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7 Best Online Qurbani Websites in Pakistan with their Rates in 2024

online qurbani in Pakistan

The auspicious event of “Bari Eid” is just around the corner, and the expected 2023 Eid-ul-Adha date will be 28th June. It means the season of tasty meaty aromas, grilling, and chilling is almost here in Pakistan. The hot weather and fear of different viruses have made online qurbani a trend over the last few years. Qurbani rates are quite high in this year.

Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated to commemorate the story of the Muslim Prophet Ibrahim’s test of faith when God commanded him to sacrifice his son, Ismail. It is a time when Muslims show their gratitude towards Allah by sacrificing animals. The festival is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm throughout the world. Also visit our blog on best Business Ideas in Pakistan.

Why choose online qurbani websites?

In the last few years, the celebration of the auspicious festival has transformed dynamically due to pandemics. Although people have already settled setting up cow and bakra mandis in different cities, buying “qurbani ka janwar” online has set a distinct trend in metro cities of Pakistan.

Thanks to technology and innovation, the pandemic can no more restrict the celebrations as online qurbani booking in Pakistan is not a challenging task. Unlike the traditional process of searching for an animal in scrooching heat, online Qurbani is very convenient, easy, and manageable.

Due to busy routines, many people find it challenging to go to the traditional bakra mandis, which are often located on the outskirts of the city. The mandis in metro cities are quite far away from the residential area, and it is pretty hectic to visit them and bring the sacrificial animal home.

This is where online Qurbani in Pakistan comes in handy, some of which even provide home delivery services. Many humanitarian organizations and meat brands offer online Qurbani in Pakistan.

For instance, metro online is one of the famous brands which offers services in online qurbani Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. You can buy sheep, goats, and cows from any of these online services, and they will deliver them to your doorstep.

The qurbani services are also available for overseas Pakistanis, who can pay online through bank account details. It is convenient for those who want to donate online to the organization to sacrifice animals and charity.

The Basics of Sacrificial Animal Trading has gathered a list of online Qurbani websites where you can book the animal of your choice for Eid-ul-Adha 2023, with details of their latest rates, services, and donations made through them. Apart from online qurbani websites you can also visit online shopping websites in Pakistan.

Top Online Qurbani Websites in Pakistan for Eid-ul-Adha 2023:

Many brands offer services in online qurbani Pakistan. Here you will find the top online qurbani services in Pakistan and Qurbani rates 2023.

Name Cow share Whole Cow Whole Goat Contact Website
1. Metro Online 21,000 140,000 40,000 111-786-622
2. Meat One 27,000 182,000 43,000 11-11-6328-1
3. Qurbani Express 23,499 157,499 39,499 +92 333 2392448
4. Al Khidmat foundation 14,000 98,000 28,000 111-786-622
5. Saylani Welfare trust Qurbani service 13,000 91,000 20,000 (021) 111-729-526
6.FreshOne 26,500 185,500 41,500 0340-2231111
7. Chippa Welfare Association 10,000 —- 15,000 021-111921020

1. Metro Online:

metro qurbani-online qurbani websites in pakistan by realtorspk

Metro Cash and Carry is a well-known brand of cash & carry in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. After the pandemic hits the country, metro cash & carry, started its online Qurbani services in Pakistan. The primary aim of offering the service is to ensure the safety and security of prestigious customers and limit human interaction.


  • The services are popular and have become one of the top online qurbani service providers. The whole process is conducted by the experienced and trained staff of the metro online.
  • The animal for sacrifice is entirely according to the Shariah Law compliance. The meat preparation, i.e., cutting, cleaning, and hygiene is done according to the standards of MTERO in keeping with Islamic and government regulations.
  • The meat is equally divided into the cow portion, while goat meat includes liver, kidney, hoof & heart. Payments can be made online through Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, Credit Card, or direct bank transfer to METRO.
  • Delivery is made according to the first-come, first-serve basis slots, whereas only limited slots are available. The services are offered only in Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, and Karachi.
  • The orders for Qurbani are closed three to four days before Eid. Therefore, make sure to book your orders on time.

Prices (Qurbani Rates in 2023):

  • Price of Cow Share: 21,000
  • Price of Whole Cow: 140,000
  • Price of Goat: 40,000

The prices mentioned above are for Islamabad only. The final cost of share or whole animal is calculated at the time of check out according to the day, city, and area of delivery. For more details, visit the metro online website.

2. Meat One:

meatone-qurbani websites in pakistan

Meat One is a famous top-notch meat shop located in various metro cities of Pakistan. The renowned brand offers online Qurbani services in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.


  • Meat One has a precise supply chain of fresh meat. It guarantees that only healthy animals are handpicked by experts from the plains of Sindh and Punjab.
  • The process of sacrifice is completed according to the compliance with Shariah.
  • Meat One ensures that the meat preparation, from cutting to division, is done by experts, and only hygienic and healthy meat is supplied.
  • On visiting Meat One’s website, the visitor will face two options to choose from, i.e., either book online Qurbani service or you can visit their store to book the order. With high-standard services and no compromise on quality, Meat one has become one of the best services providers as online qurbani 2023.

Prices (Qurbani Rates in 2023):

  • Price of Cow Share: 27,000
  • Price of the goat: 43,000

The prices mentioned above are for Islamabad only. The final cost of share or whole animal is calculated at the time of check out according to the day, city, and area of delivery. For more details, visit the website of meat one.

3. Qurbani Express:

Qurbani Express has been one of Pakistan’s top online Qurbani service providers since 2013. The service has been working profitably from its start by offering customer satisfaction, halal methods, and following hygienic methods.


  • Qurbani Express is a platform where you can buy sacrificial animals of all types, i.e., sheep, goat, cow, and camel.
  • It delivers the animal/meat to your doorstep.
  • Qurbani Express offers healthy and best animals raised on their farms at affordable rates for all.
  • The services of booking qurbani animals online are available in Lahore and Karachi only.
  • Once the animal is selected for sacrifice, it undergoes different stages of inspection.
  • The sacrificial services are performed in accordance with Shariah.

Prices (Qurbani Rates in 2023):

  • Price of Cow share: starts from 23,499 (free delivery at door step)
  • Price of the whole cow: starts from 157,499 (free delivery at door step)
  • Price of the goat: 39,499 (free delivery at door step)

The prices mentioned above are for Karachi only. The final cost of a share or whole animal is calculated according to the day, city, and area of delivery. For more details, visit the website of Qurbani express.

4. Al Khidmat foundation:

qurbani website-realtorspk

Al-Khidmat Foundation is a reputable charitable organization in Pakistan. The organization offers help to the needy and deserving people in Pakistan and many countries worldwide. The organization runs schools, hospitals, ambulance services, etc., throughout the country.

Al-Khidmat Foundation also offers online Qurbani services for Eid-ul-Adha every year.


  • It offers affordable share prices for those who cannot afford the expensive sacrifice of animals throughout the country.
  • Pakistanis living abroad can also book online. The trustworthy distribution system and sacrifices made under Shariah have made AL Khidmat Foundation one of the top choices for services of online Qurbani.
  • It is an excellent option for people abroad who want to sacrifice animals on Eid for charity purposes.
  • Overseas Pakistanis and local people can contact the organization through their website and Facebook pages.
  • The services of the Al Khidmat foundation are not limited to any specific metro cities. The organization is spread all over the country so that you can avail yourself of affordable Qurbani services in numerous primary and small towns.

Prices (Qurbani Rates in 2023):

  • Price of Cow share: 14,000
  • Price of Goat: 28, 000

The prices mentioned above are for Islamabad only. The final cost of a share or whole animal is calculated on various factors. For more details, visit the website of the al-Khidmat foundation.

5. Saylani Welfare Trust Qurbani service:

sylani-realtorspk-online qurbani

Saylani Welfare Trust is one of the largest charitable organizations in Pakistan that are working for the welfare of local people. It has done remarkable work in the country’s education, health, and humanitarian sectors.

The famous welfare trust is also known for distributing meat of sacrificial animals in charity. It has one of the largest online Qurbani services accessible by overseas and local Pakistanis.


  • The welfare organization offers affordable sacrificial animals in small and big cities of Pakistan.
  • To donate online, you can transfer the amount to the bank accounts mentioned on their website and Facebook page.
  • The sacrifice is made in accordance with Shariah.
  • As a charitable trust, you can donate the whole meat to the needy or take your share at home and distribute it as your preference. However, if you choose the option “for charity” on the website, the meat will be distributed by Saylani Welfare trust among the deserving people.

Prices (Qurbani Rates in 2023):

  • Price of Cow: PKR 91,000
  • Price of Cow (for Charity): PKR 77,000
  • Price of Goat: PKR 20,000
  • Price of Cow Share: PKR 13,000
  • Price of Cow Share (for Charity): PKR 9,000

6. FreshOne:

Freshone-online qurbani websites in pakistan-realtorspk

FreshOne is one of the famous companies that provide online halal and hygienic meat right at your doorstep. The service is available regularly in Karachi. Besides it, the company offers Qurbani packages in Eid-ul-Adha for cows and goats.

Prices of Animals:

The Company aims to facilitate customers and ensure fresh meat delivery to the doorstep. Following are the starting price;

  • One Share in cows for Eid-ul-Adha 2023 starts from around 26,500 rupees.
  • The price of a whole cow starts from 185,500 rupees.
  • The price of a goat starts from 41,500 rupees.

Terms and conditions:

The whole booking process is online. However, you can also call on their UAN for queries and booking confirmation. The meat is delivered to the doorstep, and payment can be made online or avail COD at your ease.

7. Chippa Welfare Association:

chippa online qurbani-realtorspk

Chippa Welfare Association, popularly known as Chippa, is one of the eminent non-profit welfare organizations. The organization was founded in 2007 by Mr. Ramzan Chippa, and since then, it has served the needy all over Pakistan. The welfare organization is providing online Qurbani services. The person can book the share by calling on given number and pay through the online banking system.

The meat is distributed to poor and needy people in different cities of Pakistan.

The starting Price of

  • One share of cow starts from 10 thousand and goes up to 25 thousand rupees
  • The price of goat starts from 15 thousand rupees

Let’s Wrap:

So that’s all for now! Lastly, remember that whether you live in Pakistan or abroad, only choose the online Qurbani services 2023, which ensure sacrifice in compliance with Shariah. These were a few of Pakistan’s top online Qurbani services in accordance with Shariah.

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