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The Ultimate Guide to Rooftop Solar Panels: Benefits, Costs, and Installation

Rooftop Solar Panels Cost and Installation-Realtorspk

Pakistan is blessed with unique climatic conditions, mesmerizing views and incredible topographical features. Hence, the country is home to many wonders, like unexplored natural attractions and unexplored landscapes.

Apart from its beauty, Pakistan is also a land of renewable energy resources from water, wind and solar power. The land of a beautiful country receives sunlight from eight to nine hours every day, which is a perfect climatic condition to generate solar energy in substantial amounts. Hence solar panels have emerged as a trendy way to produce cheap electricity. Also read our blog things to consider before choosing Construction Material for Property.

Pakistan is a country with an ever-growing population, and it leads to increasing demand for energy. There is a considerable gap between electricity supply and demand. The country relies more on expensive non-renewable sources, which contribute to environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions.

With increasing knowledge about the environment and alternate sources of energy production, such as sunlight, the use of solar panels in construction has become a trend in the country. The economical price, abundance of sunlight, and need for renewable energy systems have made solar panels more famous.

Let’s learn more about solar energy production in Pakistan, its price, benefits and installation to make life easier with fewer energy bills while making Pakistan green and clean.

Guide to Rooftop Solar Panels:

Solar panels are easily installed on the rooftops or can be integrated into the building design and generate electricity for commercial and domestic use. The Pakistani government has also executed several initiatives to boost the use of solar panels; for instance, the government is providing incentives for installing solar panels and endorsing net metering.

With the growing electricity demand and ever-increasing prices of electricity bills, the use of panels is expected to keep growing in the country. is here with a comprehensive guide to rooftop solar panels. It includes benefits, costs and things to consider before installing trendy electricity panels. Let’s get started.

Benefits of Rooftop Solar panels:

There are numerous benefits of installing rooftop solar panels. Few are:

1. Renewable Energy Source:

The exclusive benefit of the solar panel is that it is a renewable source of energy that can be harnessed worldwide. Solar energy cannot run out like all other energy sources, including fossils, hydro and coils.

2. Low Maintenance Energy Source:

Solar energy is available in abundance, and the system does not need maintenance. Therefore, it is crucial to keep them clean than other things to ensure low maintenance.

Additionally, no wear and tear is involved in solar panels. However, the inverter needs to be charged after five to ten years as it consistently converts solar energy from heat to electricity.

Likewise, you should maintain the cables after some time so the panels keep running smoothly and effectively. Once you have installed the solar system, repair and maintenance are not pricey.

5. Eco-Friendly Energy Source:

Rooftop solar panels directly generate electricity from sunlight. Hence it reduces carbon footprints. Solar panels pose less risk of environmental pollution than the traditional energy sources prevalent these days. The panels run silently and do not emit harmful gases like generators. Also read Need For Sustainable Green Buildings in Pakistan.

Rooftop solar panels are practical energy production tools to fight against drastic climate change worldwide. Therefore, installing rooftop solar panels is perfect for lowering carbon footprints and is considered an eco-friendly energy-generating tool.

6. Low-Risk Investment:

The prices of electricity are increasing day by day. The tariffs are not the same for two months in a row. As a result, the energy bills often give a difficult time to survive. On the contrary, when it comes to the energy/electricity produced by solar panels, the price of generated power can be easily calculated and managed accordingly. You can calculate the electricity generation cost for the next ten years and have peace of mind. Hence, it is considered a low-risk investment.

7. Improves Availability of Energy:

It is a known fact that Pakistan is facing a severe shortage of electricity; many people in remote areas and villages continue to face an insufficient supply of energy/electricity. Even in metro cities, people have to bear hours’ long load shedding, particularly in summer. Therefore, many people rely on alternative resources such as generators. The electricity produced by generators is costly; needs high maintenance is often unreliable and pollutes the environment too.

In such cases, rooftop solar panels are a blessing to all. Solar energy is a cost-effective, reliable and green source of generating electricity. Moreover, you can easily manage the increasing demand for energy with rooftop solar panels.

Prices of Rooftop Panels in Pakistan:

Installing a solar system for domestic use often looks like an expensive choice. Still, it is quite the opposite in reality. Solar panels cost a little at the time of installment, but it is a long-term investment because you can get rid of hefty electricity bills and hours of load shedding.

With the increase in demand for solar systems, the rates in the country have seen a surge in the last few years, but you can still find quality solar panel systems on a budget.

To help out, here is a list of a few solar panels in Pakistan so you have an idea of how much it costs to install a rooftop solar panel in your house.

Model Watts Price
Canadian Mono PER Hiku7 660 PKR 56100
Canadian Mono PERC 590 PKR 50150
Astronergy Poly Solar Panel Project Grade 340 PKR 28900
Jinko Mono 535 PKR 45480
Bifacial Mono PERC Canadian 660 PKR 56100
AE Power Ray-36P 160 PKR 13600
Trina Poly 330 PKR 28050
City Solar 150 PKR 12750
Astronergy Half Cut Mono PERC 540 PKR 45900
Seraphim Poly 330 PKR 28050

Disclaimer: It is important to note here that prices of solar panels differ from city to city. Moreover, these prices are for April 2023 and are subject to change.

Things to Consider Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels:

Here are a few things one should consider before installing solar panels

1. Certification & Warranty:

While purchasing rooftop solar panels, ensure you only contact certified sellers. Most importantly, check if they have the license to install the systems. The same thing goes for a warranty. Typically, the companies offer 25 years of warranty for the solar panels and a 5-year warranty for the inverters.

2. Consider Roof Repairs:

Rooftop solar panels require loads of criteria that can occupy considerable space. Therefore, it is vital to consider a few essential roof repairs in your mind.

3. Roof Shape Matters:

The shape of the roof matters, as it will help you determine whether you have the required space. Roofs are of various shapes & sizes, and if your house has a slanting roof, you might not get the required output from your solar panel’s systems.

4. Direction of the Panels:

The panels cannot be placed anywhere in any direction. The specialists, in general, agree that the panels should be placed facing south to produce the optimum quantity of electricity.

Let’s Summarize:

Pakistan has a fast-growing population, and the need for power generation is increasing side by side. Rooftop solar panels are the cost-effective choice that meets our electricity needs conveniently. Hopefully, the blog has answered several important questions. You can make a better and more informed decision while investing in rooftop solar panels.

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