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The Construction Work on Hafizabad-Gujrat Road is Set to Start Soon

Construction Work on Hafizabad-Gujrat Road

Gujrat: The construction work on the 45-kilometre-long road linking Hafizabad and Wazirabad districts with Gujrat has been set to begin in the coming months.

The road will be a crucial infrastructure development project in the recently established Gujrat division. As per the tender issued by the government, PKR 8.2 billion will be spent on the project, which is about to begin right from the under-construction campus of the University of Hafizabad up to Khanki headworks connecting the border of Gujrat district, from where a 19-kilometre-long road is already being constructed to Machiana village, which is the proposed place for the divisional complex of Gujrat.

In addition, the existing small road along the Lower Chenab Canal (LCC) bank will be carpeted and enlarged up to 44 feet to enhance the connectivity between Hafizabad district and the newly-created Alipur Chattha tehsil of Wazirabad district with the divisional headquarters.

It is noteworthy that the Punjab government has recently endorsed the conversion of Gujrat into a particular 10th division, with Gujrat, Mandi Bahauddin, and Hafiz Abad as its districts.

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