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LG Department approves master plan worth 10 billion PKR for Lahore Walled City

Lahore Walled City

The Local Government –LG Department has approved around 10 billion PKR master plan for Lahore Walled City. The approved master plan consists of rehabilitating historic bazars, restoring monuments, repairing and reconstructing 12 gates of old Lahore & and houses of prominent public individuals.

The LG secretary has authorized the master plan that will be executed with the collaboration of different municipal bodies. Moreover, the project will be completed with joint efforts of the LDA, the Tourism Department of Punjab, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the Housing Department of Punjab, the Parks and Horticulture Authority, and the Archelogy Department of Punjab.

The secretary of Local Government, Mr. Mubashar Hussain, said that the project would improvise the urban infrastructure of old Lahore and restore it to its original form while making it more attractive.

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