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Punjab gets its first Eco-Friendly Road in Lahore

Plastic Road in Lahore

Lahore: The provincial government inaugurated the first eco-friendly plastic road in Lahore. The environmentally friendly road is also a cost-effective initiative to improve road infrastructure in Pakistan. The first plastic road in Lahore was constructed with 20 million PKR overall.

According to the details, the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab inaugurated the plastic road, stretching from Jail Road to Gymkhana Road. The road is 900 meters long. During the inauguration ceremony, the honorable minister inspected the work quality. He also shared the benefits and advantages of eco-friendly roads.

It is pertinent to note here that the advantages of plastic roads in Pakistan are numerous, such as being more resilient against rainwater. Therefore, the minimum lifespan of plastic roads is ten years. Pakistan’s government strives to bring sustainable and cost-effective solutions for infrastructure development. A plastic road was also constructed in Islamabad and has proved successful.

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