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Top 5 Most Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan

Lakes in Pakistan

Nature has favored Pakistan with unrivaled excellence, and if you can’t blindly believe us, take a look at what some of the popular travel vloggers say about Pakistan. Besides, to observe all that the country’s grand scene brings to the table, think about visiting the most incredible lakes in Pakistan during your excursion toward the northern regions.

Pakistan is one of those countries that has been blessed with unpretending magnificence across the countryside, whether it’s mountains, greenery, lakes, or multiple historical places to visit. All we can say is Pakistan has a lot of incredible magnificence.

Do you know that How many lakes are in Pakistan?

There are around 60 lakes in Pakistan, all known for their beautiful location and natural beauty, but down below we have mentioned most famous lakes in Pakistan.

The northern areas of Pakistan are host to probably the most fantastic and delightful view on the significance of the earth. Alongside the stunning valleys, the country is home to a pack of beautiful lakes in Pakistan, large numbers of which are unrecognized or not discovered by the vast majority of the people.

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So, if you want to see beautiful Pakistan, you must visit these lakes of Pakistan. Trust us! You will feel some other level of paranormal, freshness, magnificence, and magical ringlets that will make you discover the beauty of Pakistan. We’ve organized a list of lakes in Pakistan to assist you with making a guide for your tour.

So, let’s not delay too much! Take a look at the list of lakes in Pakistan.

Name Location Surface elevation lake type
1. Lulusar Lake Kaghan Valley, Mansehra District, KPK 3,410 m (11,190 ft) Alpine/Glacial lake
2. Attabad Lake Attabad, Gilgit−Baltistan, Pakistan 2,559 meters (8,396 ft)
3. Lake Saiful Muluk Naran 3,224 m (10,578 ft) Alpine/Glacial lake
4. Ansoo Lake Kaghan Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 4,250 meters (13,940 ft)
5. Manchar Lake Sehwan city in the south of Sindh 35 meters (115 ft) Reservoir

1. Lulusar Lake

Lakes in Pakistan - Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake is the fundamental source of the Kunhar River. It is one of those lakes in Pakistan that are frequently visited by locals and foreign tourists to enjoy and witness the beauty of Pakistan. The best part about this most beautiful lake in Pakistan is the reflection of beauty on the lid of the lake. It actually causes a massive impact on tourists. Besides this, the reason it is known as such a famous lake is its paved roads that are easy to drive.

It is a drive of about 8-hours from the capital Islamabad through Muzaffarabad. The water of Lulusar lake flows southwest via the whole span of Kaghan Valley, passing to Naran, Jalkhand, Kaghan, Jared, Balakot, and Paras until its intersection with the Jhelum River. It is about 50 kilometers – 31 mi away from Naran. Lulusar lake has been listed in the top 10 highest lakes in Pakistan for having such beauty and elevation. We cannot deny the fact this lake is playing a massive role in promoting tourism in Pakistan.

2. Attabad Lake

Lakes in Pakistan - Attabad Lake

Another high-altitude and most beautiful lake in Pakistan is Attabad lake, which is supposed to be the most panoramic place in Pakistan. It is located in Gojal town in Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan. Attabad Lake is so natural. An attribute about this lake is it was not even mentioned on the map almost a decade back when a landslide in 2010 blockaded a division of the River Hunza and formed Attabad Lake. The lake is also known as Gojal Lake because of its proximity to the Gojal town. Attabad Lake is about half an hour east of Karimabad, the capital of the Hunza District in Gilgit-Baltistan, and we all know that Gilgit is known as the city of lakes in Pakistan.

The lake has become one of the top tourist interest destinations in Pakistan. However, with the increase in the level of water, the Pakistan government is intending to construct a dam near the lake. Being the largest lake in Gilgit-Baltistan, Attabad Lake is extended over an area of 13.5 square kilometers and is frequently visited by national and international tourists. The mesmerizing blue waters of the lake drive 358 ft in-depth, with boating, swimming, and jet skiing being the prior sports relished by tourists with a vista of the majestic mountains.

3. Lake Saiful Muluk

Lakes in Pakistan - Saif-ul-Malook Lake

If we talk about the most famous and beautiful lakes in Pakistan, how can we skip lake saif-ul-muluk? Saiful Muluk is the primary origin of the river Kunhar, located in the northern area of the Kaghan Valley close to Naran town. Saiful Muluk is written among the top 10 highest lakes in Pakistan. This lake has an elevation of about 3,224 m (10,578 ft). It has a depth of about 50 ft and covers an area of 1.06 sq miles. Saif ul Muluk was formed by a glacial moraine that stopped the water of a stream pouring via Kaghan Valley.

The valley was constructed during the previous Pleistocene period, which dates back over 300,000 years back. The receding glaciers and rising temperatures left a depression in this area. Lake Saiful Muluk is named after a legendary Persian prince who met the love of his life Princess Badri-ul-Jamala on this lake. Muhammad Bakhsh wrote the fairy tale titled Saif-ul-Muluk. Also read our blog on Steps to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent .

4. Ansoo Lake

Lakes in Pakistan - aansu lake

As the name tells the story, Ansoo in the Urdu language stands for a teardrop. The particular form of the lake is what draws visitors and trekkers to the region. The lake is shaped like a teardrop. It’s found in the middle of the Himalayan Mountains around Malika Parbat and is considered one of the most beautiful lakes globally. A misconception about this lake is famous, which is the lake is home to a frozen island in the middle that reaches the iris, and a height above the lake reaches an eyebrow, specifically, when the snow dissolves off the hill in the summer season.

Taking an eye on the history of Ansoo lake, it was founded in 1993 when a low-flying plane of PAF – Pakistan Air Force spotted the lake and its distinctive form. However, if you plan to stay near this lake, there is no possibility to fulfill your desire. Tourists used to camp in the freezing and bitter winds. Where the nearby residents are totally against camping here because they think the weather at the place is excessively unpredictable.

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5. Manchar Lake

Manchar Lake

Last on our list is none-other than the queen of lakes in Pakistan, Lake Manchar. Manchar lake is the biggest lake in Pakistan and South Asia. This lake covers an area of approximately 100 sq miles and is famous for having natural freshwater. It is located at Sehwan city in the south of Sindh, west of the Indus River, in Jamshoro District and Dadu District. Near these lakes there are many small parks where people can visit and enjoy with their families , Read our blog on some famous Parks in Peshawar where you can visit and enjoy with your families.

An impressive thing about this stunning and mesmerizing lake is it collects freshwater from multiple small streams in the Kirthar Mountains and drains into the astonishing Indus River. The best part is the surface area of the lake transforms according to the climate (as little as 36 km² to as much as 500 km²), particularly at the time of monsoon.

Another reason for being such a visited lake in Pakistan is the lake’s edges and surroundings which are home to old historical places such as Wahi Pandhi, Ghazi Shah, and Ali Murad Mound.

The Lal Chatto, Mashak Lohri, and Lakhiyo are located alongside the Lake Manchar border, and these are the most antique sites, which date back from the Harappan Culture. The average deepness of this most beautiful lake in Pakistan is only 2.5 to 3.75 meters. Lake Manchar is one of those lakes that is a perfect example of portraying how beautiful Pakistan is. Also read our blog on Shopping Malls in Islamabad .

Summing Up:
Above, we have mentioned the most magnificent, breathtaking, and majestic lakes in Pakistan that are situated in the middle of scenic mountains and cliffs, carrying the beauty of Pakistan within promoting tourism in the country and helping to boost economic development. We hope you had a good experience and knowledge about reading impressive facts and features about lakes in Pakistan. You can also read our blog on business ideas in Pakistan.

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