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Pakistan Stock Exchange proclaims the highest profit in 10 years

The companies provided compensation of about Rs.500 billion for 2021 as approximated to Rs. 271 billion for 2020.

Pakistan’s stock market is executing very well as aggregate gains after tax of businesses dropping in KSE 100 Index for quarter three of the last year 2021, stand at Rs. 258 billion, most increased in last 10 years.

According to the authorized expression of the SECP – Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan created available to, the profit for the first 9 months of the calendar year (CY) 21 is also the most increased in the last 10 years – a 59% year on year (YoY) increase from the corresponding period of the year 2020. The financial year – FY 2021 glimpsed the highest YoY profitability increase in the last 10 years at 62% – the next highest formation being 23% in FY14. The intermediate quarterly profit for CY18 to CY20 stands at Rs. 163 billion. The first three-quarters of CY21 profit stands at Rs. 252 billion (55% increase).

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