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Choosing a place to live and creating your peaceful living is difficult. Thousands of people move from villages, towns, and small cities to major cities every year. Many people move from one area of the city to another for a better future, a new job, or ease of approach to facilities.

When moving to a new place, there are many things to consider; it is pretty challenging to decide between living in cities or the suburbs, especially when you do not have a set of clear priorities. When choosing between the two, one should consider many factors, for instance, the employment market, climate condition, recreational spots, access to facilities and amenities in the area, and so on.

Mainly one thing that defines our property is ‘budget.’ However, income or budget should not be the only factor in a decision, but it should be one of the essential factors to consider along with other factors. Read our blog on things to consider before real estate investment in Pakistan.

Living in the suburbs and central city both have pros and cons, and it is not easy to decide on one when you do not have a complete idea of these benefits and drawbacks.

Pros and cons of living in Cities vs. Suburbs:

Realtorspk.com has listed a detailed list of pros and cons of living in cities vs. suburbs so the investors can make a well-informed decision for a better and more comfortable future.

Living in Cities:

Here is a detailed guide on the Pros and cons of living in cities. Let’s have a look:

Pros of Living in cities:

·        Amenities and facilities at your doorstep:

One of the significant benefits of living in a city is your accessibility to the amenities with ease and comfort. City life is pretty convenient, and it does not matter which area in the town you live in; there must be a store of groceries, medical stores, healthcare centers, restaurants, and cafes within walking distance. You can go to these places or order online quickly with less or free delivery charges.

The main areas of cities consist of the best educational institutes, shopping malls, parks, banks, recreational places, and much more. Read our blog on top shopping malls in Islamabad for more information. Many companies are located in city centers, so people can easily reach them, and many job seekers get jobs there.

·        Public Transportation:

Living near your workplace or educational institute is one of the blessings in metro cities. Usually, people spend lots of hours commuting to and from work or educational institutes. Travel becomes more hectic when you cannot access public transport easily.

Living in areas with public transportation nearby means you can quickly reduce the time to travel and go anywhere. Therefore, access to public transport nearby is one of the significant blessings of living in the city.

·        Recreational Activities:

Recreational activities are as important as work and education in life. One of the significant benefits of living in the city is easy to access to different recreational activities and places. That means you can hardly get bored.

You can find lots of fun activities of your interest to keep you entertained; exhibition centers, cinemas, music festivals, new restaurants, and libraries are all bound to be found in some areas of the city. So we can say that living in the city’s heart means you will hardly run out of things to do. You can enjoy the vibrant nightlife in many metro cities like Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, or Rawalpindi. Read our blog on Best cities to invest in real estate Pakistan.


Cons of Living in city:

Let’s have a look at cons of living in heart of city:

·        Higher cost of living:

Living near amenities means paying extra compared to living in small cities or suburbs. Due to increased demand for houses in the city and higher concentration of people, rents in the city’s center are higher than in other areas. Likewise, the property rates in the central town are double, and sometimes 3 x more elevated than the houses in the suburbs, so many people cannot afford to invest in them.

Moreover, the overall cost of living in the central city is higher than in the suburbs. Those living in urban areas pay more for facilities and utilities, and sometimes the daily expenses are more than double in urban areas.

·        Traffic noise everywhere:

Are you looking for a peaceful and calm place to live? Then living in the middle of the city is a straight no for you. Finding a peaceful and serene corner in the city can sometimes be challenging. The excitement of living fast pace lifestyle is one thing but bearing traffic noise and staying stuck in traffic jams is another. There are housing societies where you might not have to face the noise of traffic 24/7, but with increasing population and vehicles, these societies and buildings are complicated to be found.

·        Less Privacy:

Urban houses have their share of benefits, yet one of the significant drawbacks is less privacy. The places in the center of cities are relatively small and closer. Particularly many people live in apartments in metro cities like Karachi and Hyderabad. Apartments share walls with neighbors, so it is apparent people have less privacy than those living in suburbs and villages.

·        Densely Packed areas:

Houses and apartments in the city’s heart are densely packed, and you might need to pay more for extra space like a garden, patio, or lawns. If you are looking for a house with a yard or garden within the budget, you might not find a good deal in the city. Likewise, recreational places in cities are overcrowded as compared to suburbs.

Living in suburbs vs city

Living in Suburbs:

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of living in the suburbs:

Pros of living in suburbs:

·        Big and spacious houses:

Many people in Pakistan are migrated from villages where they used to live in big and spacious houses. Likewise, it is difficult for big families to adjust to small homes and apartments in cities. City Suburbs, therefore, provide the best solution for all.

You can find all the needed features in suburb houses like a garden, lawn, big rooms, etc. All of these features are available in big houses in the city but at a hefty cost. Therefore, you can easily find the house of your choice within your budget in the city suburbs.

·        Calm and peaceful environment:

City life is loud and noisy, and suburbs offer a peaceful and calm atmosphere on the contrary. Residential areas are a bit far from the commercial areas, so there is less traffic noise and traffic jams. Moreover, children can easily play in the streets and enjoy themselves in their free time. Green spaces, playgrounds, and community parks in the suburbs benefit mental and physical health.

·        Lower cost of living:

Living in a city’s suburb means people can save a lot on the cost of living. For instance, rent is lower than houses in cities. Daily expenses are much lower than someone living in the city’s heart has to pay. There are many housing societies in major cities that offer lucrative investment opportunities in real estate. For instance; read our blog Top 5 real estate projects in Peshawar for more information.

Cons of Living in City’s suburbs:

There are a few disadvantages of living in the suburbs for instance;

·        Commuting is longer:

Since educational institutes, major healthcare centers, big companies, and businesses are located in the central city, people living in the suburbs must travel longer than those in the city. Likewise, sometimes people must take multiple public means of transport to reach their destination. Longer commuting times mean spending many hours extra to and from your work and educational institutes and paying more on fares.

·        Fewer Recreational places:

As there is less population in suburbs and fewer developments, there are fewer restaurants and recreational places. You might need to commute for an hour or more to go to your favorite destinations like cinemas or favorite restaurants. Luckily there are many housing societies and areas in metro cities with top housing societies to invest in where you can find numerous recreational points nearby.

·        The competitive market for a job:

Owning a small number of commercial projects in the suburbs, there is always a shortage of competitive markets for jobs in the suburbs. So you must work harder to get a suitable position in your area and get rid of longer transportation.

Let’s wrap:

So here we are with the pros and cons of living in cities vs. suburbs, and it is time to decide. Both city and suburb living has their share of pros and cons based on your priorities, budget, and needs; you can choose any of them.

Lastly, it is your decision to do your research based on these factors and choose what seems best for you. Pro-tip; you can always balance pros and cons with your goals and plans to enjoy the life of your dreams. Good Luck!



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