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Top 10 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan 2023

Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan

Did anyone say shopping?
Yes, we did! Shopping is like dopamine to every person on the face of the earth. Whether old or young, rich or poor, this term has everyone rolling. The term shopping was invented centuries ago, but it keeps on evolving with every passing day. Especially due to the onset of Covid-19, the trend of online shopping has deeply increased. It is no surprise that everyday we see new online shopping websites in Pakistan and social media platforms coming up to promote online shopping and become a part of the larger sector of online shopping platforms. If you are not fond of shopping online then checkout some famous shopping malls in Islamabad where you can do some shopping. In this blog we will discuss about best ecommerce websites in Pakistan .

Now you can buy everything within the reach of your fingers, your parcel is just a click away. Pakistan has become one of the fastest growing economies, with the onset of international brands and retailers now working here. Pakistan has the second-largest growing online markets in South Asia. Many businesses have turned to online shopping platforms in order to save costs and also stay within the range of Covid-19 SOP’s.

We have come up with some of the best Online shopping platform lists in Pakistan in 2023 for you.

List of 10 Best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan:

  2. Ali Express
  3. CyberMart.PK
  7. ShopHive
  10. Best Buy Mall
  11. Symbios
  12. Imtiaz Online Shopping App


daraz pk

The most top-trending and popular website with a hassle-free experience in Pakistan is undoubtedly Daraz. It is originally a Pakistani website with different vendors. Daraz is not only present in Pakistan, but has its branches present in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Established in 2012, it comes with a range of products from healthcare, clothing, makeup, household appliances to furniture. The website lists thousands of products within every category. It is also one of the best online clothing shopping websites with multiple brands in Pakistan in 2023. Many top clothing brands in pakistan have gained popularity within the country and internationally. Surprisingly, each category contains multiple different vendors that sell the same kind of products but with different price ranges. The most convenient and virtual shopping experience enhanced by Daraz is through the option of checking other people’s reviews with attached pictures and 360° videos of the products that they have received. Not only local brands, but international brands can be easily found on Daraz with reasonable prices. Developing a shopping website is really a profitable business if you are interested in other profitable property investment in Pakistan then do some research first and then plan to invest.

Recently, Daraz was acquired by Ali Baba group, making it an even larger company with multiple international stores.  According to Ehsan Saya, Managing Director at Daraz Pakistan, it is estimated that Daraz will have around 25 million users by 2023. Daraz is one of the best ecommerce websites in Pakistan among the list of top shopping websites in Pakistan.

How many times have you been deceived by a seller? How many times has a faulty or incorrect product arrived at your doorstep? Multiple times, we believe. Daraz has won the trust of many by bringing forth a policy of free exchange and return in case any such error occurs at their end. Many small scale vendors and business owners, especially women are earning a great deal by selling their products on Daraz.

Daraz has also integrated artificial intelligence into the application to give it a more personalized and user-based experience.

This online shopping site of Pakistan also offers several payment options, including cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, bank transfer, EasyPaisa, JazzCash and more. Excitingly, Daraz has sales and discounts all year round with amazing offers like “Daraz 11:11 Sale”.

Just make sure to check the rating and reviews of the seller before ordering. Apart from online shopping if you are interested in real estate then checkout some of the best areas for Real Estate Investment in Islamabad and then plan to invest.

2. Ali Express

ali express

Name it and everyone has it. Ali Express, founded in 2010, is one of those names that everyone has heard , and it is second in the list of best ecommerce websites in Pakistan. Wherever you go around the world, almost every person knows about Ali Express, this is the sole reason why Ali express has  a whopping 60 million active buyers on their website. Yes, we are talking about their buyers, then just imagine how much their users would be. Ali Express has sellers and buyers from every corner of the earth, with electronics, appliances, clothes, bags, shoes ,healthcare, automobiles and so much more. From small-scale to large-scale businesses and overseas manufacturers, every seller is available on Ali Express. With more than 100 million products, Ali Express comes up with very cheap products as compared to the market rate. Ali Express’s website currently operates in English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian and Turkish languages. As mentioned earlier , apart from shopping website if you are interested in real estate then checkout Best Housing Societies in Islamabad and then plan to invest in real estate.

This international online shopping website is the only website that offers a discount to new users. It also has some sales all year round for their buyers. Your search can be made easy with the help of multiple filters, from price range to color, to quality of products. Also read our blog on Investment opportunities in Pakistan.

3. CyberMart.PK


CyberMart.PK is a leading marketplace creating an e-commerce corridor to connect millions of buyers and sellers under one roof around the world. 

They are providing the convenience of one-stop online shopping for their customers. They favorably prioritize their customers and always fulfill their requirements and needs regarding online shopping. 

Their goal is to make a healthy relationship with the customers with a sense of trust, support, and good quality. 

The products they offer are high-quality, original, made of good material, and affordable in price. CyberMart has millions of first-class products, from groceries to clothing and many other accessories. 

Moreover, their main categories include electronic gadgets, home decor, skincare products, and clothing. you can also checkout the top interior designing companies in pakistan to decorate your dream home.

They are becoming popular due to their high-quality products, budget-friendly prices, excellent delivery service, and satisfactory customer support system. 

Furthermore, CyberMart has every essential item you want to buy, like clothing, footwear, jewelry, handbags, kidswear, toys, kitchen accessories, mobile phones, electronics, phone accessories, and many more. 

The best thing about them is that they offer excellent products in an economical price range. 

They are supporting e-commerce globally by connecting customers with business partners. Specifically, they offer the fastest delivery services, and you will get your order within a few business days. 

They believe in making strong relations with their customers by providing them with excellent products and support services. 

The positive reviews by its customers about its superb products and services is moving it to the top of the list of the best online shopping sites in Pakistan. 



IShopping is one of the most widely known top-selling online shopping places in Pakistan and it is third in the list of best ecommerce websites in Pakistan. It also contains a large number of products, especially a wide range of electronic and computing products like laptops, keyboards, video games, smartphones and other equipment. It contains detailed information regarding the products with a product manual as well. comes under the list of the best online shopping websites in 2023, as it contains one of the  most premium quality products with a friendly return policy. Not only does it sell technological products like wearable gadgets but also has a wide range of beauty products. Buy metal detectors and safety products from There are many real estate companies in Peshawar which are switching towards online selling and making their own websites.

Every person these days uses a cellphone, and hence, buying any cell phone  through will bring you a 1-year warranty.



Yay or Nay? Definitely yay for Yayvo. It is a Pakistani website that has a couple of electronic and beauty products  and it is in fourth in the list of best ecommerce websites in Pakistan. There are also additional products within a reasonable price range, affordable for the larger population of Pakistan. Yayvo contains more than 5000 products on their website with in-depth and detailed product descriptions. The days of carrying cash are long gone, hence Yayvo offers an option of Online payment through credit-card payment. No doubt online websites is a profitable business but if someone wants to make his shop instead of online website then first checkout some commercial areas to Invest in Peshawar and then proceed further.

Hungry? Easily order food products online  through Yayvo at a discounted rate. From jams to sauces, with all the savory products available.

You can easily get the lowest mobile prices on Yayvo. Their offices are located in Rawalpindi and Karachi. You can contact them on the numbers mentioned on their websites. As mentioned earlier if you are interested in real estate then checkout top areas for buying houses in Lahore and then invest there.


online shopping websites in Pakistan

Every person when it comes to spending  money, looks for a reliable option and trusted seller and it is fifth in the list of best ecommerce websites in Pakistan. is one of the most trusted online shopping websites in Pakistan. The best part is that it offers a 1-year repair warranty for their customers. guarantees that a better price can not be offered by its competitors.

The website shows high-quality pictures with all angles. The most unique feature of is that it contains a ‘Price Beating’ option, where you can easily email Home with just a few clicks , claiming another vendor who is selling the product at a cheaper price. This is the most competitive feature that this online shopping website brings forth. So these websites are simply considered as the best ecommerce websites in Pakistan where people love to buy.

At the bottom bar of the website you can see other related products to the current product you are viewing. 24/7 customer service on call is available. In this way, you can easily choose between the kind of content and the kind of products you need. Not every one is interested in online shopping , if some one is planning to make a shop in any shopping mall then checkout some benefits of investing in shopping malls and then proceed further.

Do you also hate long quest and months for the delivery of products? Then no worries, as delivers your products within 24-48 hours. What else do you need?

7. ShopHive

Shophive (Pvt) Ltd, Lahore - Paktive

ShopHive is among one the best online shopping sites in Pakistan. Since the ecommerce website has been functional in Pakistan since 2006, it is also known as one of the pioneer e-commerce sites in Pakistan.
ShopHive is a pretty diverse ecommerce website in Pakistan as it racks many items ranges from home appliances to cellular devices, products, health and beauty items, etc. The store brings products from well-known brands to the doorsteps in Pakistan, such as branded phones, watches, laptops, etc.

8. – A Naheed Super Market eCommerce Venture – diKHAWA Fashion - 2022 Online Shopping in Pakistan is one of the successful growing best online shopping websites in Pakistan. The store is famous as one of the top online shopping websites in Pakistan, which delivers high-quality products to its customers.

The online superstore makes the delivery service available, and the buyer finds a wide variety of imported and international products on the site. Its variety and quick delivery services stand in the best online shopping websites list in Pakistan.


Bike Accessories |

There are numerous online shopping sites in Pakistan, but stands out for its exclusive discount offers on excellent quality products. offers versatile product categories, which include items like Mobile & Accessories, Men’s & Women’s Fashion, Home & kitchen, automobile items, etc.

Apart from exclusive discount features, many things make 24Hours one of the top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan, i.e., the ability to place an order at any hour as the store is open round the clock.

10. Best Buy Mall

Best Buy Mall: Online Shopping in Pakistan | Online Shopping Mall in Pakistan

Best Buy Mall is a rapidly growing online store and making its place on the top online shopping websites list in Pakistan. It strives to provide its customers with the best hassle-free shopping experience. The features which make it stand in best online shopping websites list include the availability of a variety of items and empowering sellers of products to connect with millions of potential buyers from all over the country.

Moreover, it is among the online shopping websites list in Pakistan, with an online shopping app available on Google stores and Apple stores.

11. Symbios


Symbios is one of the leading online stores in Pakistan when we are searching for smart tech gadgets, electronics or fitness gear. The store has provided the best services since its beginning, i.e., 2006. Since its creation, the store has been providing top-notch online shopping services to its customers in Pakistan.

Symbios is a huge online store where you can find a variety of electric and tech gadgets, including the latest laptops, computers, LEDs, fitness gear, smart watches, etc., at competitive market rates. You can find all your favorite gadgets and high-tech items in one online store that fits your need perfectly. Also explore some of the top clothing brands in Pakistan that have contributed to the growth and success of the country’s fashion industry.

The online brand has gained trust and credibility in the last decades and gradually expanded the store to various appliances and items used in households, kitchens, outdoor activities, offices and commercial places. There is an exclusive section for items including cameras, entertainment products used in the home and a f ew interesting and useful tech gadgets.

Apart from all the above items, there is an exclusive tab for e-Quran that makes it a trusted online shopping store. The digital Quran makes life easier for the elderly who are keen to listen to beautiful verses of the Holy book or find it difficult to read clearly due to weak eyesight. The Holy Book can be given to a loved one and spread blessings.

12. Imtiaz Online Shopping App:

imtiaz shopping store

Imtiaz Stores is a renowned shopping Centre in Pakistan that started its journey in 1955 as a small corner store, and now it has become one of the largest retail stores with branches all over Pakistan. You can find thousands of items under one roof. With changing times, the store has kept them updated, and now people can shop simply by installing their app. In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, establishing an online shopping store emerges as a phenomenal business idea in Pakistan with vast potential for success.

With a legacy of quality and trust, the application has become one of the top online shopping apps in Pakistan. The app offers unlimited home care items, household equipment, kitchen accessories, and groceries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Which online store is best in Pakistan?

There are many great online stores in Pakistan. Few of the best online shopping stores and apps are Daraz, and

2. What is the largest online shopping website in Pakistan?

Daraz is the largest store for online shopping in Pakistan

Concluding Note

These were some of the top 10 best selling online shopping websites in 2023 in Pakistan. You can easily go to their online stores and order anything you like. Your new product is just a click away. Also checkout our blog on famous dams in Pakistan.

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