LDA Requested To Ensure The Presence of Project Area Residents

LDA asked to ensure presence of project area residents

LAHORE: Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has been requested by an Environment Protecting Department (EPD) official to include the residents of new project areas to know their concerns, suggestions, and objections about the projects.

The EPD official said that during a public hearing held by the EPD at the LDA Johar Town Sports Complex on the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the Rehabilitation of the Bund Road. The Rehabilitation of Bund Road is a mega project to be launched by the authority.

“The LDA should have made arrangements for bringing here (sports complex) the people living in the areas of Babu Sabu, Shera Kot, Shaheenabad, Talat Park, and outer part of Gulshan-i-Ravi abutting Bund Road — the localities where this project is being launched soon,” said the EPD official.

However, the project’s environment consultant dispelled the idea on behalf of the LDA. The consultant stated that LDA was not liable to include people in the public hearings. The LDA is only responsible for advertising this event in newspapers through public notices.

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