Punjab Government Has initiated the E-Registration System for Real Estate Registration

Punjab Government has initiated the e-registration system for real estate registration-realtorspk

Lahore: Punjab Land Record Authority has initiated the property registry through the e-registration process. The steps were taken on the direction of South Punjab Additional Secretary (ACS) Captain (Rtd) Saqib Zafar. The ACS has asked the relevant administration secretaries to create a system of e-registration of properties to ensure transparency in land deals.

Mr. Saqib Zafar ordered the authorities to take steps to improve the governance & deliver the best possible services in the region. Using e-registry will help deal with complaints about corruption and fraud in real estate.

The e-registration system will be linked to NADRA, a land record management system, and an e-stamp system. The system will be developed with modern lines using the latest technology and software updates.

Initially, the scheme is started from Sahiwal and Lahore, and later on, it will be expanded to the remaining districts. The ACS stated that with the implementation of the system, landowners would not be able to dodge property tax and minimize the chances of losing property records.

The relevant staff and registrars will be trained in real estate registration through the e-registration portal.

With the help of an e-portal, citizens can get online challans, and the fees will have to be deposited in the Bank of Punjab. The scheme will also facilitate mentioning witness lists and statements that must be recorded before the sub-registrar & receiving a copy of the registry after authenticating biometric details.

Moreover, the e-registration scheme will be beneficial to protect land records and monitoring the staff effectively while reducing land scams/frauds in the property registration process. Also read PLRA appointment online booking.


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