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Best Floor Plan for 5 Marla House Design in Pakistan

5 marla house plan

It is every person’s dream to live in a house that is created with love, spotless design and the best material possible. Not everyone can afford an architect or go through the struggle of designing a floor plan or going with an unauthorized one. In this blog we will discuss about 5 marla house design completely.

With the rising popularity of small scale homes, 5 marla and 7 marla prove to be the best and most economical choice for people in Pakistan. Whether you want to live in the house or rent it for investment purposes, a 5 marla house plan proves to be the best investment option for you. In Pakistan real estate market is continuously changing but there are certain things to consider before investing in Real Estate Pakistan and then plan accordingly.

Often people come to us for a 5 marla house map first floor or 5 marla house plan with 3 bedrooms. With so many 5 marla house plan images, we have brought some of the best 5 marla house design in Pakistan.

In rural areas of Pakistan, 1 Marla = 272 square feet, whereas in urban areas of Pakistan, it is equivalent to 225 square feet.

A 5 Marla house floor plan is equal to 1125 square feet, and when creating their factors, the most common size of a 5 Marla house plan is 25×45 feet.

You can also check the construction cost of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal House in Pakistan, in order to check whether it meets your specifications and financial requirements or not. 

Our blog will give you some of the latest and most up-to date 5 marla house design in Pakistan.

There are multiple important factors to consider before making a 5 marla house design. Get to know our blog Business ideas in Pakistan

Important Factors to consider before making a 5 marla house:

  • Your finances 
  • Location of Plot
  • Covered Area you want to keep
  • Your family or your lifestyle requirements
  • Exterior Design
  • Kind of Material you want to use
  • House Floor Plans
  • Keep your Possessions and Furniture in mind
  • Cost of Material
  • Cost of Labour

We have listed some of the Best Floor Plans for 5 Marla House:

  1. Plan A
  2. Plan B
  3. Plan C

1. Plan A – 5 Marla House Design:

We have made a 5 Marla house plan double story for you. In this house map 5 marla we have considered 2 floors, with a ground floor plan and a first floor plan. 

  • Number of Floors: 2
  • Total Area Covered on the Ground Floor: 1,082 Square Feet
  • Total Area Covered on the First Floor: 864 Square Feet
  • Total Area Overall: 1,946 Square Feet
  • Number of Bedrooms: 3
  • Number of Bathrooms: 3
  • Number of Kitchens: 1
  • Number of Terraces: 2
  • Storage Room: No
  • Backyard: Yes

Let’s Begin!

Ground Floor:

5 Marla House Plan - Floor plan A

Our first 5 marla house design in Pakistan plan begins with a single 11 x 15 garage that focuses on two entrances: one which leads directly into the 12 x 12 drawing room, allowing you to accommodate unexpected guests straight away without having to worry about just the mess in your main living area. A linking door from the drawing room as well as the house’s main entrance connects to a 20 x 11 lounge with stairs on the left side going to the second storey. You can also see a house map of 5 marla. People usually considers to construct a house in big cities of Pakistan , If you want also want to construct a house in big cities then checkout some of the best cities to Invest in Real Estate Pakistan and then plan to contruct.

In this house map 5 marla the layout expands to the first of three bedrooms to the left of the living, which may also be utilized as a guest bedroom. The 11 x 14 bedroom features an extra bathroom measuring 5 x 8 feet and a huge window with sights of the 5 foot wide lush green garden. The bedroom is next to the 7 x 14 kitchen, which offers primary entrance to the garden outside, where you may also construct a small cleaning/ laundry area if necessary. 

As mentioned above that real estate marketing is changing rapidly but before investing something big in real estate also keep in mind factors affecting real estate market in Pakistan and then make an investment.

First Floor:

Plan A - 5 Marla

The upper level of this 5 marla house map is then continued beautifully. After entering the 14 x 9 sitting room through the stairs in the lounge below, this 5 marla property opens up on all sides. The front of the home features a 12 x 14 master bedroom with an ensuite 6 x 9 bathroom and a balcony overlooking your garage. You can modify the layout to provide access to the patio from the master bedroom. After 5 Marla, the 7 Marla plot is a favorite choice of real estate buyers. Therefore, many people look for Best Floor Plan for 7 Marla House Design in Pakistan for construction. 

The third of three bedrooms in the back of the house, measuring 11 x 14 feet with a 5 x 8 bathroom and a large patio, is accessible from the first-floor central sitting area. Read blog on  plot size Conversions in Pakistan .

2. Plan B – 5 Marla House Design:

In this house plan we have 1 floor with an exquisite 1,082 Square Feet covered area which is great for a number of people. We have included 2 good-sized bedrooms in this plan, which are enough for a family of 4 or even the guests included. 

  • Number of Floors: 1
  • Covered Area: 9,078 Square Feet
  • Number of Bedrooms: 2
  • Wardrobe Area: No
  • Number of Bathrooms: 2
  • Number of Kitchens: 1
  • Number of Terraces: None
  • Storage Room: No
  • Backyard: Yes
  • Front Open Area: Yes
  • Kitchen: Yes
  • Garage: Yes
  • Drawing and Lounge: Yes (Spacious)
  • Sun Room: No

In Pakistan commercial areas in big cities have more value than residential areas , so checkout some of the best commercial areas to invest in Peshawar where you can invest and get good profit.

5 Marla House Plan - Floor plan B

Both bathrooms are 7’X5′ on this floor arrangement. The lounge is 16′ x 11′ in size. The kitchen is 8′ x 9′ in size. The parking space measures 13′ x 15′. Each bedroom is 12’X11′ and 12’X13′ in size. 11’X12′ is the size of the drawing room. Front and back open areas are 11’X3′ and 24’X3′, respectively, and 10’X8′.

Also check the best areas for real estate investment in Islamabad.

3. Plan C – 5 Marla House Design:

Plan C comes with entertainment, comfortable lawn, backyard and beautiful rooms in mind. The design is one of its kind with a broad development of multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. 

  • Number of Floors: 2
  • Total Area Covered on the Ground Floor:  1,100 Square Feet
  • Total Area Covered on the First Floor:  900 Square Feet
  • Total Area Overall:  2,000 Square Feet
  • Number of Bedrooms: 5
  • Number of Bathrooms: 4
  • Number of Kitchens: 2
  • Number of Terraces: 1
  • Storage Room: No
  • Backyard: Yes

Along with Floor plans , you also need to consider in which are you are building a house , Checkout some of the top areas for buying houses in Lahore and then construct a house.

Ground Floor:

Ground Floor - Floor plan C

There are several parallels between this 5 marla house design in Pakistan and the one above. This is due to the fact that they are essentially the same on the ground level, but we wanted to show you how the same 5 marla home would look if a second storey was built to it. People usually want to build their houses through different companies , If you want to build your house in Peshawar then checkout some of the best real estate companies in Peshawar and then move forward.

The only noteworthy change on the ground level is that the lounge now has a staircase leading to the first floor, and the positioning of the stair has resulted in a change in the access to the kitchen. The rest of the design is in functioning condition. This is the best house design 5 marla.

Profitable Property Investment in Pakistan is good topic of discussion , Always remember to research before investing in any place so you can have a better chance of good return on investment in future.

First Floor:

Floor plan C - First Floor

The 11 x 12 sitting space goes up the stairs to the first storey of this 5 marla house, where three bedrooms, a terrace, and an 11 x 9 kitchen await. One of the 11 x 13 bedrooms has its own 30-square-foot bathroom, while the other two 11 x 12 and 11 x 13 bedrooms share a 7-square-foot bathroom, making it ideal for family.

While the home lacks a storage space, you may transform any of the kitchens into one if you no longer want it. This home is also suitable for a large joint family looking to construct a pleasant home on a 5 marla property. After construction you can also sell your home faster and make it more valuable.

Things to consider for 5 Marla House Design in Pakistan

While designing your home, it is imperative to consider a few essential factors to avoid potential complications. But before you start planning and the development work, ensure your property is registered. For this purpose, you must be aware of the property registration process in Pakistan.

The factors you must consider are as follows:

Selecting the Perfect Location

  • Check if the land is level suitable for construction.
  • Soil conditions significantly impact your foundation, so get them evaluated professionally.
  • Confirm local zoning regulations

Sticking to Your Budget

  • Carefully plan your budget.
  • Budget for labor, building materials, architectural services, and furnishing.
  • Unexpected expenses may arise during construction, so always be prepared for that.

Optimal House Orientation

  • Ensure your living spaces are located where they get maximum natural light.
  • Ensure that windows provide pleasant views, not walls.
  • Plan for cross-ventilation for smooth airflow.

Family-Centric Design

  • Involve your family in the design process to add their preferences.
  • Create safe spaces for children to play and explore.
  • Consider a designated play area or a backyard for your kids.

Size and Layout

  • Determine the number of floors and rooms based on your budget and family size.
  • Be aware of local regulations that may dictate the maximum size of your 5-marla house.
  • Prioritize essential rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Thoughtful House Plan

  • List the needed rooms, paying attention to features like closets and bathrooms.
  • Choose between an open or closed kitchen layout based on your lifestyle.
  • Opt for flexible spaces that can adapt to changing needs.
  • There are several established interior designing companies in Pakistan; you can hire any of these.

Considering these factors ensures a successful construction process that meets all building regulations. Although we have shared things to consider for 5 Marla house design, you can implement these practices on the floor plan for 10 Marla house design.

Summing Up your 5 Marla Floor Plan for you:

Check the most suitable needs for your family within your financial budget. You can create a beautiful home for your family, kids and yourself. You can also sell it or rent it out and gain monetary benefit. Multiple uses can be made out of these different floor plans of 5 Marla houses in 2021. Get the best 5 Marla house plan and house map of 5 marla in the best budget possible. Also read best construction companies in Pakistan.

(Measurements and prices may vary depending on location and time)

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