RUDA Officially Disclosed plans to Build Affordable Houses Near River Ravi

RUDA official disclosed plans to build affordable houses near River Ravi

Lahore: CEO of Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA), Imran Amin, disclosed the construction plans of building 100,000 affordable houses by the River Ravi.
The Chief Executive officer (CEO) of RUDA held a meeting with Dr. James L. Wescoat and a team from Lahore University for Management Sciences (LUMS).
Dr. James Wescoat, a land architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is renowned for his multidisciplinary research on multilateral water treaties, climate risks in the Indus River Basin, water management, water-energy-food nexus, political economies of landscape change, and Mughal era architecture in the subcontinent.
Dr. Wescoat showed a keen interest in learning more about RUDA as the world’s largest waterscape initiative. He enquired about channel migration, the riparian ecosystem, algae bloom, floodplain management, future barrages, their operational curves, and water management.
Director of Hydrology Mohsin Atiq briefly presented hydrological, ecological, and environmental aspects of the planned city by the river. He comprehensively explained that all concerns were analyzed, evaluated, and researched thoroughly before finalizing the RUDA master plan.
The CEO shared the vision behind the plan. He said that the main objective of RUDA is to revive the spirit of Lahore by addressing environmental and ecological concerns. He also addressed RUDA’s goals for water treatment, garbage disposal, and forest plantation. He added that the RUDA will use its corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds to complete the project.
The CEO affirmed to take all obligatory measures to complete the project and protect Lahore against upcoming water and environmental vows. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtors blogs.

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