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Govt. of Punjab to Launch Mobile Hospitals Project

Govt of Punjab to Launch Mobile Hospitals Project-realtorspk

Lahore: The Punjab government has initiated the ‘Field Hospital’ program, aiming to provide essential healthcare services to rural populations. Thirty-two field hospitals, including 21 mobile healthcare units and 11 small field hospitals (mobile diagnostic units), are being deployed across rural areas of Punjab to enhance healthcare coverage.

During the launch of the program, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz highlighted that the initiative is a targeted strategy aimed at addressing the extremely higher rates of adverse health outcomes in rural communities. She mentioned that containers previously used for destructive activities would be repurposed as field hospitals and deployed in all 36 districts of Punjab. The Chief Minister further stated that the project will be launched within six weeks.

“This programme uses a Pay-for-Performance Model, which incentivizes healthcare providers to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care by linking financial rewards to specific performance metrics and outcomes.”

“This initiative is being launched as a sister programme of the Clinic on Wheels Programme.”

She mentioned that the field hospitals would extend essential healthcare coverage to areas with limited healthcare resources. With 32 field hospitals in operation, it is expected that up to 1.5 million patients in rural areas will benefit from their services annually. These hospitals aim to reduce health disparities and improve health outcomes for marginalized communities. For the latest Real Estate News and Blogs, visit Realtorspk blogs.

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