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8 Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas in Pakistan in 2023

real estate marketing ideas

If we look back, there was a lack of knowledge about the real estate industry. But from the last few years, there’s been a lot of development in this industry. People are coming to know about what is real estate? How does it operate, and how to do real estate marketing? The real estate business undergoes significant changes due to implementing disruptive real estate marketing strategies. It has gone through a lot of ups and downs because of continuous changes in real estate marketing ideas. Also read our blog on how to become a successful real estate agent

In this blog, we are going to talk about these unique real estate marketing ideas.
So, let’s start before any further delay!

List of Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas:

  1. Build Real Estate Website
  2. Start writing high-quality content for blogs
  3. Use Social Media Platforms for Marketing
  4. Use Email Marketing Campaigns
  5. Focus on Spreading Accurate Brand Awareness
  6. Google AdWords in Real Estate Advertisements
  7. Marketing Through Referrals
  8. Use Influencer Marketing to Your Advantage

1. Build Real Estate Website

Website is a platform that will show your clients what you are working for and what services you’re offering them. It’s the same as a shop where we went to buy things in exchange for money. Relatable?

Building a professional website\domain will be an alternative to a shop. People can visit it and get to know about your business, properties, projects, and organization details. To create a marketing plan for real estate projects, several real estate marketing companies are working here. It will give a boost to your business and is beneficial for brand awareness. Apart from marketing ideas If you want to invest in big cities like Islamabad or Lahore. Then you must first know the best areas for real Estate Investment in Islamabad and then proceed further.

2. Start writing high-quality content for blogs

Every business needs words, content, and statements to explain it. Every website must have a blog section to publish blogs and articles about relevant topics. Writing content is not an easy job. But there are a lot of content writers who work and write blogs, news, articles, post descriptions, and press releases. Writing unique, engaging, and quality content will engage your reader to stay on the website. It may be a chance that will convert your reader into a buyer. At the same time, if it will not become a buyer, it will change as a person who knows about your brand or company. So, it means writing a blog is also a way of building your brand awareness. High-Quality content is one of the best real estate marketing strategies examples. You can make content on topics related to real estate e.g. housing societies in Islamabad or Real Estate Companies in Peshawar etc.

3. Use Social Media Platforms for Marketing

Social media, do you remember this word? If you’re not, then maybe you are not much active in the media. Nowadays, social media is something that everyone has. The majority of us have our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If we talk about the top and most used real estate marketing strategy in Pakistan, then utilizing social media platforms for marketing will stand top of the list. People register their businesses on these platforms and start running marketing campaigns. It gives a lift to business and helps in generating leads and increasing revenue. Being on social media platforms is the same as being updated about the market trends. That’s why it is considered one of the top marketing ideas. You can run social media campaigns on topics like Factors Affecting Real Estate Market in Pakistan or any other real estate trending topic.

4. Use Email Marketing Campaigns

How many of you are aware of Email marketing? Tell us below in the comment section.

Email Marketing is a bit old yet one of the evergreen real estate marketing ideas. It helps to send details, discounts, newsletters, vouchers, and every new real estate projects details to your former, fresh and targeted customers. In research, it is declared that 85% of professional and authorized companies use email addresses and email marketing methods for their official use. The reason is it always keeps the records. Even where you invest or from where you receive any payment or offer. People believe that email marketing is the safest, easiest, and one of the top marketing ideas to build a professional relationship. You can run email campaigns on topics like top areas for buying houses in Lahore or Profitable Property Investment etc.

5. Focus on Spreading Accurate Brand Awareness

Last on our list is brand awareness. Many people know about it. But they don’t know that negative and positive brand awareness has different senses. Just knowing your brand name is not that enough. People also need to know what you are famous for, or what kind of services or products you sell or buy.  Let us clear this with an example:

Suppose you are running a real estate business with the name of ABC. You got a customer who asks you what your procedure for construction and development is? It will be a clear no to that customer because you are not an expert or running it as a construction company. This clear no will negatively impact that client, and he will go away with an impression that your company is spreading wrong information for getting likes, views, and shares.

So, spreading accurate brand awareness is essential to creating a steelyard for your company.

6. Google AdWords in Real Estate Advertisements:

The good news is that you won’t have to spend much if your adverts don’t generate a lot of hits for any reason. When someone clicks on one of your adverts, you get paid. Of course, the more clicks you receive, the better, but AdWords is special in that: Google wants your advertising to be successful, but it understands that some may fall short. As a result, the search giant ensures that you don’t spend money on adverts if things don’t go as planned.

Use Google Ads to attract visitors to your website or blog if you have one. Google advertisements will not only help you reach a larger audience, but they will also increase the number of phone calls and property visits you receive. It has top top marketing ideas. Many Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan are using google adwords for the promotion of their websites.

In other words, the more money you spend, the more visitors your website will receive. The more traffic you receive, the more likely you are to receive qualified real estate leads.

Site traffic, clicks, click-through rate, and conversions are all indicators to keep an eye on with your real estate AdWords advertisements. CPC and impressions are two more to keep an eye on overtime if you’re only interested in advertisements.

7. Marketing Through Referrals

Referral marketing is the practice of advertising items or services to new clients via word-of-mouth real estate recommendations. Such referrals either online through social media platforms in the form of endorsements or person are frequently made on the spur of the moment, but firms may influence this via the use of proper techniques.

One of the most often utilized marketing tactics in real estate is referral marketing. To gain more clients, you may use a variety of strategies and approaches. You can find may real estate marketing companies. 

For example, you could simply ask your customers to tell their friends about your product offerings or in case of real estate you can ask your customers to tell their friends commercial areas to invest in Peshawar where your projects are developing. It will display marketing plan for real estate projects. 

You may also create unique recommendation materials for your clients, such as booklets and cards and also there are many other ideas you can search on internet that will help you great in marketing through referrals.

8. Use Influencer Marketing to Your Advantage

Collaboration, content, and technology are all important aspects of real estate influencer marketing. If you already have strong content on your real estate website, you may team up with an influencer to create a social media campaign that will broaden your reach online. If you want to attract first-time millennial consumers, for example, you may work with a millennial influencer and encourage them to promote your blog entries. This is unique real estate marketing ideas. You can find 5 Best Real estate marketing ideas in Pakistan. 

You may also connect and interact with influencers in your sector using influencer marketing tools like Tapinfluence, Upfluence, or Mavrck.


These were the top 5 Real Estate marketing ideas that are used to give a boost, generate leads, and become visible to your targeted audience. Also read our blog on shopping malls in Islamabad .

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