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KP Orders to Build a 300 Acres International Standard Bus terminal in Peshawar to facilitate traffic

According to Faisal Amin Khan, Minister for Local Government and Rural Development, the government has begun construction on an international grade bus terminal in Peshawar at a cost of Rs. 3.679 billion.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) is a renowned tourist destination due to its breathtaking landscapes and distinct culture among the people.

It has gained in popularity as a consequence of the government’s tourism marketing initiatives, which have resulted in a massive influx of visitors to the province in recent years.

During his interview with the media, Faisal Amin stated:

“A new general bus station will be constructed on 300 acres of land outside of town on the G.T. Road at Sardar Ghari. The government will oversee the establishment of an international-grade bus terminal as part of the Peshawar rehabilitation and beautification project. Locals and visitors from other countries will have a choice of transit alternatives available at the site.

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