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List of Top 5 Shopping Malls In Peshawar

shopping malls in Peshawar

Shopping is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our lives. We always go to the shopping malls to buy new clothing, grocery, shoes, and jewellery whenever a special occasion arises, such as a wedding, birthday, or Eid. People have a popular perception that shopping is a woman’s pastime. The primary goal of shopping mall construction is to bring everything together in one location. Typically, individuals went to local businesses such as the city’s famed Bazaar and wasted an entire day looking for a set of jewellery with matching gowns, then travelled to other shops, crossing the bazaar’s high traffic, to look for some clothes or jewellery or even household items. In this blog we will discuss about best shopping malls in Peshawar.

The city of Peshawar is developing day by day and there are many new real estate projects in Peshawar , where you can invest and get good returns.

In the year 100 CE, Peshawar was created as the city of Puruapura on the Gandhara Plains in the Peshawar Valley. It’s possible that it was called after Purush, a Hindu king who governed the city.  Within the cultural domain of ancient India, the city most likely began as a tiny town in the 5th century BCE. Puruapura was founded near Pushkalavati, the ancient Gandharan capital city, which is now Charsadda.

During his expedition of the Indus Valley in the winter of 327–26 BCE, Alexander the Great conquered the Valley of Peshawar, as well as the surrounding Swat and Buner valleys.  Pakistan has some of the most intriguing historical places in Peshawar

Peshawar is the capital of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is renowned as Pakistan’s most historically significant city, with the country’s oldest parks, mosques, and bazaars, as well as for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, which includes contemporary shopping malls, international level universities, and world-class hospitals. Peshawar has a population of over 2,273,000 people, with 50% of them being shopaholics. Peshawar has a plethora of retail malls. Thousands of people visited these retail malls every day to conduct their shopping.

Apart from shopping malls , Peshawar is also famous for its food , checkout some of the best restaurants In Peshawar where people love to go with their families.

If you love shopping or want to check out Peshawar’s greatest malls with some wonderful amenities then here we are to bring you some of the best shopping malls in Peshawar.

List of 5 Best Malls in Peshawar:

Malls Location Website
1. 091 Mall Peshawar Main University Rd, Tahkal, Peshawar 091 Mall
2. Florenza Mall & Residencia Main University Rd, opposite Custom House, adjacent to Ali Tower, Tahkal, Peshawar Florenza Mall
3. Hyper Mall Peshawar Main Peshawar Ring Rd, Charkhana Village, Peshawar Hyper Mall
4. Deans Peshawar Sunehri Masjid Rd, opposite State bank of pakistan, Peshawar Cantonment, Peshawar Deans Mall
5. Mall of KPK 2F2W+CV3, Tahkal, Peshawar Mall of KPK

1.   091 Mall

shopping malls in Peshawar

Tayyab Builders & Developers (Pvt) Ltd’s has created the 091 mall. It is situated in the heart of Peshawar’s Main University Road, allowing visitors from all over the city to marvel at the mall. There are eight stories in all, including three basements and a lower and ground floor. Each floor is unique, having its own construction layout. The first floor is dubbed “Fashion Floor,” and it houses a variety of apparel labels. Every floor has a distinct role. The name and segment of each level will be listed below.

  • Ground Level
  • Fashion Floor on the First Floor
  • Commercial Mix on the Second Floor
  • Gold Souk on the Third Floor
  • Playland, gym, and spa on the fourth floor
  • Food Court on the Fifth Floor
  • Offices on the sixth, seventh, and eighth floors
  • Cafeteria
  • In a three-level basement, there is a parking space.
  • The floor of Fashion Brands
  • Center for Fitness
  • Grand Offices

Apart from Peshawar , there are many big  shopping malls in Islamabad as well , where you will invest and can get good returns.

 2.  Florenza Mall & Residencia

Shopping malls in Peshawar

The name ‘Florenza’ is a combination of the terms ‘floral’ and ‘extravaganza,’ which is a phrase that comes to mind while thinking about Peshawar, i.e. The City of Flowers. Put together it represents exquisiteness that is unique to Peshawar and to you. It is a commercial and residential complex that will be built on Peshawar’s most important thoroughfare, the Main University Road. It is Peshawar’s best real estate investment project. Do you want to know how to make a profitable property investment in Pakistan?

The building will be designed in a contemporary style and will have features such as biometric entry, personal parking, elevators and terraces, an atrium, accessible ramps, laundry rooms, escalators, and much more. Florenza will also have semi-furnished, large offices and apartments available. It will also contain sophisticated stores that will appeal to visitors.

These malls are built and sold by some of the best real estate companies in Peshawar , So always choose the good companies when you want to invest in any real estate category.

The apartments are designed to live in the lap of luxury, a refuge for personal leisure and vibrant events, and are all the rage in an ultramodern and beautiful design. The designs represent Peshawar’s burgeoning urban hub’s boundless hope.

Real estate market is continuously changing in Pakistan and there are many things to consider before Investing in real estate Pakistan , so you can get good returns on investment.

The drama of high modernism is combined with the relaxed sophistication of the Italian theme in the interiors of contemporary architectural workplaces. The building, located 1 kilometre from town, is a great combination of urban excellence and fundamental comfort, providing a distinctly style-inspired area as well as an ideal setting. A sumptuous food court with a big layout and classic style that allows a relaxing ambience to shine through, delivering the amazing experience of gourmet dining.

Facilities :

  • Modern and sleek architecture
  • All under one roof: an apartment, offices, a food court, a shopping centre, and a penthouse.
  • Located in the heart of Peshawar’s University Road, just a short walk from the University of Peshawar.
  • Elevators that go at ultra-high speeds
  • Parking is available on two levels.
  • Backup power, security, and privacy are all provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

No doubt , these malls have the best shops and provides the best shopping experience , but now a days  more people prefer online shopping , so checkout some of the best online shopping websites in Pakistan from where people love to buy.

3.  Hyper Mall Peshawar

shopping malls in Peshawar

Hyper Mall Peshawar is the largest mall in the KPK area. It is Pakistan’s second-largest supermarket and fulfils international standards. This mall is at a great location and has retailers, offices, a food court, and a kids’ play area. Hyper Mall Peshawar, one of Peshawar’s retail malls, offers three-year payment plans for its assets. The booking process has already begun.

These malls are located near some of the good societies , If you want to buy a house in Peshawar near these malls then checkout some of the  top areas for buying houses in Peshawar where you can invest and get good returns.

Hyper Mall is an incredible concept that will soon become the world’s largest shopping destination. Once it is open, it will provide/meet all of the grocery and shopping needs of devoted customers. Everything will be available, from everyday items to wedding décor and other special events. To put it another way, it’s a one-stop-shop for all of Peshawar’s shopping needs. The Hyper Mall is the sole shopping centre in the area.

Many people want to invest in shopping malls , but you first you need to know the proper benefits of investing in shopping malls and then try to invest in them.

4. Deans Peshawar

deans trade Centre Peshawar

Deans Peshawar is called one of the biggest shopping centres in Asia. It not only has a huge ground floor for shopping brands but also a number of offices. It has jewellery shops, clothes and child care shops as well. The mall is situated in Saddar Rd, opposite State bank of Pakistan, Peshawar Cantonment, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The project consists of 1B+LG+G+3 levels with a total built-up area of about 1,800,000 square feet. A total of 800 cars may be parked in the basement.

Four floors of centrally air-conditioned retail shops and display rooms, the last floor contains roughly 550 offices, and the rooftop features a Power House and two big multi-purpose halls.

These shopping malls are located near many commercial areas , so checkout some of the commercial areas to Invest in Peshawar where you can invest and get good returns.

The project was built for prime power through its own CHP (Combined Heat and Electricity) production at first, but due to the availability of power from PESCO, the project’s own generation was relegated to standby power only later.

The project’s total connected load is around 17 MW, with a maximum demand of 11 MW at full capacity.

These malls are created by some of the best construction companies in Pakistan ,  so always try to invest in the projects of famous construction companies so you can get the value for your money.

5. Mall of KPK

Mall of KPK in the city Peshawar

Mall of KPK is a stunning residential and commercial project by Vairt. The mega project is approved by the Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) and is located at one of the ideal locations of Peshawar – Main University Road. The fine construction and potential to generate revenue makes it one of the ideal shopping malls in Peshawar. The location, fine development and mixed-use construction have made it one of the most famous malls in Peshawar.

Mall of KPK comprises five Floors, and investors can invest from the lower ground to the fifth floor in shops, offices and luxurious apartments. The first three floors consist of fine shops and offer the best location for retail brands. The second floor is dedicated to offices that suit the need of all kinds of businesses and multinational companies.

Third to fifth-floor consist of luxurious apartments of 1-Bed, 2-Bed & 3-Bed. The apartments are constructed with quality materials and equipped with modern facilities and futuristic amenities that can be rarely seen in mixed-use projects.

All of these features make it unique among many other Peshawar shopping malls. Now you can live and shop under one roof by investing in Mall of KPK. Among many of its features, the salient feature of the Mall includes Food Court, Security 24/7, 3-floor parking, a gym, fast elevators and a masjid.

Therefore, it is not wrong to say that the Mall of KPK is an innovative mega project with the potential to attract investors and generate revenue compared to many other Peshawar Malls.

Summing Up :

The shopping malls in Peshawar are few but of very good quality. You can get all sorts of brands and facilities inside them. The brands are of international and national level. Some malls also contain huge grocery stores which are there to facilitate the people of Peshawar. All the malls are located in the main areas of Peshawar. These malls not only bring investment opportunities for overseas investors but also provide employment to many people around the province. Also read our blog on business ideas in Pakistan .

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