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Top 7 Famous Shopping Malls in Islamabad

Shopping malls in Islamabad

Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, is renowned for its beauty, lush greenery, and meticulously organized sectors. Established in 1960, it took over from Karachi as the country’s capital. The scenic Margalla Hills frame the city to the north, dotted with peaceful lakes and rivers. Islamabad is not just about its natural beauty; it’s also a hub for shopping fans, boasting some of the best shopping malls. Whether you’re planning a relaxing picnic or a hike along its famous trails, like Trail 3 and 5, the city caters to both locals and tourists alike.

Beyond the scenic views, Islamabad is a prime location for dining and shopping. It houses impeccable fine-dine restaurants and numerous malls, making it a paradise for those who love exploring different cuisines and shopping. For those who prefer online shopping, the city offers access to some of Pakistan’s best online shopping websites. Moreover, Islamabad stands out as one of the top commercial area for real estate investment. It presents numerous opportunities in real estate market, attracting investors looking to capitalize on its growth.

Whether it’s shopping at the list of best shopping malls in Islamabad or considering an investment in its successful real estate market, Islamabad offers urban sophistication and investment potential.

List of Best Shopping Malls in Islamabad:

Shopping Mall Contact Location Facebook
1. Safa Gold Mall (051) 2656766 College Rd, F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super, Islamabad Safa Gold Mall
2. The Centaurus Mall (051) 111154154 Jinnah Avenue, F-8/4, Islamabad The Centaurus Mall
3. Midway Centre 0314 5813672 midway centrum, 6th Rd, Rawalpindi Midway Centre
4. Giga Mall (051) 8491040 Grand Trunk Rd, Sector F DHA Phase II, Islamabad Giga Mall
5. Olympus Mall 0332 8573972 Plot 23, S 11, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad Olympus Mall
6. Al-Janat Mall (051) 8482296 G-9 Markaz, Islamabad Al-Janat Mall
7. Mall Of Islamabad 0314 4151673 Jinnah Ave, Block J F 7/1 Blue Area, Islamabad Mall Of Islamabad

1. Safa Gold Mall:

Safa Gold Mall - shopping malls in islamabad - realtorspk

Safa Gold Mall stands out as a prime destination for shopping enthusiasts looking for top clothing brands in Pakistan. Located in the heart of Islamabad’s F7 Markaz, within the renowned Jinnah market, it offers a diverse mix of local and international stores. This makes it not just a shopping center but a place where visitors can find everything from the latest fashion to traditional Pakistani attire.

What sets Safa Gold Mall apart from other luxury shopping malls in Islamabad is its affordability without compromising on variety or quality. Despite being more compact than some counterparts like Centaurus, it boasts an impressive selection of merchandise that rivals the larger malls. Additionally, its food court is a gastronomic delight, offering a wide range of dishes, from continental cuisines to authentic Pakistani street food. The beautiful views of the Margalla Hills from its windows add an exceptional backdrop to dining experiences.

Beyond shopping and dining, Safa Gold Mall enriches the customer experience with its excellent facilities, including a state-of-the-art gym, an indoor swimming pool, and a spa. This combination of shopping, dining, and leisure facilities in one location offers a complete lifestyle experience. For those considering investing in property, the vicinity of Safa Gold Mall is a promising area. Understanding the construction cost of houses in Pakistan, ranging from 3 Marla to 1 Kanal, is essential for potential homeowners aiming for a lucrative investment near shopping malls in Islamabad for clothes and more.

2. Centaurus Mall:

centaurus mall islamabad - shopping malls in islamabad - realtorspk

As you wander down Jinnah Avenue, you might catch sight of the imposing Centaurus Mall, marked by its three towering pillars and a distinctive wave-like design beneath them. This mall isn’t just a shopping destination in Islamabad; it’s a landmark, boasting an expansive five-story retail space, a towering 36-story hotel, residential apartments, and sleek business offices. It stands out as Islamabad’s premier shopping mall, offering a blend of convenience and luxury.

The Centaurus Mall is a hub for shopping enthusiasts, home to nearly 200 national and international brands. This makes it not only one of the biggest shopping malls in Islamabad but also a center where shoppers can find a vast array of clothing brands in Pakistan for men and women, alongside a diverse selection of fashion, footwear, accessories, toys, books, and furniture. This mall extends beyond shopping; it’s a prime spot for those looking to invest in nearby real estate, promising a profitable return on investment thanks to its strategic location and the benefits of investing in shopping malls.

Beyond shopping, the Centaurus Mall is equipped with a range of amenities designed to enhance the visitor experience. These include a comprehensive electronic directory, 24/7 security, an emergency response team, mobile charging stations, ATMs, wheelchair assistance, and much more. For added convenience, there are dedicated prayer areas for men and women, baby changing rooms, and facilities much more. This fusion of features solidifies its reputation as a top choice for a comprehensive and comfortable shopping experience.

3. Midway Centre:

midway-centrum - shopping malls in islamabad - realtorspk

The Midway Retail Center, nestled near Dhok Piracha in Rawalpindi, is a prime destination for those passionate about shopping. This area is known for its extensive shopping complexes and malls, which attract visitors with the appeal of high-quality products at competitive prices. This is the reason why this mall stands out in the list of shopping malls in Islamabad. Additionally, Midway Retail Center offers a wide array of amenities to ensure visitor comfort and convenience.

While exploring business ideas in Pakistan, the construction of such shopping malls emerges as a rewarding opportunity. The strategic development of shopping malls not only boosts local commerce but also significantly enhances the urbanization.

Furthermore, the economic landscape of these retail ventures is influenced by factors such as property taxes in Pakistan, which play a crucial role in the operational aspects of running these shopping centers. Prospective investors and business owners should get to know about the complexities of these financial obligations to ensure the sustainability and profitability of their ventures.

4. Giga Mall:

giga mall - shopping malls in Islamabad - realtorspkGiga Mall Islamabad stands as a premier shopping destination in the capital city, making it a standout in the list of best shopping malls in Islamabad. Located in DHA Islamabad’s World Trade Center, this five-story mall covers an impressive area of 180,000 square feet. It hosts over 200 stores, featuring a mix of local and international brands, catering to a diverse range of shopping preferences.

The mall’s unique design, attractive interiors, and strategic location contribute significantly to its popularity among locals. Additionally, Giga Mall is part of the 14-story World Trade Center, which includes a 267-room luxury 4-star hotel and an office tower, marking it as a notable addition to Islamabad’s retail market. For those considering the best areas for real estate investment in Pakistan, Giga Mall presents a compelling option. However, it’s crucial to analyze factors influencing the real estate market before making any investment decisions. Giga Mall offers various amenities to enhance the visitor experience. These include a food court with a wide selection of cuisines, a state-of-the-art cinema for movie enthusiasts, and spaces for events and entertainment. Fitness aficionados will appreciate the gym, sauna, and swimming pool, complete with options for personal training services. This holistic approach ensures that Giga Mall delivers more than just shopping, making it a comprehensive destination for leisure and entertainment.

The giga mall has the following amenities mentioned below.

Amenities :

  • Shopping
  • Food Court
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Cinema
  • Events

Giga Mall has a fitness center, a sauna, as well as a swimming pool for fitness lovers. If you require the services of a personal trainer, you can do so as well. Another wonderful way to see recently released movies in theatrical style is to go to a multiplex theatre. Finally, a mall isn’t complete without a food court, thus Giga Mall offers a wide range of cuisines to satisfy every palate.

5. Olympus Mall:

olympus mall islamabad - Shopping malls in Islamabad - realtorspk

Located near F-11 Markaz, Olympus Mall stands out as one of Islamabad’s most prominent luxury shopping destinations. Its design, inspired by traditional heritage, showcases a unique curved architecture, distinguishing it from other malls in the city. The mall boasts an array of high-end facilities that cater to a wide range of clientele. These features position it as a notable attraction not just for locals but also for visitors eager for a distinctive shopping journey.

Olympus Mall is a popular spot for people looking for a great shopping experience near housing societies in Islamabad. Shopping fans have their pick of renowned brands, complemented by a diverse food court that promises culinary delights. Adding to its appeal, the rooftop dining offers an exquisite touch to the dining experience, while a dedicated play area for children ensures that parents can shop stress-free.

The mall spreads across five floors, featuring a variety of stores and eateries designed to enhance the shopping experience. Its layout includes broad walkways, spacious staircases, and efficient elevators and escalators, making it easy for visitors to navigate. The retail spaces, which vary in size from 207 to 450 square feet, are available for lease on flexible terms, including 1.5-year installment plans. Olympus Mall not only epitomizes luxury shopping malls in Islamabad but also integrates seamlessly with urban features, offering a sophisticated venue for shopping and entertainment.

6. Al-Janat Mall Islamabad:

Al Janat mall - shopping malls in Islamabad - realtorspk

Shopping malls in Islamabad are a major attraction for locals and tourists alike, and Al-Janat Mall stands out as a prime destination. Situated in the bustling G-9 Markaz, this mall is a one-stop shop for everything from jewelry and shoes to branded apparel and children’s wear. Its three floors are equipped with conveniences such as elevators, prayer rooms, ATMs, first-aid services, and even a play area for kids, making it a versatile shopping destination.

Al-Janat Mall’s commitment to providing value to its customers is what makes it stand out. Its strategic location not only serves Islamabad residents but also attracts visitors from Rawalpindi, making it a bustling hub for people looking for quality and variety. The convenience of having so many different shops and amenities available in one location ensures a shopping experience that is both enjoyable and efficient.

Recognized as one of the best shopping malls in Islamabad, Al-Janat Mall’s popularity continues to grow. The mall’s ability to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences makes it a key player in the local retail scene. Whether you’re investing in real estate or simply looking for a day out shopping, Al-Janat Mall is a destination worth considering. It embodies the vibrant shopping culture of Islamabad, offering something for everyone in a welcoming and well-equipped environment.

7. Mall of Islamabad:

Mall of islamabad - Shopping malls in Islamabad - realtorspk

The Park Lane Tower, commonly known as the Mall of Islamabad, is a 20-story luxury multi-purpose mall that opened in 2015. A shopping mall, food courts, corporate offices, and luxury residential apartments are all located within this mall. Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd. offered the project, while DASCON Construction Company was in charge of construction. The Islamabad Mall is situated at a prime position on Islamabad’s major Jinnah Avenue. The mall is divided into four sections:

  • Retail and commercial
  • Restaurant
  • Offices for corporations
  • Apartments for rent

The mall has national and international branded businesses, allowing visitors to have the finest shopping experience possible. Because the food court and healthy cuisine are so important, the mall has set aside two levels for them. They feature a total of 40 premium apartments on seven stories. These flats have one, two, or three bedrooms. They feature a gym and spa for residents as well as the general public. Green Valley, a hypermarket, is also located on the lower ground floor. This mall is home to famous brands in Pakistan. Moreover, several international branded shops are also part of its retail and commercial floors, offering visitors the best shopping experience

Summing up:

In conclusion, shopping malls in Islamabad are known for their exceptional services and luxury offerings, making them a favorite among residents of the twin cities for all-in-one shopping experiences. These malls aren’t just popular shopping spots; they’re also key attractions for tourists visiting Islamabad. Each day, these shopping centers attract crowds of both locals and visitors, who come to enjoy a day out with their families and friends, immersed in the upscale ambiance these malls offer. These places embody the best shopping experiences Islamabad has to offer, seamlessly blending retail with leisure for everyone.

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