KP Boost Beautification Campaign in Tank City

KP Boost Beautification Campaign in Tank City

Peshawar: The district administration has launched a much-waiting beautification campaign worth PKR 50 million in Tank city.

The district administration has also taken action to address the long-standing encroachment issue, which has resulted in the demolition of over 400 stores and illegally placed telephone and electrical poles in various areas of the city.

Mahmood Khan, the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), authorized the necessary PKR 50 million for the various development projects being carried out as part of the Tank beautifying program. The uplift programs seek to level the provincially marginalized city of Tank with its more developed neighbors.

Deputy Commissioner Hameedullah Khattak described the projects to the media, who also said that all agencies involved had been directed to ensure the use of high-quality building materials and to make every effort to finish the projects on a “war footing.” Additionally, he said that the Public Health and Engineering Department had been instructed to place pipelines on both sides of the city road to make it easier for residents of the Tank district to access drinkable water.

Construction of the Tank’s main road, installing solar lights at strategic city locations, and providing amenities for a family park are all included in the scope of these beautification initiatives.

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