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Rotary International decided to build 20 smart villages across Sindh

Rotary International build smart villages across Sindh

Karachi: Rotary International – a United States-based humanitarian service organization – has decided to help construct “20 smart and sustainable villages” across Sindh to rehabilitate flood affectees.

President-elect Rotary International Gordon R Mclnally said that Pakistan had gone through the worst climate change impacts in recent flash floods that have not been seen anywhere in the world. Talking about the villages, he said that these villages would be a blueprint, and the world would see this modal booming in Pakistan.

Reportedly, these villages will offer accommodation to the flood victims and handle their financial activities. The villages will have children’s education schools and health facilities – dispensaries. Mr. Gordon noted that the community is constantly endeavoring to enhance the economic condition and lifestyle of the people with its welfare schemes.

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