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Rawalpindi likely to get its first regional development plans (RDPs)

regional development plans

The district of Rawalpindi is likely to get its first regional development plans (RDPs) for the structural plans for peri-urban tehsil headquarters and community.

The regional development plan will include the development & the start of projects in various tehsils of Taxila, Gujar Khan, Kahuta, and Kallar Syedan. The meeting was convened at RDA’s headquarters, presided over by Rawalpindi Division Commissioner Saqib Manan to plan accordingly.

The official was given full details for the execution of the plan. The consultant of the project plan briefed the meeting members about the ongoing work and stats on the peri-urban infrastructure.

In the meeting, it was decided that a coordination group of planning officers from local governments and RDA would be created to ensure the consistency of regional and urban development plans.

Moreover, the PMU (Program Management Unit) will be formed for the project execution in collaboration with the concerned Government Department & the consultant to prepare development zones of site and planning of the urban area in Rawalpindi Tehsil.

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