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Plot Size Conversions in Pakistan 2024

Plot Size Conversions in Pakistan

Whether investing or looking for land, we come across many  times that we need to measure the size of a piece of land, for example square feet to marla. However, we are no engineers or architects and find it hard to calculate the plot size. Such huge numbers and calculations make one feel numb and confused. But no need to worry, as we are here to clear your confusion by proper guiding you on plot size conversions and provide you with the best possible solution.

Someone who has  come across many cities and towns knows how difficult it is to measure or convert land, e.g, square feet to marla, where measuring the sizes of any plot can be different. Finding the perfectly leveled land in an ideal location, arranging the labour and looking for the right material is an extremely tedious and tricky task. You can calculate 5 marla into square yards after reading this blog.

There are many land measurement calculator in Pakistan but costs vary from time to time but the average plot size conversion stays the same. When constructing your own home or if you are building your house in a 5, 7  or 10 marla plot or even in a 1 kanal area, you can see a detailed estimated overview of the Construction Cost of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal House.

If you want to construct a house or even buy a piece of land, you need to keep in mind the proper conversions. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Also read our blog on construction companies in Pakistan.

Everything needs a measurement scale and a measurement unit, likewise plots do too. The units for a plots are as follow:

  1. Marla 
  2. Square Feet
  3. Square Yards
  4. Square Meters
  5. Square Inches
  6. Acres 

If you want to construct a basement or a two-story building or any office or shop of any kind, you need to keep the conversion rates very clearly in mind. It is better to be prepared beforehand, than to regret later. For example, you need to know 1 marla conversion in meters and square feet to marla conversion in Pakistan. This will save your time and construction cost as well.

These calculations will give you a fair idea of the conversion rates before buying a plot. Taxes also vary per square yard on different kinds of plots, hence you need to check out the property taxes in Pakistan beforehand.



Marla Square Feet Square Yards Square Meters Square Inches Acres
1 272.25 30.25 25.29 39204.1 0.00625001
2 544.50 60.50 50.58 78408.1 0.0125
3 816.75 90.75 75.87 117612 0.01875
4 1089 121 101.17 156816 0.025
5 1361.25 151.25 126.465 196020 0.0312501
6 1633.5 181.5 151.76 235224 0.0375001
7 1905.75 211.75 177.05 274429 0.0437501
8 2178 242 202.34 313633 0.0500001
9 2450.25 272.25 227.64 352837 0.0562501
10 2722.51 302.501 252.93 392041 0.0625001
11 2994.76 332.751 278.222 431245 0.0687501
12 3267.01 363.001 303.515 470449 0.0750001
13 3539.26 393.251 328.808 509653 0.0812502
14 816.75 393.25 328.81 548857 0.0875002
15 3811.51 151.25 379.40 588061 0.0937502
16 4356.01 484.001 404.69 235224 0.1
17 4628.26 514.25 429.98 666469 0.10625
18 4900.51 544.50 455.27 705673 0.1125
19 5172.76 574.75 480.565 744877 0.11875
20 (1 kanal) 5445.01 605.001 505.86 784081 0.125

1. Marla:

Different kinds of units are used while measuring lands. This usually depends on the kind of region. For instance, in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh the standard units used for measuring the land are Marla, Yard, Square feet, Kanal, and Acre. Under the British Rule, the basic unit for measuring a Marla used to be the Karm, or a footstep of average length, i.e. 5.5 Feet, this system was devised for standardization of marla. This standardization measured 1 Marla= 272.25 Square Feet, however, various housing schemes  in Pakistan in 2022, currently consider three Marla measurements. Before dwelling into these different Marla measurements, it is essential to know what a Marla is and how to measure standard Marla. By this method you can calculate the measurement of 1 marla to square feet in Punjab Pakistan, 5 marla in square feet or into square yards or any other village or city. You can also convert square feet into 1 marla in Pakistan. but always remember you need to first get proper information of the best cities to Invest in Real Estate Pakistan and then proceed further.

If you wish to calculate 10 marla into square feet , you can multiply 10 with 272.25 square feet.  Do you know how much one marla is in meters?
1 marla = 25.29

Here is a method to measure marla without a standard tape. 

  • Area x Width
  • Walk three steps along the length of the land (1 footstep equals 5.5 feet and 3 steps equals 16.5 feet).
  • Again, take three steps across the plot’s width (1 footstep = 5.5 feet and 3 steps = 16.5 feet).
  • You have now walked a total of six footsteps, or six Karms.
  • Fill in the blanks with the values from the formula.
  • 1 marla area equals length x width
  • 1 Marla Area= 3 footstep x 3 footstep (1 footstep= 5.5 feet)
  • Hence,1 Marla Area= 3 (5.5) x 3(5.5) or 16.5 x 16.5
  • 1 Marla Area= 272.25 Square Feet

The above is the calculation of Marla, however, you can also measure a Marla in 2022 in Pakistan using a measuring tape or a measuring rod. Calculate 16.5 feet in length and 16.5 feet as a width of the land and then multiply both the values.

2. Square Feet:

1 Marla is equal to 272.25 square feet.

It’s a one-foot-by-one-foot area measurement unit that’s similar to a square.
Marla to square feet can also be calculated by multiplying the area value by 272 for an approximate result. These terms are very important if you are buying a land. These small conversions usually required when you buy small size plot in cities like Lahore or Islamabad. If you want to invest in Islamabad then first checkout best areas for real estate Investment in Islamabad and then plan to invest. A lot of land measurement calculator in Pakistan are available it’s vary time to time. You can convert marla into square feet or sq feet to marla now.

3. Square Yards:

1 Marla is equal to 30.25 square yard.

The square yard unit is to measure a piece of land measuring yards. It equals a square covering 1 yard on each side. 1 yard is equal to 0.8361 square meters. 

You can also find out how many square yards are present in one foot?
1 square foot = 0.111111, Marla to square yard can also be calculated by multiplying the area value by 30.25.

Plot size conversions is a very hectic task , so keep the proper information of this before buying a plot. Also visit 5 marla house design in Pakistan.

4. Square Meter:

1 Marla is equal to 25.293 square meters.

The area in  square meter is equivalent to a square of 1 meter from each side. It is primarily used to determine the size of rooms, structures, and land blocks. It will help you to calculate 5 marla into square yards.

Do you know how many square feet there are in 1 marla?
The symbol ‘m²’  is used to indicate a square meter. Marla to square meter can also be calculated by multiplying the area value by 25.293.

These plot conversions are very important when you are buying a small size plot in cities like Lahore , Karachi or Islamabad. If you are planning to buy a plot in Islamabad then checkout some best housing societies in Islamabad and then plan to invest.

5. Square Inches:

1 Marla is equal to 39204 square inches.

In the square inches measurement, 1 inch of measurement is used on each side. The one inch on each side is equal to 6.452 square meters. The values of square inches are much easier to measure even with the measuring tape. Marla in square inches can be calculated by multiplying the area value by 39204. 

In Pakistan real estate market is rapidly growing and trends are changing in this market. There are many Factors Affecting Real Estate Market in Pakistan so first get proper information before investing in any real estate in Pakistan.

6. Acres:

1 Marla is equal to 0.00625001 acres.

This measurement unit is widely used in the United Kingdom and the United States. The area of 1 acre equals 4840 square yards. Universally, 1 acre is equivalent to 0.405 hectares or 4,840 square yards (4,047 square meters).

Hence, 640 acres is equal to one square mile. For an approximate result, divide the area value by 160.

As mentioned earlier that real estate market trends are changing in Pakistan , If you want profitable property Investment in Pakistan then first get yourself properly educated and then plan to invest.

Calculators to Convert Plot Size:

Calculators are extremely important to measure a piece of land, whether it is 5 marla in square feet or 5 marla into square yards in Pakistan or 10 marla plot size, width or length. These will provide you with a more accurate result. 

Below are listed some of the most accurate and best plot size calculators for plot conversions:

  • Area Calculator
  • Land Area 

Land Measuring Units in Pakistan:

The standard measuring system for farmland or agricultural land has different units. Many people are confused about the measurements of such a huge piece of land, hence, we have come up with a list of measuring units for you to easily measure large pieces of land. 

  • 9 Karm = 1 Marla = 9 x (5.5×5.5) = 272.25 Sq. ft. = 30.25 Sq. yard (Gaz)
  • 20 Marla’s = 1 Kanal = (5,445 sq. ft.) = 605 sq. Yard (Gaz)
  • 4 Kanal’s = 1 Bigha = (21,780 sq. ft.) = 2420 sq. Yard (Gaz)
  • 2 Bighas/8 Kanal’s = 1 Acre = (43,560 sq. ft.) = 4840 sq. Yard (Gaz)
  • 9 Kanal’s = 1 Killa = (48,400 sq. ft.) = 5377.78 sq. Yard (Gaz)
  • 2.5 Acres = 1 Hectare = (107639 sq. ft.) = 11959.89 sq. Yard (Gaz)
  • 25 Acres = 1 Murabba = 10.11 Hectares

Real estate investment is a very profitable in Pakistan now a days .If you also want to invest in big cities of Pakistan like Peshawar then first get proper information of commercial areas to invest in Peshawar and then plan to invest.

Summing up:

In order to clear your confusion on plot size conversions we have made the entire process easy for you by bringing the plot size calculator in marla. Looking for and then buying or selling a piece of land can be very perplexing, hence these easy conversion methods are a good way to go. Check out the plot size calculators or do your own calculations through the calculation methods above. 

Now you can get the best way to convert 10 marla plot size in length and width and square feet to marla in huge figures easily. Read blog on Famous Dams in Pakistan and keep reading Realtorspk blog for more related blogs.

Note: All these conversions are estimated calculations and may vary from region to region. 

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