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PLRA Appointment Online Booking in 2024

plra appointment online booking in 2022

Punjab Land Records Authority, commonly known as PLRA, is an automated platform in Punjab where you can find the rightful owner of the real estate. With the help of the digitization of land records, people can easily search for relevant information about the property they intend to buy. The entire process of search and find takes only 30 minutes at the Aarzi Record Centers – ARC. will be discussing the main purpose of the organization, how to make PLRA Appointment in person, and PLRA online appointment. We will be discussing the various features and functions of the Land record authority of Lahore and the complete procedure of PLRA check online through the app.

So without further delay, let’s get started:

What and How About PLRA online appointment:

plra head office and appointment numberAs one of the mega real estate markets, Pakistan always offers lucrative opportunities to invest in property. With investment, there comes the risk of fraud and land scams. In 2007 Pakistan government signed an agreement with World Bank for a Land Record Management and Information Systems project in Punjab. The project’s main purpose was to ensure transparency and give complete access to land records. Moreover, the project aims to enhance the security of land rights holders.

The project was designed to offer services in 18 major districts of Punjab. However, it was expanded to all 36 districts of the province. World Bank, therefore extended its support, and PMU (Project Management Unit was established in the same year for the digitization of land records. There are many factors Affecting Real Estate Market in Pakistan and reliability of land is one of them

Once the record was gathered and the project marked completed, The Punjab Government created an authority named Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA). It was set up through PLRA Act-2017, under the Board of Revenue Authority. The authority soon achieved major milestones, and along with Arazi Record Centers (ARC), the “fard” issuance became easier.

Functions of PLRA:

Digitization of land is essential, especially for protecting agricultural land of poor farmers and landowners. Now the rightful owners can get the property information with a click of one button. PLRA book appointment is easy with PLRA online booking appointment.

The owner can go for PLRA login to book an appointment on the website and find details about property land ownership, online fard, and register property. Among many functions of PLRA, a few are:

  • Digital land record services for fast issuing Fard, documents attestation, and e-pass book.
  • 16 satellite Fard booths
  • Land Record is available 24/7
  • Around 151 Arazi Record centers in Punjab
  • Registration of property time duration reduced to 11 days from 56 days.

That’s a brief about PLRA’s role and function in the real estate of Punjab; let’s look at how to get a PLRA online appointment number or, in simple words, PLRA book appointment online in Punjab. The process is easy; a PLRA appointment can be booked in minutes, and you can get PLRA online Token. Due to easy verification process investment in top housing societies in Lahore has become easier.

PLRA Online Appointment:

PLRA online booking appointment is an online facility provided by the Punjab Land Record authority. Now people can save lots of time by PLRA book appointment. The service has been provided for the first time in Punjab and appraised by land owners. Get the PLRA online appointment number before visiting the appropriate Arazi office.

PLRA has also opened its Universal Access System for the convenience of visitors. The government has taken this initiative to improve the records of the land and offer many other services along property check online. You can verify the property and invest in top commercial areas in Rawalpindi and other cities of Punjab for promising revenue.

How Do I Get Appointment in Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) - EmployeesPortal

Before introducing the service, the only way to book a PLRA appointment was to visit the nearest Arazi office. It took time and was a very challenging task for farmers and people living in outlying areas of the province. You can book an online appointment and also switch to PLRA appointment cancellation in case you cannot go for appointments.

Schedule an Appointment via the website:

It is important to consider things before real estate investment in Pakistan and verification of property is one of them. If you want to schedule an appointment online via the website, here is how you can do it:

  • Open the Internet browser and type
  • A screen will pop up with the tabs
  • District
  • Arazi Record Centre
  • Date
  • Name of the person
  • NIC number
  • Mobile Number
  • Then choose what type of appointment you want. The option includes Fard or mutation.
  • Appointment for service
  • Available Time slot
  • Fill in the details and click on the green button stating “Book an appointment.”

You can directly visit the PLRA page for the online token ””

It is pertinent to note here that all appointments are free of cost.

Before making an investment in real estate always check the best cities to invest in Pakistan for promising revenue and reliable investment.

E-Fard for land:

Landowners need to get Fard for many purposes related to land records and registration. Therefore, they have to visit the PLRA office, but the crowd becomes an issue taking the appointment date. Here are a few ways land owners can get a PLRA online appointment number in the comfort of their homes.

Here is how you can get e fard online:

  • Open your internet browser and visit the website ””.
  • Choose from the language Urdu or English as per your convenience.
  • Now choose the type of Identity that includes CNIC, NICOP, POC, or passport, and enter the relevant number.
  • Wait as the system will search for the right holders and display selection.
  • Pay the required fee.
  • You will get the Fard online.

Online Fard is a great initiative of the Punjab government as it has given a great setback to patwari culture in the province. With these efforts real estate is becoming one of the profitable investment in Pakistan.

Token through Helpline:

If you want to book an appointment for land records, you can opt for an online token by calling the helpline. Landowners can contact on:

  • 042-39210778
  • 042-39211794

The helpline is active 24/7 except Sunday.

For help in checking property tax visit our blog property tax in Pakistan and get complete information.

PLRA app on Google Play:

Landowners can install the PLRA app on their mobile phones. The app is available on the Google play store. Install and book an online appointment easily as booking via the website. It is helpful in property check online.

plra app

Online Verification of the property:

PLRA is a great help in the online verification of property records. The contact numbers for an appointment are:

  • 0333-1222277
  • (042) 111-22-22-77

For complaints: call on UAN number: (042) 111-22-22-77

Check online land ownership on PLRA:

Here is how you can check online land ownership in Punjab:

  • Visit the PLRA website
  • Click on the property registry search tab on the home page.
  • Fill out the details on the empty fields of Digital Registration Deed Search. Fill out the details to check the land registry online in Punjab.
  • District Name
  • Service Center
  • Enter CNIC number, Bahi number, registration number, or name.

Once you have entered the details, you will get a complete record of the Mauza.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

1. How to check property ownership in Pakistan online?

You can check property ownership in Pakistan online by visiting the relevant websites of the province; for instance; visit for Punjab property verification & to check property ownership in Sindh

2. How to check property tax online in Punjab?

You can check the property tax online in Punjab by visiting the website “ “and using the tool of property tax calculator.

3. How to check property ownership in Islamabad online?

The investors can verify and check property ownership in Islamabad by visiting the DC Islamabad office in the capital.

4. How to check property ownership in Karachi online?

It is easy to check property ownership in Karachi Online. All you need to do is visit” and fill in the required information.

Let’s Wrap:

That’s all for now on the PLRA online Appointment, and it’s important for verification and registration of land. We hope that the information will help the landowners and investors to avoid any scams and land frauds. PLRA is functioning well in Punjab and making the land verification and registration process easier for all.

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