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World Bank has pledged funds for reconstruction of health & education facilities in KP

education facilities in KP

The World Bank has pledged $25 million to reconstruct about 1,300 health and education facilities destroyed by floods in KP.

The representative said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had compiled a report regarding the losses of flood and the estimated amount needed for reconstruction of the damaged land and properties.

The compiled report will be presented to donor agencies by the end of the running month. The organizations like WB, USAID and KfW would announce their technical and financial support to rehabilitate and reconstruct water channels, education, and health facilities.

World Bank has announced to give 25million dollars for reconstruction in the health and education sector in the province. From these funds, $10 million will be allotted for the health sector and $ 15 million for the education sector under World Bank’s Human Capital Investment Project.

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