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PM Shahbaz Orders the Karot Hydropower Project to be Operational

PM Shahbaz orders the Karot Hydropower Project to be operational

Islamabad: Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif has ordered to make the 720MW Karot Hydropower project operational as soon as possible.

PM Shahbaz visited the Karot Hydropower project location to check the work progress. He proceeded on to state that the cost of the electricity will be relieved by PKR 3 per unit after the debt has been settled. He additionally stated that the Chinese engineers ensured him that the said project will be finished before the specified time.

Moreover, the PM thanked the chairman of Three Gorges Company for providing free-of-charge electricity to the national grid until the commercial process dates are completed. PM Shahbaz also requested to follow the Chinese model of development. He added that the government of Azad Kashmir and Punjab will get PKR 1.2 billion as water use charge and PKR 120 million will be paid every year for the next 30 years for the uplift of the Karot Hydropower project.

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