Government Declares Murree a No-Smoking Area

Government Declares Murree a No-Smoking Area

Rawalpindi: Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner (DC) Muhammad Ali has given orders to make Murree, a popular tourist destination, a smoke-free zone.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) made the remarks while chairing a meeting of the District Cigarette Control Implementation Committee, during which he demanded that immediate action be taken to guarantee that Murree is free of tobacco smoke.

Because Murree is a prominent hill station with visitors and tourists from all over Pakistan and the world, a “Smoke-Free Murree” must set an example that would ultimately reflect a “Smoke-Free Pakistan,” according to the DC.

He stressed upon the harmful affects of smoking, such as 18 different types of cancers.

All government offices, healthcare facilities, hotels, restaurants,

cafeterias, dhabas, courts, conference rooms, public transportation vehicles, stadiums, and recreational facilities will follow suit. Anyone who disobeys the orders will face legal consequences.

Lets Make Murree Smoke-Free!

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