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List of 40 Best Business Ideas in Pakistan With Small Investment in 2024

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Working a 9-to-5 job may be quite taxing, especially if the work is tedious and routine, and you are paid insufficiently for the effort you put in. In this blog, we will discuss profitable business ideas in Pakistan.

Working from home is an appealing option, whether you’re starting a new business or looking for a way to supplement your income. There are several advantages, including the ability to save time and money. Particularly during the pandemic, offices shifted to remote work. By eliminating the commute, you save time and money, reducing the hours spent on unproductive tasks at work.

Do you often wonder about the benefits of starting your own business? There are numerous advantages to starting your own business. The choice of business ideas holds significant importance and also relies on the type of business you intend to start.

  • Your working hours are flexible.
  • You will have more control over your schedule as a result of this.
  • Needs multitask.
  • Complete duties during hours when you have some free time.
  • Not bound by the stringent regulations of an office.
  • There are no dress codes or office restrictions.

Real estate is considered as Profitable Property Investment in Pakistan but there are many other options available as well , you can checkout these options below.

List of Best Business Ideas in Pakistan in 2024:

Businesses Capital Scope Skills
1. Real estate investment Rs.4 to 5 Lacs High Properties knowledge & Networking
2. YouTube Content Creator Rs.1 lac High Computer Skills, Video Editing Skills
3. Solar Energy Production Company Rs.10 to 20 lac High ———-
4. Software Development Company Rs.1 to 5 lac High Technical and Organization Management skills

5. Online virtual assistant

Not Required Medium Computer skills, online working skills
6. Online Air Mask Store Rs.10k to 20k Low Online selling
7. Commercial Properties Rs.10lac to 20lac High communication skills
8. Home-made food production Rs.10k to 20k Medium cooking skills
9. E-store 50k to 1lac High online selling
10. Photography Rs. 1 to 2 lac High Creativity, Technical skills
11. Event Management Business Rs. 3 to 5 lac HIgh Organization, Management skills
12. Import/Export Business Rs. 5 lac to 10 lac Medium Documentation, Foreign trade, Technical skills, Marketing Skills
13. Mobile Accessories Shop Rs. 5 lacs to 10 lacs Medium Business Skills
14. Digital Marketing Services Rs. 50,000 to 60,000 Medium Technical skills, Marketing skills
15. Gym & Fitness Centers Rs. 10 lac to 20 lac Medium Management Skills, Technical skills, Marketing Skills, Health knowledge
16. Beauty Salon Rs. 2 lac Medium Must be an expert in makeup and skincare
17. Online tutoring Rs. 50k Maximum Medium Teaching
18. Blogging Rs. 60k Maximum Low Writing and good command of the language
19. Bee Farming Rs. 20k Maximum Low Farming
20. Fish Farming Rs. 80k Maximum Medium Fishing
21. Antique Business Rs. 1 lac Maximum Low business
22. Coffee/Tea Shop Rs. 2 lac – 5 lac Medium ———-
23. Day Care Centre Rs. 1 lac Maximum Low ———
24. Catering Services Rs. 1 lac Maximum Medium cooking
25. Tourism Company Rs. 50k Maximum Low Business, marketing
26. Poultry Business Rs. 1 lac Maximum Medium Poultry
27. Food Truck Rs. 1 lac Maximum Low cooking
28. Mushroom Farming Rs. 50k Maximum Low Farming
29. Organic Farming Rs. 50k Maximum Low Farming
30. Boutique Rs. 5 lac Maximum High Business, fashion designing
31. E-book publishing —— Low Writing
32. Translator Not required Low translating
33. Host vacation houses Rs. 50k Maximum Medium ———
34. Soap-Making Business Rs. 50k Maximum Low Business skills
35. Candle Making Rs. 50k Maximum Low Business skills
36. Cake and Pastry Business Rs. 50k Maximum Medium Business
37. Travel Agent 10 Lac Maximum Medium Business
38. Online Reselling Business 1Lac Maximum Medium Business
39. Online Grocery Delivery Service 2Lacs Maximum Medium Business
40. Social Media Art Gallery 50K Maximum Low Business

1. Real Estate Investment – Business Idea in Pakistan

real-estate investment - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Investing in real estate in Pakistan is gaining popularity, especially with the attractive high returns on investment (ROI) it offers. The appeal of the real estate market is strong, driven by the potential for significant future profits. Investors are particularly drawn to three types of properties:

  • Residential Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Mixed-use Properties

These investments have become appealing because, over the years, property prices have consistently risen, allowing investors to enjoy returns of approximately 12% to 13% across both residential and commercial properties.

To navigate the real estate investment landscape successfully, one needs a well-thought-out strategy, sufficient capital, and a keen awareness of market trends and factors affecting the real estate market. The most successful investors buy properties when prices are low and sell during market highs, capitalizing on the timing to maximize their returns. Real estate is considered a secure investment avenue, providing investors with full ownership and the promise of substantial returns.

  • Residential Properties:

Investing in residential projects is a smart move, with ROI ranging from 8% to 10%. Whether you’re buying a plot to sell later or renting out the property, there’s significant earning potential. For buying or selling residential properties, it is necessary to be familiar with plot size conversion. And for those in KPK, consider projects like AH Tower Peshawar, which offers 20% booking on apartments, presenting an appealing opportunity for residential investment in Peshawar.

  • Commercial properties:

Investing your savings in commercial real estate can be highly rewarding, with returns of over 5% in Pakistan. This sector often yields higher profits than residential real estate. For investments in Peshawar or nearby areas, look into projects like 091 Mall Peshawar, Florenza Mall and Residencia, and Mall of Hangu, which offer various payment plans. These represent secure and profitable commercial real estate projects in Peshawar.

  • Adjust Properties:

Property adjustment is one of the unique approach to investing in real estate. brings an approach that offers an enhanced experience for everyone looking to invest in real estate in Pakistan. The Adjustment module will prove successful in the industry, particularly for those who have a strong desire and need to buy a property but do not have enough capital in hand to do so. The Adjustment module aims to facilitate investors and encourage buyers to invest in real estate.. It is an exclusive feature where you can list your assets online at’s site and adjust with real estate with better opportunities to earn remarkable ROI.

Why Real Estate is Secure Investment?

Real estate is a secure investment since you own the property outright and, more significantly, the land is an asset whose value often rises. In addition, the property has the potential to generate a significant profit. One more difficult thing in real estate is getting proper knowledge of Plot Size Conversions in Pakistan , so you need to get proper info of this before entering in real estate market.

2. YouTube content creator – Online Business Idea

Are you eager to share your passion with the world? You’re in luck! There’s a demand for just about every niche, and launching a YouTube channel could be your golden ticket, especially if you’re looking to introduce a new business or service or simply want to get your message across in Pakistan. YouTube isn’t just a platform; it’s a wide community where if you’re at ease on camera and have engaging content to share, you can grow without the need for heavy investments.

Explore the world of YouTube as a content creator, especially if you’re considering business ideas in Pakistan for students or looking for an online earning website, offers a unique opportunity. Your journey starts with creating compelling videos that resonate with viewers. Wondering about the financial perks? As your channel grows in popularity, attracting a substantial viewership and subscriber base, the potential to earn unfolds in numerous ways. You can monetize your passion through partnerships with YouTube or by merchandising directly on your channel.YouTube creators - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

For those curious about the YouTube content creator’s salary, it varies widely based on your channel’s size, engagement rate, and how you choose to monetize. Starting a YouTube channel presents an accessible path to generating income online, aligning perfectly with those in search of business ideas in Pakistan for students or anyone interested in making their mark online. Remember, success on YouTube doesn’t happen overnight. It requires consistency, creativity, and a genuine desire to engage with your audience. But for those willing to put in the effort, the rewards can be both fulfilling and financially rewarding.

3. Solar Energy Production Company

Starting a solar energy production company ranks as one of the best business ideas in Pakistan, especially if you’re looking to invest 20 lakhs or more. With the country’s solar industry on the rise, this venture offers a promising opportunity to tap into a growing market. Initially, you can begin by setting up a few panels to supply solar energy to your local area. This approach not only keeps startup costs low but also allows you to gradually scale up your operation.Solar energy production company - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

To minimize initial expenses, consider purchasing a limited number of panels and sourcing additional ones at a lower cost. As your energy sales increase, reinvest your earnings to expand your business by acquiring more land and installing additional panels. Solar energy companies primarily cater to homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills and footprint by purchasing solar power on a per-kilowatt basis.

Ensuring your solar panels are well-maintained and clean is key to maximizing your investment. This venture stands out as a unique business idea in Pakistan, offering a sustainable solution to energy needs. For those wondering how to start a small business in Pakistan, a solar energy company provides a clear path to making a significant impact in the renewable energy sector.

4. Software Development Firm

Pakistan presents a fertile ground for software development firms, sustained by an impressive pool of local talent and the potential to attract expertise from nearby countries. This industry stands as a beacon for local enterprises seeking to enhance their operational efficiencies and boost revenue through tailored software solutions.

software development Firm - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Particularly, the real estate sector in Pakistan shows a significant appetite for these services, with numerous companies on the lookout for competent software development partners. Notably, Peshawar hosts some of the best real estate companies eager for innovative software solutions, pointing to a promising avenue for project collaborations. One practical application could involve developing a software system for a local clinic chain, enabling seamless sharing of healthcare records across various locations to expedite patient services. Such initiatives underscore the potential of software development as the best online business in Pakistan.

Venturing into partnerships with up-and-coming businesses by offering software solutions in exchange for equity is another avenue worth exploring. This approach not only diversifies the revenue streams for software development companies in Pakistan but also positions them at the forefront of innovative business models. In essence, the software development sector in Pakistan is ripe with opportunities for growth, innovation, and partnerships, making it an important player in the country’s economic expansion.

5. Online Virtual Assistant

Starting a virtual assistant business in Pakistan is a great option for those looking to work from home. This venture doesn’t require much: just a reliable electricity supply, a suitable device, and a stable internet connection. With these, you can connect with clients globally, making it a profitable way to earn online.

When considering entering this field, it’s important to assess your surroundings. Whether you’re in an area underserved by businesses or in a competitive market filled with numerous ventures, offering virtual assistant services can be a smart move. This path not only stands out as one of the top business ideas in Pakistan but also allows for specialization in specific areas, enhancing your growth potential. For those eager to get on this journey, following the right steps to start a virtual assistant business is crucial. Begin by identifying your niche based on your skills and market demand. Once you’ve perfected your specialty, utilize online earning apps and platforms to connect with potential clients. These tools not only simplify the process of finding work but also help in managing your tasks efficiently.

Online Virtual Assistant - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk
In summary, starting a virtual assistant business in Pakistan offers a flexible and rewarding opportunity to work from home. You can successfully set up and grow your business in this field by focusing on areas where you can offer specialized services and utilizing online platforms for client outreach. 

6. Online Air Mask Store

In Pakistan, environmental issues, particularly air pollution, are becoming more severe day by day. The global pandemic has highlighted the necessity for masks in our daily lives, presenting a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs. Launching an online air mask store is not just a timely startup business idea in Pakistan but also addresses a critical health need.

Air and noise pollution are escalating problems in Pakistan, partly due to relaxed regulations on emissions. This situation presents a gap in the market for a small business idea in Pakistan focused on offering solutions. By setting up an online store selling a variety of air masks, you can cater to the increasing demand for personal protection against pollution. These masks can range from stylish designs appealing to fashion-conscious customers to specialized types targeting specific needs or genders.

Online Air Mask Store - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Partnering with local manufacturers to source masks in bulk can optimize costs, while digital marketing and collaborations with local influencers can effectively reach potential customers. This approach not only capitalizes on a pressing environmental and health issue but also taps into the growing trend of online shopping. It’s a smart move for anyone looking to start a new business in Pakistan that meets a real need while also tapping into current consumer behaviors.

7. Commercial Properties:

The real estate sector plays a crucial role in Pakistan’s economic growth, yet the true potential of this industry is often overlooked. It impacts millions across the country, involving both the construction and real estate markets. So, if you have savings in your bank account, investing in commercial real estate like malls, bookstores, and office spaces that can be leased to businesses is a wise move. Such investments typically yield a return of 5% or more, making them a solid choice for your portfolio.

For those considering commercial real estate investments, Peshawar offers promising opportunities. Exploring commercial areas to invest in Peshawar could lead to substantial returns. Additionally, Islamabad presents itself as another lucrative option, with several commercial areas to invest in Islamabad showing potential for high profitability.

Commercial Properties - best business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

The collaboration between government bodies, private sector entities, and various industries has been instrumental in developing these investment opportunities. This synergy has brought to light the most profitable business ideas in Pakistan, with commercial real estate investment standing out as a notable example. By focusing on these strategic locations, investors can explore the potential of Pakistan’s real estate market, positioning themselves for significant financial gains.

8. Home Made food Business Idea

Food delivery services are becoming increasingly popular, catering to a diverse clientele, including busy households and students. After the pandemic, it has been noticed that homemade food is often perceived as safer and of higher quality than mass-produced options.

Starting an online food business can be a promising opportunity, especially in Pakistan where there’s a strong preference for home-cooked meals. This venture aligns perfectly with some of the best business ideas in Pakistan for females and offers a viable option for entrepreneurs looking for low-budget business ideas in Pakistan. By focusing on homemade food, you enter into a market that values the comfort and health benefits of meals prepared in a home kitchen.

home made Food Business - small business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk,

To start this journey, consider setting up a specialized kitchen that caters to popular Pakistani cuisines. This approach not only sets you apart but also allows you to serve a niche market longing for authentic flavors. Selling homemade food to those missing the warmth of home-cooked meals can be both fulfilling and profitable. This business model suits individuals seeking cost-effective startup ideas while coping with the growing demand for quality, homemade food.

9. E-store – Low Cost Business Ideas

Investing in an e-store, similar to giants like Daraz or Alibaba, presents a fantastic business opportunity. The potential for high returns on investment is significant, and the best part is that it doesn’t require a degree or an excessive amount of effort. When exploring the wide world of online shopping websites in Pakistan, it’s clear that there’s a promising market ready to be explored.

E Store low cost business idea - best business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Starting is as simple as signing up on any social platform: simply select products that align with your niche and sell them through your website. This eliminates the need for a physical storefront, reducing your initial investment significantly. This approach not only positions you within some of the best business opportunities to invest in but also deals with the growing trend of online shopping, making it an excellent venture for aspiring entrepreneurs.

10. Photography

Starting a photography business in Pakistan is a smart move for those with a knack for photography and editing skills. It stands out as one of the best business ideas in the country, especially for individuals looking to make a good income with minimal investment. Imagine this: with just a professional DSLR camera, you can explore various events such as birthdays, weddings, and other casual gatherings.

Let’s break it down. If you manage to secure 2 to 3 events each month and charge around 50,000 PKR per event, your monthly earnings could soar into the hundreds of thousands. The beauty of this business model lies in its simplicity and the low startup cost, making it an ideal choice for budding entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

Photography business - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Learning how to start a photography business in Pakistan requires little more than a professional camera and a passion for capturing moments. With these tools at your disposal, the opportunity to earn significantly through event photography becomes a tangible reality. This approach not only maximizes profit with minimal investment but also positions photography as a beneficial and fulfilling venture in the Pakistani market.ent.

11. Event Management Business

Have you ever volunteered at an event or organized a few yourself and thought this might be your cup of tea? Many young people in Pakistan are exploring the event management sector as a promising avenue for entrepreneurship, seeing it as one of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan. They aim to attract larger audiences to enhance their productivity.

Event Management Business - Best Business Ideas in Pakistan - realtorspk
For that, starting with a plan is crucial. Conduct market research to understand the industry better and hone your event planning skills. Establishing a budget and developing a business strategy are next steps. It’s also important to build up your inventory and staff resources, clarify the services you offer, and create a marketing plan. With these steps, event management emerges as a standout among small investment business ideas in Pakistan, offering great returns on investment. This field has proven to be a lucrative business opportunity, making it an excellent choice for those looking to start their own venture with minimal upfront costs.

12. Import/Export Business

Understanding import and export is essential, if you are wondering to start a business in Pakistan. Let’s explore what import and export actually mean. Importing means buying goods from foreign countries, while exporting involves selling products to other nations. The import-export sector is rapidly expanding, marking itself as a beneficial small business idea in Pakistan.

import export business - top business ideas in Pakistan - realtorspk

To succeed in this field, remember that trade can only occur with countries that have diplomatic ties with Pakistan. Often regarded as the top business idea in Pakistan, the import-export industry stands out as highly profitable. It operates within a complex system designed to meet the nation’s economic needs, making it a cornerstone for exploring business opportunities in Pakistan.

13. Mobile Accessories Shop

Today, it’s hard to imagine anyone without a cell phone. These devices have become a staple in our daily lives, replacing traditional landlines. With every phone comes the need for accessories like chargers, cases, and earphones. This demand has made mobile accessory shops one of the most efficient small business ideas in Pakistan.

Mobile Accessories Shop - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk
For example, earphones, which can cost around Rs. 400 to 450, illustrate the potential profitability in this market. By hiring salespeople, even those without specific skills can enter this business. The key to success lies in purchasing these essential items wholesale and selling them at a higher price, allowing for a significant profit margin. This approach has positioned mobile accessory shops as a top business opportunity in Pakistan, catering to the needs of smartphone users while offering entrepreneurs a chance to profit.

14. Digital Marketing Services

digital marketing services - best business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Digital marketing has emerged as a driving force in transforming Pakistan’s IT industry. Over recent years, it has evolved significantly, leading us into an age dominated by online marketing, content creation, social media, and search engine optimization. This evolution has dramatically changed how we shop, sell, and engage with products and services online. Engaging in digital marketing isn’t complex. In fact, it’s considered one of the top online business ideas in Pakistan today, offering low investment opportunities with the potential for high returns.

To start, you simply need to define your brand, continuously improve, understand your audience deeply, view your efforts from the customer’s perspective, choose a digital marketing strategy, allocate the right budget, devise innovative tactics, launch your campaign, and monitor your results. With just one or two team members, a laptop, and a reliable internet connection, you’re all set. This approach has made digital marketing a favored small business idea in Pakistan, especially among students.

15. Gym and Fitness Centers

In today’s era, the desire to stay fit and healthy is nearly universal. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t aspire to both physical and mental well-being. Being fit not only enhances your appearance but also strengthens your mental resilience. In Pakistan, this fitness craze is especially noticeable, with many people joining gyms and fitness centers to shed excess weight and achieve a sleek, stylish look. Particularly, gyms in Islamabad are receiving a lot of attention for their quality services.

Gym and Fitness Centers - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

This growing interest in fitness has significantly boosted the gym and fitness industry, making it an integral part of daily life. More and more, individuals are prioritizing their health, appearance, and wellness, motivated by the well-established scientific advice to engage in regular exercise. Yet, despite the known benefits of daily workouts, many still prefer the structure and community offered by gyms. To start a gym or fitness center as a business you have to keep an eye on the below-mentioned characteristics.

  • Pick a suitable location
  • Select quality kinds of machinery
  • Hired a professional and technical person/proprietor who knows about services being offered by the gym.
  • Hired a skilled instructor or a physician
  • Preserve the hygienic and cleaned atmosphere
  • Deliver quality of products

We can say that in the coming years, gym and fitness are going to be the best business in Pakistan.

16. Beauty Salon – Business ideas in Pakistan for Females

Do you frequently find yourself at the salon every couple of weeks? If that’s the case, you’ve likely noticed how profitable this business idea can be, especially within the fashion industry. For anyone interested in skincare, having a diploma or hands-on experience is crucial due to the delicate nature of the work. Starting out, you’ll need to invest around 200,000 PKR to secure a shop in a well-known area, alongside acquiring essential salon furniture and beauty products. While it may seem like a modest initial outlay, the potential for a high return on investment is significant.

Beauty Salon - Business ideas in Pakistan for Females - realtorspk

This makes opening a salon one of the best business ideas in Pakistan for females, offering a lucrative opportunity to explore the fashion and beauty sector. Additionally, exploring home-based business ideas in Pakistan can be a viable path for those looking to start small or with limited resources. With the right expertise and minimal investment, launching a salon from home could not only reduce overhead costs but also cater to a growing clientele seeking personalized beauty services in a more intimate setting.

17. Online tutoring

Have you ever attended tutoring sessions? The landscape of education has significantly transformed, especially with the advancements in the IT sector. The shift became more pronounced after the COVID-19 pandemic, as many educators moved their teaching online. This shift has also opened up opportunities to earn online in Pakistan without investment.  Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams have become the new classrooms, offering convenience to both teachers and students. Now, from the comfort of your home, learning anything has become possible. Whether it’s marketing, photography, graphic design, languages, basic accounting, or finance, online resources are abundant and accessible.

online tutoring business - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Now, you no longer need to spend a fortune on learning new skills. For those looking to start an online business in Pakistan without investment, the current digital era is a boon. The initial setup might require a minimal investment—perhaps around 50k to 60k—for a reliable laptop/PC and internet connection. Once you’re set up, the possibilities to teach and earn online are limitless. This approach not only makes education more accessible but also offers a cost-effective way to share knowledge and skills with others.

18. Blogging

Blogging is more than just an online diary; it’s a versatile platform for sharing everything from personal experiences, like a day at the shopping mall, to professional insights on marketing strategies. It’s a fantastic passive income idea that doesn’t limit you to a specific topic. Whether it’s crafting engaging posts, guest articles, or compelling copywriting, the essence of blogging lies in your ability to tell a story interestingly and informatively.

blogging - best business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

For those looking for business ideas in Pakistan for students or freelance business ideas, blogging emerges as a practical option. It doesn’t demand much – just your knack for writing, a laptop, and a reliable internet connection. With these tools at your disposal, you’re set to explore the blogging world. The potential to earn through blogging is significant. By incorporating sponsored content, Google AdSense, and affiliate marketing channels, you can transform your blog into a source of income.

19. Bee Farming

Bee farming is gaining popularity in Pakistan as a cost-effective and eco-friendly business venture. It stands out among the best business ideas in Pakistan, especially suitable for the country’s green meadows and plains. It requires an initial investment of around 5 to 6 lakhs, and it not only supports crop pollination, enhancing agricultural productivity, but also offers substantial financial returns.

Bee farming Business - Small Business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

One of the great advantages of bee farming is its feasibility in small spaces, including backyards. The essentials include an open area, flower plants for attracting bees, and wooden beehives. For those keen on maximizing their potential, exploring bee farming through books and online courses is recommended. Having prior knowledge or partnering with someone experienced can significantly boost the chances of transforming this venture into a successful business. It’s also among the unique business ideas in Pakistan, offering an opportunity to engage in an environmentally sustainable and profitable business with minimal startup costs.

20. Fish Farming

In Pakistan, fish farming has gained attention as a lucrative business opportunity over recent years. It presents a viable option for those seeking to step into entrepreneurship, even without expertise in fishing. Evidence suggests that, in some regions, fish farming yields higher returns than traditional crop cultivation, marking it as a profitable business option.

fish farming business - top business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Starting a fish farm requires a relatively low initial investment, ranging from 100,000 to 150,000 PKR, allowing entrepreneurs to scale their operations over time. For those lacking a natural pond, alternatives such as tubs, large containers, or tanks serve as effective substitutes, demonstrating the versatility of setup locations. This adaptability makes it feasible to even consider setting up near the best swimming pools in Islamabad, where water management resources might be more accessible. With the right approach and resources, starting a fish farm in Pakistan can be a rewarding and profitable business option, contributing positively to the owner’s financial stability and the local economy.

21. Antique Business:

Selling antiques is a highly profitable business idea in Pakistan, offering an excellent opportunity for those with valuable, vintage items tucked away at home. Recent global data highlights a significant growth in the antique market, with revenues soaring by 4.31% between 2018 and 2020. This indicates a growing demand for unique and historical pieces.

Antiques business - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

For entrepreneurs looking for an online business idea in Pakistan, the antique market presents a lucrative option. Platforms such as OLX and Amazon serve as great places to connect with online antique buyers in Pakistan, allowing sellers to reach a wider audience. Items like vintage cars, stamps, coins, and trading cards are especially sought after and can fetch a good price.

22. Coffee/Tea Shop:

In Pakistan, tea and coffee hold a special place in the hearts of the locals. If brewing the perfect cup is your talent, starting up a coffee shop business could be a golden opportunity. Over the past ten years, the cafe business in Pakistan has seen remarkable growth, with coffee sales tripling and showing no signs of slowing down.

Coffee & tea shop business - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

This surge reflects the broader trend of the evolving food industry, where coffee has emerged as a top choice among consumers. For those looking to explore this lucrative market, starting a coffee shop can be a reality with an investment of approximately 15 to 20 lakhs. Crafting a thoughtful coffee shop business plan in Pakistan is your first step towards this booming industry, ensuring your venture flourishes in a country that cherishes its coffee just as much as its tea.

23. Day Care Centre:

Starting a day care center in Pakistan has emerged as a fantastic business opportunity, especially as more parents are working and in need of reliable child care solutions. For those who have a passion for children and available space in their homes, converting it into a daycare center can be a lucrative way to generate income. This venture does not require a hefty investment. With just around 1 lakh rupees and some basic preparations, one can kickstart their day care centre business.

Day Care Centre - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Crafting a solid day care centre business plan is crucial for success. It outlines the roadmap for providing a safe and nurturing environment for children, ensuring parents feel confident in the care their toddlers receive. This plan should detail the services offered, operational strategies, and financial projections, setting a clear path for growth and sustainability.

24. Catering Services:

The trend of outdoor celebrations has made the catering services business a promising venture in Pakistan. This business suits individuals passionate about cooking and event management, especially from the comfort of their own homes. Exploring the top marquees in Islamabad could also complement your catering offerings.

catering services - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

For those looking to step into this arena, starting with small events or family gatherings is a wise approach. This method allows you to gradually scale up to larger events. The initial investment can be quite manageable, starting from as low as 5 Lacs. A well-thought-out catering services business plan is crucial for navigating through the initial stages and expanding your venture successfully. By strategically planning your services and targeting the right audience, you can carve out a profitable path in the catering industry.

25. Tourism Company:

Pakistan, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and abundant tourist destinations, is witnessing a huge increase in tourism development. This growth has positioned tourism as a leading business opportunity within the country. For those passionate about exploration and familiar with various locales, launching a travel agency could be an ideal venture. This business not only allows you to guide others to explore magnificent places but also offers the chance to discover visa-free countries for Pakistanis, making travel more accessible for your clients.

tourism company - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

This journey requires alot of research, networking, and a reasonable initial investment. By learning how to apply for a passport and assisting clients with their travel documentation, you enhance your service’s value. A travel agency idea can succeed on personal experiences and the ability to uncover hidden gems, offering tailored tours that cater to the unique preferences of travelers. With the right approach, this venture can open doors to unforgettable experiences for both you and your clients as they get to know about Pakistan’s vast potential as a travel destination.

26. Poultry Business:

poultry business - best business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

The poultry industry in Pakistan stands out as a most profitable business idea, attracting many entrepreneurs. It supports over 1.5 million people financially and continues to expand across the country. Annually, this sector sees a growth rate of 10 to 12%, highlighting its potential for investors. With the right management and dedication, the poultry business can indeed become a source of wealth in Pakistan. The sector is divided into four main categories that include:

  • Chicken Hatchery and breeding
  • Meat Production
  • Layers of breeding and egg production
  • Poultry feed production


Starting with a controlled poultry farm, which typically houses around 30,000 birds in a specialized shed, requires an initial investment of approximately Rs 10.5 million. This covers the costs of construction and the necessary farm machinery and equipment. The industry itself is broadly categorized into four key areas: chicken hatchery and breeding, meat production, layer breeding for egg production, and poultry feed production.

27. Food Truck Business:

Starting a food business in Pakistan can be a surefire success with the right approach. Recently, food trucks have emerged as a popular trend. With an initial investment of about 3 to 4 lakhs, you can launch your business, focusing on a straightforward menu. The key to success lies in selecting the perfect location and tailoring your menu to match. For example, if your food truck is positioned near government offices, opt for a menu that features traditional, affordable dishes catering to the tastes and budgets of employees.

food truck business - best business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Conversely, if you’re setting up near an educational institution, aim for a different menu that includes both fast food and healthy options, appealing to students’ varied preferences. Food trucks offer innovative ideas for food businesses, combining convenience with culinary creativity. They stand out as unique food business ideas for students and entrepreneurs alike, offering a chance to generate a steady income. By focusing on delicious, hygienic food and a well-considered plan, your food truck can become a local favorite.

28. Mushroom Farming:

Starting a mushroom farm is a standout among unique business ideas in Pakistan, especially for those looking to invest minimally. Mushrooms, being a staple in various cuisines for their health benefits, present an excellent opportunity to earn a significant monthly income with a modest initial outlay and basic equipment. Particularly profitable varieties include oysters, shiitake, lion’s mane, reishi, enoki, morel, and porcini mushrooms.

How to Start a Mushroom Farm business - Small Business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

These types are not only in high demand but also offer profit margins between 30 to 60 percent due to their rapid growth rates and low production costs. Selling the harvested mushrooms to farmer markets, hotel chains, and food businesses can turn a tidy profit. This startup will represent a smart choice for entrepreneurs looking for unique business ideas with low investment requirements.

29. Organic Farming:

Technology has shed light on the risky practices often used in agriculture to boost yields. These methods, while effective in speeding up the growth of fruits and vegetables, pose health risks. In response, there’s been a significant move toward organic farming. Now, over half of the world’s farmers, about 54%, have switched to organic methods. This shift opens up unique business ideas for those interested in cultivating fruits and vegetables sustainably.

Organic Farming - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Starting an organic farm requires some basic elements: a bit of knowledge, training, a small plot of land, and the necessary tools. With these in hand, it’s possible to create a profitable business idea. Organic farming not only promises a healthier alternative but can also become a steady source of income month by month.

30. Boutique Business:

With a modest initial investment, one can easily start your own boutique by taking inspiration from top clothing brands in Pakistan. For those passionate about fashion, the process begins with your design concept. Once you’ve envisioned your unique piece, collaborating with a skilled tailor will bring your idea to life, ensuring that each garment meets your expectations. This approach not only allows for personal creativity but also paves the way for establishing a distinctive brand identity within the competitive clothing business.

Boutique business – business ideas in Pakistan - realtorspk

Selling these creations can be approached in two ways: setting up an online platform or opening a chic boutique. Each method offers its advantages, catering to different customer preferences and shopping habits. Moreover, engaging in clothing business ideas like this not only fulfills a creative passion but also promises a substantial monthly income. By focusing on quality, design, and customer experience, your boutique could become a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts looking for the next big thing in Pakistan’s fashion scene.

31. E-book publishing:

Have you considered turning your love for writing into a profitable business idea by sharing your stories online? Imagine transforming your writing hobby into a business with zero investment, especially if you’re in Pakistan. E-book publishing stands out as one of the most creative business ideas for writers. It allows you to enter into a world where your words can generate income, all from the comfort of your home.

e-book publishing - best online business ideas without investment-realtorspk

Several platforms, including Amazon, offer opportunities for online e-book publishing without any cost. This means you can start your journey towards establishing a zero-investment business in Pakistan. With dedication and high-quality content, you could potentially earn up to 500 USD every month. What’s more, exploring partnerships and earning through royalties could further boost your income.

32. Translator:

In today’s world, virtually any skill can become a source of income, especially if it aligns with your interests and the opportunities you actively pursue. For those fluent in multiple languages, you’re in a prime position. The demand for skilled translators has skyrocketed due to globalization and the rise in remote work. This trend has particularly highlighted the need for translators skilled in a range of languages, including from Chinese to Urdu within Pakistan.

translator business - small business ideas in pakistan without investment-realtorspk

Starting salaries for translators in Pakistan can be quite attractive, with beginners earning around 30,000 PKR. Being a translator is a unique business idea in Pakistan that doesn’t require any investment to get started. All you need is your language proficiency and the readiness to connect with companies or clients in need of your services. This role not only breaks down communication barriers but also opens doors to numerous industries seeking to expand their global reach.

33. Host Vacation Houses:

Vacation houses are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan, appealing to both local and international travelers who seek the comfort of a homely environment paired with cleanliness and delicious food. By listing your property online, such as on Airbnb, you can make efficient use of spare space in your home. This approach not only meets the demand for family vacation house ideas in Pakistan but also contributes to the growing real estate sector.

host vacation houses - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

To enhance the appeal of your vacation house, consider engaging with interior designing companies in Pakistan. A well-designed space can significantly enhance the guest experience, making your property more attractive to potential renters. Consider providing laundry services, breakfast options, transport services to nearby tourist sites, and, if feasible, guided tours. These added amenities not only make your offering more comprehensive but also increase your revenue potential.

34. Soap-Making Business:

The trend of using organic and natural beauty products is on the rise. Among these, homemade cosmetics and soaps, particularly those that are cruelty-free and organic, are becoming increasingly popular. Launching a soap-making business at home ranks as a promising small business idea in Pakistan. With a modest investment, one can create handmade soaps that can fetch anywhere between 500 to 1500 PKR each.

soap making - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Starting a soap-making business is quite straightforward. You’ll need some basic equipment, a selection of natural herbs, a few fragrances, and a dash of creativity. For beginners, there are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube that can help you master the art of soap making. Once you’ve created your soaps, packaging them attractively can add to their appeal. Additionally, distributing free samples to friends and family for feedback can also help spread the word about your new venture.

35. Candle Making:

Candles not only brighten up spaces but also add a touch of elegance to any home’s decor. They are particularly well-loved for their ability to transform a room’s ambiance with delightful fragrances, often used in aroma therapy. Starting a candle-making business is as straightforward as soap-making and can be highly profitable. For those interested in this creative venture, you need a few basic ingredients and a knack for crafting to design unique candles.

candles making - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

This business idea is especially appealing for entrepreneurs in Pakistan looking for candle-making business ideas with low investment. It’s an excellent example of small business ideas in Pakistan with 50,000 rupees, offering a low-cost entry into the entrepreneurial world. Selling these handmade candles online, particularly on social media platforms, can quickly turn into a profitable business. This approach allows for broad reach and customer engagement without significant upfront costs.

36. Cake & Pastry Business:

Starting a cake and pastry business from home is becoming a popular business idea in Pakistan, especially among women. Many women, for various reasons, prefer to work from the comfort of their homes. Turning a passion for baking into a profitable business idea is a smart way to do so. If you’re known for your baking talent and often receive compliments for your delicious cakes, this home-based opportunity might be your calling. Begin by showcasing your creations on Instagram and other social media platforms. With consistent effort, orders for bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, and other events will start coming in.

Cake and pastry business - business ideas in Pakistan - realtorspk

Launching your own cake and pastry business requires a modest investment of up to 30 thousand rupees and, of course, a knack for baking appealing cakes. Set up an Instagram account, share your cake images, and let your circle know about your venture. It won’t be long before you start earning from your skill. In addition to home-based businesses, Islamabad is also known for its hi tea restaurants and cafes, offering another avenue for entrepreneurs to explore. Whether it’s operating from home or considering a cafe setup, there’s a growing market for quality baked goods in Pakistan.

37. Travel Agent:

Do you have a passion for travel? Ever thought about turning this passion into a profitable business idea? Now’s the time to consider it. Starting a travel agent business in Pakistan with low investment is a practical way to enter the industry. You can offer valuable services to travelers, including ticket bookings, assistance with visa applications, and planning tours. In Pakistan, travel agencies are making a significant income by providing specialized guidance and packages for religious journeys like Umrah and Hajj.

travel agent business - top Business ideas Pakistan - realtorspk

Before launching your travel business, securing the necessary licenses is crucial. Focus on delivering excellent services. Offering competitive deals and building a skilled team are key steps towards achieving success. This sector has proven to be a lucrative moderate investment opportunity in Pakistan. Furthermore, utilizing knowledge about visa-free countries for Pakistan can be a unique selling point, attracting clients eager to explore destinations without the hassle of a visa application process.

38. Online Reselling Business in Pakistan:

If you’re a student in Pakistan seeking a business opportunity with low startup costs, consider launching an online reselling business. This business model allows you to generate a steady income by selling a diverse array of products online, eliminating the need for a brick-and-mortar storefront. With the help of popular social media platforms and online marketplaces, you can purchase high-quality items in bulk and sell them at a profit.

online reselling business - top business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

Your product range could include everything from tech gadgets and home decor to fashion items, including top clothing brands in Pakistan. Typically, the initial investment needed to start an online resale business in Pakistan ranges from PKR 50,000 to 100,000. This amount covers the cost of your initial inventory, packaging materials, marketing efforts, and setting up a customer-friendly online presence, whether it be a website or a social media profile.

39. Online Grocery Delivery Service in Pakistan:

Starting an online grocery delivery service in Pakistan allows you to explore the booming e-commerce trend, offering a smart solution for those aiming to provide essential services with a low investment. This business model meets the increasing demand for convenient shopping experiences as more customers seek out efficient ways to receive their groceries without stepping out of their homes. By collaborating with nearby grocery stores and suppliers, entrepreneurs can compile various inventory that includes fresh produce, pantry essentials, household items, and much more.

online grocery delivery service in pakistan - low investment business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

This setup, coupled with a user-friendly online platform, positions your service as a go-to option for online shopping websites in Pakistan, catering to the modern consumer’s need for convenience and reliability. With an initial investment of around 2 lacs, you can kickstart your venture in the best online grocery delivery service in Pakistan. This budget covers the essentials: stocking up on initial inventory, developing a website or app, establishing a reliable delivery system, marketing your business, and managing day-to-day operations.

40. Social Media Art Gallery:

For art enthusiasts looking for a unique business opportunity, a Social Media Art Gallery presents an innovative idea, especially in Pakistan, where the digital landscape is ripe for such ventures. This concept combines the reach and engagement of social media with the beauty and expression of visual arts, creating a digital space where artists can showcase their work and art lovers can inspire themselves in creative inspiration. By curating a diverse collection of visual arts, including paintings, sculptures, digital art, and photography, this platform fosters a strong community of artists globally.

social media art gallery - business ideas in pakistan - realtorspk

The use of compelling visuals and stories on social media further enhances visibility, connecting creators directly with potential buyers and supporters. Launching a Social Media Art Gallery is an attractive proposition for students in Pakistan, requiring a modest investment ranging from PKR 20,000 to 50,000. This budget accounts for setting up a website or social media accounts, professional photography for the artwork, content creation, marketing efforts, and integrating online payment systems.


1. Which business is best in Pakistan?
The real estate business is considered the best business in Pakistan. It can be started with less investment and competent research & knowledge of the market.

2. Which business is most profitable in Pakistan?
IT businesses are considered the most profitable business in Pakistan.

3. How to start an online business in Pakistan?
There are various methods to start an online business. As a newbie, you can start with freelancing, hone your skills and create an authentic online presence to start an online business successfully.

4. How to start a business in Pakistan?
To start any business in Pakistan you should have competent knowledge of the work you are interested to work in, create a business plan, and should have a minimum investment amount. A business without a plan, interest or amount required hardly reaches success.

Summing Up:

In conclusion, Pakistan offers a wide range of business opportunities and investment options suitable for individuals with varying income levels. This blog post explains affordable business ideas that can flourish with proper research and an effective marketing strategy. Starting your own venture has become more accessible, and small-scale trading is gaining popularity as a leading business avenue in Pakistan. These opportunities present a promising path for entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence in the market.

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