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Top Areas for Buying Houses in Islamabad

Top Areas for Buying Houses in Islamabad

Islamabad, Pakistan’s most developed and progressive metropolis, is one of the world’s most attractive capitals. Islamabad is the most visually appealing and nature-friendly city, growing beneath the shelter of the Margalla Hills and boasting lakes such as Rawal Lake and waterways such as the Korang River. Islamabad is a city with large roadways, top hospitals, and top-of-the-line international institutions, best shopping malls in Islamabad as well as a city with lovely terrain and various areas to buy a house. Many people have migrated from other areas to live in Islamabad. You can find many houses for sale in Islamabad. There are multiple houses in Islamabad and best areas to invest in real estate Islamabad.

Do you want to live in Islamabad? Do you want to live in a place where everything is accessible to you? A place with all the amenities and facilities? A safe haven for every person to live and enjoy. Islamabad is also the best city to invest in real estate in Pakistan.

List of 5 Best Areas for Buying Houses in Islamabad:

  1. B-17 Sector
  2. F-7 Sector
  3. G-13 Sector
  4. Bani Gala
  5. F-14 Sector

1. B-17 Sector:

B-17 Sector

Sector B-17, also known as Multi Gardens, is being constructed by Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society in Zone II of Islamabad Capital Territory (MPCHS). It’s on the east side of GT Road and acts as a hub for the cities of Wah Cantt, Hassan Abdal, and Taxila. Without a doubt, this sector’s excellent location is the primary reason why it has always rated high on the list of places with property for sale in Islamabad.

Sector B-17 is also Islamabad’s biggest, with a total size of around 12,000 kanal. It is divided into two phases: Multi Gardens Phase 1 and Multi Gardens Phase 2, with a total of seven blocks. Plot Size Conversions in Pakistan is a very hectic task , so always get proper information of it before buying a piece of land.

Meanwhile, Blocks C-1, D, E, F, and G have been established in Multi Gardens Phase 2. It’s worth noting that Block C of B-17 extends into Rawalpindi, whilst Blocks D, E, and F extend into Sector B-18. You can find many small houses for sale in Islamabad in the B17 sector.

Due to its sustainable infrastructure and top-tier services, property values in B-17, Islamabad, are comparable to those in the city’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. The gated community has underground power wiring and provides all of the modern conveniences needed for a pleasant existence to its members. Beautiful parks, huge mosques, many cafés and restaurants, playgrounds, educational institutes, healthcare centers, and community centers will all be easily accessible to those who live in the region. Real estate market is continuously changing in Pakistan but there are many factors affecting real estate market in Pakistan. You need to see these factors while investing in any property.

2. F-7 Sector:

F-7 Sector

The completely developed sector is ideal for someone who appreciates the activity of city life while yet wanting to live near to nature. The F-7 sector is surrounded by the beautiful green Margalla hills, which provide a tranquil and charming atmosphere to enjoy. There are also some of the best houses in Islamabad are present. The location is superb, and the investment yield is excellent. 

The area is a commercial hotspot, with all of the major restaurants and shopping shops within walking distance. It’s also in the heart of the city, with easy access to the Islamabad Expressway and the New Islamabad International Airport. Must read things to consider before investing in real estate.

The usual rental cost of a 500 square yard house in F 7 Islamabad is PKR 400,000 to PKR 450,000, while the average purchase price is PKR 1,400,000 to PKR 1,450,000 lacs. Similarly, the average rental cost of a 1000 square yard house is between PKR 600,000 and PKR 700,000, while the average purchase cost is between PKR 2,300,000 and PKR 2,500,000. For PKR 11 crores to PKR 11.5 crores, demolishable homes are available. If this price is a lot then you can also find an old house for sale in Islamabad F7 sector.

3. G-13 Sector:

G-13 Sector

Sector G-13, best place for investment in Islamabad, switched places with Ghauri Town to be the fifth most popular location to purchase property in Islamabad in January 2019, accounting for 2.7 percent of all searches. With total search results of 32.5 percent, 23.8 percent, and 22.5 percent, respectively, G-13/1, G-13/2, and G-13/3 looked to be more sought-after blocks in the emerging sector. Investing in G-13 is one of the Profitable Property Investment in Islamabad.

The price range for 5 marla homes in Sector G-13 is PKR 1.3 crore to PKR 2.4 crore, according to the buying trend. Similarly, a 10 marla home in Sector G-13 costs between PKR 3 crore and PKR 4 crore, while 1 kanal dwellings cost between PKR 4.25 crore and PKR 6.5 crore.If you want to buy houses in Islamabad then this is the best place for residency.

If you want to buy a plot in Sector G-13, the asking price for a 5 marla plot is between PKR 85 lakh and PKR 1.15 crore, while the initial offer for a 10 marla plot is between PKR 1.5 crore and PKR 3.5 crore. Similarly, 1 kanal plots are relatively expensive, with prices ranging from PKR 2.1 crore to PKR 6.5 crore. Also read our blog on floor plan for 5 marla house design.

Again, the buying tendency for property for sale in Islamabad may vary based on the neighbourhood and various projects within the area.

4. Bani Gala:

Bani Gala Islamabad

Bani Gala, synonymous with luxury, is one of Islamabad’s   and Pakistan’s most opulent residential districts.

The location has it all: lush foliage, bright blue skies, fresh air, and apparently unending Rawal Lake streams. Furthermore, the Serena Hotel on Khayaban-e-Suhrwardy is about 10 kilometers distant. This means that while you may relax in Bani Gala and enjoy the tranquilly of the countryside, you are not far from the conveniences of the bustling city center. It truly is a case of getting the best of both worlds. Also check construction cost of 3, 5 and 10 marla house in Pakistan.

Another huge factor, why people want to invest in this area as it is home to Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan. 

Many minivans travel from Rawal Chowk to Park Road, and Bani Gala is an important stop along the way. Faizabad station, which is close to Bani Gala, also has a metro stop. Local taxis, as well as app-operated In-Driver, Uber and Careem services, are available in the area. There is also an inside bike service by the name of ‘SK’, that delivers anything at your doorstep from inside Bani Gala at Rs.150. Commercial properties have more value than residentials properties , If you want to invest in commercial properties of some big cities then checkout some of the best commercial areas to invest in Peshawar where you can get good return on investment.

Residents of Bani Gala which is the best property place for Islamabad in 2024 enjoy easy access to some of the city’s most prestigious educational institutions, including COMSATS University, which is located on Park Road and is only a 15-minute drive from Bani Gala. Unity International School, The Educators, Allied School, Dar-e-Arqam, and others are among the pre-primary and elementary schools in the region. Beaconhouse Newlands, one of Islamabad’s most well-known boarding schools, is also located in Bani Gala. You can find low price house for sale in Islamabad. There are many shopping malls near these areas , If you want to invest in the shopping malls then checkout some of the benefits of investing in shopping malls and then plan to invest.

Many renowned banks are present in Bani Gala such as Allied Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, Habib Bank Limited, Dubai Islamic Bank and Meezan Bank.

Ali Beauty Salon on Jinnah Road, which is about a minute’s drive from Rajput Street, while Fairy Beauty Parlor on Hill View Road, which is around 8 minutes away, are two of the numerous beauty salons in Bani Gala, which is a popular residential community. You can check blog on property taxes in Pakistan.

Residents may go boating, fishing, or simply sit and relax while admiring the breathtaking views at Rawal Lake and Lake View Park, which is a popular picnic location. Residents of Bani Gala will never be bored with the neighbouring recreational opportunities.

5. F-14 Sector:

Sector F-14, one of the newest projects in the capital city, has recently attracted the attention of investors – and for good reason. It is located in Islamabad’s Zone 1, which is a completely developed zone. It has lately emerged as one of the most popular districts in the metropolis with property for sale.

Sector F-14 boasts an excellent position and is easily accessible via Srinagar Highway and GT Road — two of the most heavily-used highways in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area. It shares boundaries with famous residential sectors in the area, including F-15 and G-14. Apart from Islamabad , If you want to invest in any other city of Pakistan then checkout some of the top areas for buying houses in Karachi .

It is one of the areas in Islamabad that the Federal Government Employee Housing Authority looks over and maintains (FGEHA). FGEHA organized a balloting of this sector in August 2021, which resulted in greater investment activity in the area.

Summing Up:

The ideal location for an environment-friendly, new opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle with all the facilities available in Islamabad. Every person wants to invest there and live in a  safe and secure home in Islamabad . You can also own your very home, in these booming societies of Islamabad

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