the suffering of your plants:

  • Consider moving them to a location that receives more sunlight.
  • Clean the debris and dust from their surface so they can absorb the maximum light and stay green longer. You can also install a humidifier in your home if it is not way out of your budget to keep your house from getting too dry in chilly months.
  • Most importantly, refrain from watering plants a lot in winter to keep them fresh and green.
  • Likewise, trim trees in your garden so the falling leaves do not create a mess in your yard and affect the beauty of your house. With care and proper trimming, the tree leaves will grow beautifully again in spring.

4. Clean blankets and carpets:

Carpets and rugs are a must for homes with tiles and marble. One of the most crucial tasks for winter is to take the blankets out of the storeroom to wash and dry them accordingly. Keeping them in proper packaging after last season’s use and dry cleaning will save lots of fuss. Take the blankets and warm clothes out and hang them in the sunlight for an hour. It will give a refreshing feel and kill any germs.

In summer, many people take out the carpets and rugs to enjoy the cold feeling under their feet. Now is the season to keep feet and house warm, and carpets are the most incredible help in the task. Take out the rugs and carpets, go for professional cleaning if required or clean them thoroughly at the house before installing them again.

5. Remove Pests and rodents:

Ensure your house is clean and free of pests and rodents before the chilly weather starts. When you check your house for drafts that let cold air enter your home, check for cracks and crevices that might let rodents like lizards, cockroaches, and lizards enter your house. Likewise, it is better to spray with anti-pests in the room for pests to avoid any problems in the future.

In hot weather, rodents usually stay outside the house, but as the temperature falls, they search for warmer places, and homes provide them with great shelter. These pests are annoying and a significant health risk too. People can suffer from allergies, ailments, and diseases from these pests and rodents.

That is why it is important to replace loose weather stripping around the doors and windows to prevent unwanted insects and rats from entering your house. Likewise, try to keep places like the laundry area, storeroom, and garage clutter free as much as possible. If possible, throw the unused cardboard boxes or store them off the floor so they do not become a nest for rats.

Leaking pipes lead to cockroach infestation, and spiders are attracted to dust. Therefore, keep your house dry and properly ventilated to avoid such issues in the chilly season.

Let’s wrap it up!

So that’s all for now from our side! Winter is a joyous season and there are lots of things you can do in chilly weather in Islamabad for instance, enjoy the scrumptious food in the best restaurants of the city.

We hope you have liked the information and found it helpful. Stay tuned to for the latest news and information on real estate. Happy winters!!

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