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WASA to Spend Rs.80 Millions on Nullah Leh Before Monsoon

WASA to Spend million on Nullah Leh Before Monsoon-realtorspk

Rawalpindi: The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has been allocated Rs80 million for desilting Nullah Leh, a key 16 km drain in Rawalpindi, before the monsoon season. The funds will support the development of a “Monsoon Flood Protection Plan” by June 7, with tenders and work orders issued by June 15.

Desilting will begin on June 12 and finish by July 13, targeting two 8-km sections: New Katarian Bridge to Ganjmandi Bridge (Rs40 million) and Ganjmandi Bridge to Murree Road Rialto Chowk Bridge (Rs30.8 million). WASA has formed specialized teams and tasked small machinery with thorough cleaning and proper waste disposal.

To prevent blockages, Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner Hasan Waqar Cheema has banned waste dumping in drains under Section 144 from June 1, imposing strict penalties for violators.

Rescue teams are also prepared under the Monsoon Safety Plan, but the cantonment boards have yet to finalize their cleaning plans. WASA Managing Director Salim Ashraf assured that desilting will continue throughout the flood season, which ends on August 15.

Budget cuts have reduced funding from the requested Rs70 million to Rs60 million, potentially impacting flood preparedness efforts. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtorspk blogs.

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