Pakistan to Achieve 6% GDP Growth this Fiscal Year: Finance Ministry

Pakistan to Achieve 6% GDP Growth this Fiscal Year

The Government of Pakistan hopes to reach 6% gross domestic product – GDP growth this fiscal year owing to raised expansion in industrial and agricultural sectors, the finance ministry.

Pakistan’s finance ministry set a 4.8% GDP growth rate as its mark for the fiscal year 2021-22 in the annual budget last year. The International Monetary Fund – IMF stated earlier this month Pakistan’s economy is set to maintain on recovering in this fiscal year, with entire GDP growth projected at 4%.

‘Looking at all the recent economic indicators including industrial and agricultural growth, we are sure to achieve a six percent GDP growth rate this fiscal year, said Muzzammil Aslam, a representative for the Ministry of Finance.

Moreover, he said the electricity era and consumption had reported an increase of 9% which reflected expanded industrialization, manufacturing, and employment in the country.

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