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Punjab Government has approved development funds for Seven Tehsils of the Rawalpindi District


The Government of Punjab has approved funds of PKR 1 Billion for the development work in 7 tehsils of Rawalpindi District. The funds are authorized to improve the infrastructure of the public sector.

The funds will be used to improve the city’s betterment, including roads, water, and healthcare infrastructure. The work is likely to be done in 100 days. After the approval of funds, the government will float tenders in 3rd week of November; the work will be started in December.

According to the details, the amount is approved in the following manner:

  • 250 million for Rawalpindi Tehsil
  • 330 Million for Gujjar Khan Tehsil
  • 100 million for Kallar Syedan and Kahuta Tehsil each
  • 120 Million for the Tehsil of Muree
  • 90 Million for the Tehsil of Taxila
  • 70 Million for Kotli Sattian Tehsil

The funds will be consumed to construct projects of water supply, sewage, drainage system and streets, roads, and schools surrounding walls.

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